Lady Vesta-Activating portal energies from 9-9-9

Beloved Lightworkers of the World,

I come today to talk to you and inform you about the energies that will be arriving in the coming weeks, belonging to levels of the highest vibration and frequency. When the Emerald Crystal of the portal of 9-9-9 is activated; large and rapid changes will be taking place throughout the planet. It is recommended that each of you get ready, eating healthier foods (fruits and vegetables) as well as drinking at least 8 glasses of water and practicing your disciplines every day. The need to accelerate your frequency levels before that date is very important.

Try to spend a little bit every day applying the methods that work for you, so you feel the energy run through you, from the head to the soles of the feet. Usually the Total Energy Cleanup that has been placed on the website mentioned below, is excellent to ensure that all your meridians and the nadis (energy channels), open and operate at optimal levels.

Each one of you who works with the Light every day, is being updated at an accelerated level, since your assistance will be needed as Energy Transducers, in the days ahead. We need more Lightworkers to sustain their willingness to be part of this process and we will immediately start working on you. It's never too late, dear, to start this work. I am Vesta, who has been working with many of you during your dream, helping you by infusing the great Cosmic Light into the flame of your heart. Thus, this flame will grow and expand as quickly as possible. The expansion of this Flame helps your Soul to enter more into your physical vehicles. We want as many Souls as possible, that are anchored and integrated.

Who have been crawling every day, imagining what is happening inside them and why they feel so tired, exhausted, with low energy, lethargic and also experiencing moments of dyslexia or memory loss, are well on track in the process. Rest as much as you can, My Beloved and allow the process to continue. Listen to high frequency music, which will raise your frequency levels and allow you to stretch, relax and rest your physical vehicles.

The least resistance to this process, the faster the assimilation will occur. Most of you who are reading this, can feel the energies as vibrations that pass through you and within you. This will increase in intensity and increase as the days go by. Please be patient with us, My Beloveds and accommodate your growth towards the highest levels of your BEING.

Everyone is in an operational mode more and more like the Multi-dimensional Beings that you really are. They will be surprised at the activities in which they are participating at all levels (in which they still do not remember in their physical form) but which will also change in the coming days and weeks. Everything will be clearer, as you rewire your brains and re-calibrate, because greater awareness will emerge. Your physical vehicles should be allowed to catch up with your elevated vehicles, so that the transition is as comfortable as possible.

Please spend some time in the stillness and ask to receive your next subject, taught directly to you. Everyone has the capacity to do so, they just need to be aware of it and exercise their multiple options.

They are unlimited beings My Beloved, capable of much more than their previous programming allowed them to perform. Soon this memory will return to you. Know that we work together in Unity and you are very active at the internal levels, while we coordinate each task that needs to be completed, before the next step begins. We love you and we will continue to be your Guiding Lights, in the course of each of your days.

Selamat, Dear

I AM Lady Vesta

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