Astral larvae: What they are and how to avoid this threat to our personal balance

  • 2018
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"The best way to counteract a negative emotion is to have a stronger positive."

- Eduardo Punset

Each of us possesses a certain amount of vital energy . That is what makes us live in a balanced way, finding ourselves in a good state of physical and emotional health .

However, many times we realize that our balance is compromised, and that we are not being able to enjoy our life the way we should be able to do it.

Well, many can be the causes of our imbalance. However, one of the most recurring causes is the action of the so-called Astral Larvae .

These larvae are a threat to the well-being of the person, since they can compromise health in all its aspects, and cause us a very large loss of energy.

This time we will talk about these parasites, their action and the importance of cleaning and preventing them.

What are astral larvae

It is said that astral larvae, as they are known, are neither more nor less than residues of unhealthy energy originated in most cases, from negative thoughts and attitudes emitted by people. The energy that a person has in his aura is charged from what is generated in the different emotional states that that person goes through. That cloud of energy is what we know as density . When these residues accumulate, they give rise to a completely involuntary type of energy form: the astral larvae .

These forms of energy have the ability to lodge in different specific regions of the person's body, depending on what type of energy is fed. They can stay in the chest, head, back, etc.

In addition, in places where there is accumulation of negative and stagnant energy, such as hospitals, cemeteries, etc. You run the risk of acquiring one of these astral larvae. It also happens that they are transmitted during the sexual act, because in it there is not only an exchange of fluids, but also an emotional exchange and energies.

It is clear that these entities are not evil in themselves, but only seek survival like everything else in this world.

How they feed

As we know, these parasites feed primarily on the vital energy of people who are going through a moment of physical or psychological weakness, as well as those who normally carry out processes. Magicians who demand a lot of energy.

The methods that the astral larvae use to feed vary according to some characteristics. For starters, the size of the larva. While it is more common to meet young or small larvae, it can also happen that we face real monsters of considerable dimensions. Small astral larvae tend to jump from one host body to another very often, usually at the time that they have managed to absorb much of the vital energy of their victim.

The larger the larvae, as expected, the greater the danger it represents. And they have the ability to feed on their victim in a much more aggressive way, until it is completely empty. Larger astral larvae will only change prey in the event of the death of the person, or for a victim who offers them a greater source of food.

Consequences of suffering Astral Larvae

People who are being victims of these parasites report a feeling of constant tiredness that does not seem to be affected even by taking care of the hours of sleep, food or the prí Regular exercise practice. In addition, they are faced with the continuous presence of negative thoughts . Many even say they suspect that they do not belong to them, for they are not common thoughts in them. The development of emotional reactions such as aggression, fear, depression, anger, shame and discomfort is normal in astral larval victims.

General fatigue also causes a decrease in the immune system, which predisposes the host to the development of other symptoms that in other circumstances could not occur in the body.

The emission of energy that this state causes makes the person the specific environment that the larva seeks for its development.

As this does not have a visible manifestation, the presence of astral larvae is rarely detected by people who have not been trained for this. However, they always manifest internally. Sleep problems and nightmares are common. Some people have reported a feeling of tightness in the chest, as a force that presses them down.

Personal mood is aggravated, to the point where unexplained panic attacks and diseases of mysterious origin can occur.

According to experts, forty to sixty percent of the problems that compromise the person's psyche are related to the participation even if it is temporary of a small larva. And from five to ten percent, astral larvae are responsible for the whole problem.

How to get rid of Astral Larvae

To protect ourselves from astral larvae, some simple solutions can be incurred, although as always, it is best to prevent them before they are installed. For that, some people recommend limiting the energy body as much as possible. That way, the person can go unnoticed and not attract attention as a potential victim.

In addition, purifications with camphor, benzoin or lemon will be enough to keep them away.

However, if you already know a victim of the astral larvae and want to help her, it is important that the size of the larva in question is distinguished.

For smaller astral larvae you can do positive energy visualization exercises, which will be transmitted to the larva. This while not eliminating them, has a powerful repulsive effect. The ritual of the pentagram will have a similar effect.

For a larva that is very firmly clinging, what you can do is take a bath and spill lemon essential oil or lemon peel infusion. In addition, if mixtures with absinthe will become a more aggressive method for the larva.

It is very common that in these cases the parasite has a strong reaction, so you can get to feel internally through a very cold sensation, you can even feel sick or nauseous. It is normal.

However, this method has proven to eliminate astral larvae in approximately eight out of ten cases.

Astral larvae can mean a serious problem for the health of the person who suffers them, and also for those who make up their closest environment . That is why when in doubt, it is better to turn to professional help to make sure you are treating the situation the way it should be.

In addition, as the astral larvae are first generated from thoughts, he who is capable of generating one will establish a link with her. And that link will remain even when that small larva has changed hosts. That is why it is always recommended that once the larva is no longer parasitizing, psychological and introspection work is carried out to prevent and prevent this situation from occurring again.

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