Lady Portia: "Giving with the Heart", Transcribed by Kathryn E. May.

  • 2014

Lady Portia:
Friends, after a bit of debate here in the Superior Realms, I have been chosen as the lucky one to present your message today. We all like to give these messages so much that we wait for the moment when we can come to talk with you. Of course, as we have told you before, we agree on everything we send you through this channel, at the time it is published.

Things change, and our messages evolve accordingly, but you can be sure that whether the message comes from Ra, Sananda, St. Germain, mine, or any of the Masters, we have consulted on the information we wish to present to you to you at any given moment.

Let me suggest a way to read these messages. The above information is very instructive, and it was timely when they were given, so all previous messages can be considered as historically interesting and educational, but at present this should not be taken as accurate.

This is true for all messages that come from the Higher Realms, including the Bible. Just like Sananda who has worked very hard in the last year to make it clear, there were many distortions and inaccuracies in the Bible, since it was written 300 years after his life on Earth by a committee whose interest was in propping up the power of the church and erode the power of women.

In a manner similar to what they have seen in recent decades, the cabal was in full force during those years, and it was their most desired desire to create conflicts between religions and undermine the true power of Jesus' message of love.

Some of the teachings he taught remain, but the message has been diluted to present an image that makes Jesus sound like a 3rd man. Dimension especially with conservative and narrow ideals. This could not be further from the truth.

Those of you who have been listening to Sananda and the rest of us are learning that our vision of life is cheerful, liberal in every way, tolerant, loving and without prejudice. This does not mean that we do not make judgments. It means that our judgments are always based on the common good.

I would like to add a part to the discussion about leaving behind even the New Age teachings that no longer serve you well. We have already talked about Judgment against being Critical, and the idea that they should forgive everyone (even when they should protect themselves instead of welcoming a destructive person in their life). Now I will address the concept of “giving, ” which we have covered in more detail in the book, Who needs the Light? (Who Needs Light ?, by Kathryn E. May)

Giving is a complicated concept in the 3rd dimension. Because of the underlying feelings you have become accustomed to, there is a constant and irritating feeling that you will never have enough of what you need, and there is competition for the resources that remain. This is a (dark) idea of ​​the cabal, based on the strategies that were developed for this same purpose, born from the creation of money and the ability of a few to monopolize and monopolize the planet's resources, that being its purpose for all.

Private property began the appropriation of having more, more, more, while those with less power (read money) were left with less, less and less. This was simply the case of the winner who takes it all, and the winners were the people who were willing to be guided by their own greed and indifference to the needs of others. So, there they were, in the midst of great abundance, feeling the lack.

There was no place in this dark program for generosity or kindness. It is simply a philosophy of life that justifies and excuses selfishness. I am not referring here to people who really work hard and contribute something useful to the world, and who are paid a reasonable salary or bonus for what they believe. There is nothing wrong with having enough - or much, even -. It is the attitude of mine against yours that has brought such painful separation and the need for those who end up at the bottom of the competition.

In recent years, beginning around the 1980s, there was a great movement towards making money for oneself as a desirable honorable goal. Many were convinced that the honorability of money could grant them assistance to professional training programs in the collapsed fields of social services, losing funding, as well as respect in the academic community.

Twenty years later, those who gave up their dreams of being of service to others began to express their regret and leaving the market in favor of a more satisfying job, even if that meant a lower salary. Today, the pendulum swings again, and the formation of programs of all kinds will be the result of social planning, artists, writers, dancers, musicians, actors, entrepreneurs, engineers and architects to build the technologies and buildings of the future. .

Now, let's talk about how to give in the 3D world was affected by the obsession with money. Of course, the only people who had large amounts of money were bankers, large investors, business executives and members of the 13 families.

They could become famous and revered for giving 1% of their net worth to charitable causes. For a worker who earns $ 40, 000 a year, it would be the equivalent of $ 400.

How many people with lower incomes “lend, ” give away, buy food for a friend, or think about putting a $ 10 contribution in the churchyard, and do it every week of their lives? Shouldn't they celebrate it more gloriously than the millionaire who creates a great show to give, for the notoriety that it provides?

An even more important dynamic occurs among family members or friends when a person who wants to be recognized and loved for his personal favors and his generosity to others does the work of his life to give to others, while in turn Create a private public relations campaign so everyone knows how much they like to give, and what “big heart” they have.

This type of person gives an overwhelming way, whether or not the person to whom he gives. He / she pointed out and talks about how much they give, how much it cost them, and how the recipient responded, if they were grateful or not, and if the gift was reciprocated from some way.

Dear ones, this is not giving; It is extortion. The Donor has a reciprocal partner in this give and take scheme: he is the one who receives and is so skilled at making people feel guilty for their difficult situation that they play on each other's feelings around them, pulling out the sympathy and favors of the Donors.

What a dynamic! Push, pull, complain, give, take, whine. This is a recipe for misery for all, including those who are forced to witness the destructive waltz of self-absorbed egos.

This brings us to the point of discussion, isn't it?

What kind of friend or generous philanthropist will you be once you receive your blessings? First of all, we are going to define what dar really is, and how to know what the real thing is (and not an extortion).

Genuine delivery is the same as being at the service of others. It is a gesture that comes directly from the heart. There is no contract, there is no debt recognition, there is no ego involved.

It is simply an impulse to help, followed by a significant offer of assistance. Preferably, such help is animate, or at least without waiting for thanks or praise. Otherwise, you are buying popularity or fame, like the billionaires who give grants with their name stamped in gold, from the back seat of a limousine.

It takes more than money to be at the service of others. It is necessary to use their own talents and skills to create something that will really make a difference for others, since it is something they need, it is not something you want to give them. A truck loaded with pork for a Jewish community will not feed anyone. A pamphlet of Bibles to Mecca will only repeat the insults that missionaries around the world have received from indigenous peoples in the past 150 years. Do I need to say more?

It really matters how to proceed to be of service once you are rich. The wealth they are being given will serve a very important purpose: it will be freed from the monotony of a job of about 40 hours or more per week so that you can use his creativity, his energy and his inspiration to be one of the Lightworkers who join their hands, to create real change, for the first time in their own community, and then worldwide.

You are all experts in some way. Look first at the ways you can use your own gifts and talents to make the world a better place. This way they will touch hearts on the road. This is the path to a real change in the world.

Together we must overcome despair, and above all the conviction that lack is an inevitable way of life. Those dark ideas that were connected with beliefs about money and the modern economic system have left a trail of misery in its wake.

These are the evils that we know they are going to address, whether they had planned it that way or not. Your spirit of kindness and generosity, Dear Ones, will be the balm that will change the world.

They will carry the Light of Faith, trust in God and others wherever they go. His inspiration and deep love for all living beings, human and nonhuman, will illuminate the planet in a completely new way.

Mother Terra herself will be the great benefactor of her work by stopping the degradation of her environment. She is already smiling.

We are with you in the joyful celebration, that you will finally have the time and resources to share yourselves, make new friends, and dance. We will play the melody for you, as you move forward with Love in your hearts.

I am your Lady Portia, along with the Company of Heaven, sending you endless Love, Joy and Abundance, so that you can give without fear or hesitation, from the deepest part of your Loving Heart.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, on September 5 at 11:00 p.m., in New York

(They can always share that they do not alter or modify the texts or the form or order in which they are established, respecting their sources, the website and their translator. Thank you. Translated by Tony de Pablo).

Lady Portia: "Giving with the Heart", Transcribed by Kathryn E. May.

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