Lady Portia

  • 2012


My beloved

This radiant opportunity to approach you is My joy and joy, to be able to ponder the important "crusade" by committing all the "sons and daughters of the Light", all this so-called humanity, within which the GREAT WAVES are resurfacing OF AWAKENED CONSCIENCES, leading in his advanced leadership over those children and still weak majorities.

This outpost is unparalleled in the history of the evolution of this Planet ... Already in the past times the old "Mystery Schools" defined this Age as the Golden Age or the new Jerusalem, "without imagining the Magnificent opportunity to radically display LA UNIQUE LAW that follows in perfect and synchronic "majesty" THE SOVEREIGN DESIRE OF GOD!

Keep in mind that the Creator is making this home, your Earth, the counterclaim with the original design, that is, to return everything as it was in the beginning ... does not indicate the Law, which as above is below, is it?

Alerts to their Just Will, I order you to deliver the full flow of your best qualities and jobs, gifts and skills to go in the final march towards the GREAT WORLD INITIATION, which this year 2012 has begun to act redemptively, as as they will have observed the purifying spiral has begun to turn towards the “high ·” ELEVATING EVERYTHING TO HIS STEP ”

Many lives have been shedding their fleshly garments and many new souls have embarked again on the journey towards the new incarnation ... The scale of Divine Justice is now balancing the harvests and wheat, leaving out the polluting abrojos ...

This means My Great Souls,,, that in the Cosmic way, in its small circle and individual desires, it is essential to develop those good talents and behaviors always guided in each moment and second by the direction of the Beloved Presence of God! She must prevail ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

My eagerness is destined to balance Divine Justice within human doing, and to give them new opportunities at any time to restart, again and again, as an active part of the opportunity God gives them

My BELOVED SAINT GERMAIN, MY TWINNING RAY, also gives you the same opportunity with the daily use of the PURE Violet Flame. Merciful love ... ... that great gifts placed in your hands can use Freely each one with only acceptance and active realization will be able to attract Light and more light to their lives and to the whole life of this Earth.

I love you and serve you as My beloved does it tirelessly until you are pure and free in God


Mirtha Verde-Bouquet.

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