Lady Portia: "The New Female Manifesto"

  • 2014

Lady Portia:

It is my pleasure to start a new relationship with you, dear readers. I will have to tell you some things that you will find surprising, perhaps, at the same time reflective, without a doubt, provocative and refreshing, I hope.

Perhaps the term Manifesto sounds a bit pretentious, but I assure you it is not a concept of mine alone. The entire Company of Heaven has long been aware that we have to talk with you about the growing Power of the Divine Feminine, as the New Golden Age begins. It is time for all of us to start talking about these things in a way that creates a new paradigm, a new way of seeing what it means to be feminine or masculine, and how these concepts will change on the New Earth.

Yes, I have said "concepts, " in reference to the masculine and feminine gender, because like the rest of the structures and institutions of the world, the differences between men and women have been largely determined and sustained by tradition.

Do not think that I am denying the obvious. Of course, there are some physical differences and emotional sequelae between men and women, but they are much more similar than different. In the Company of Heaven while we are working with you, we recognize this by presenting ourselves to you as a man or woman, but with others, while moving in higher dimensions, we can transmute ourselves into Light Bodies of neutral or combined energies. The distinctions are not obvious and are not necessary when we approach the higher vibrations, far from the duality they experience here on Earth.

I give you this image as a backdrop for our discussion about the change of life on Earth, and what you have to expect, since the last round of incarnations in smaller dimensions ends here on Earth.

First, let's start with the attitudes and beliefs that men and women have carried out to be separated for hundreds of years. It has been the typical standard for both sexes, the price to pay for being separated and being very different, since the “truths” that were perpetrated increased the distance until it became “The War of the Sexes”. You will be familiar with many of the old derogatory comments that men and women were looking at each other. I will repeat some of them here to remind you of what we are leaving behind, and to illustrate to what extent you have already reached harmony.

Some of the comments with the most powerful contempt are those that slip into a conversation: small insinuations that accumulate in the subconscious of the person who is the object of contempt. For example, consider the emotional impact of hearing the term "women behind the wheel" or being called "darling" or "sweetie" by the car mechanic. As recently as in 1960, many appliance stores and department stores did not sell household goods to a single woman, without the presence of her husband, who was expected to be the one to make all the decisions about those things, regardless if she knew anything about it. or not. In positions of power, in politics and many industries, women remain a small minority.

Most people who lived through the Feminist Movement are well acquainted with the toxic effects on girls and women for having been seen as “the weaker sex”. But have we really considered the opposite side of the coin? It is time to do the same analysis and be careful with our language and our behavior patterns towards men, as we have done for women.

Remember that the Victorian high class system allowed the education of the softer "arts" to be only for the deliberately limited instruction of a girl. This tendency to believe that girls could not study mathematics, or that women could not be trusted to run a business or be a political leader, and that they should not "occupy their pretty heads" with the things of the world, It has permeated the planet's system for thousands of years.

Any system that diminishes one class of people, elevating another, has a rotten heart inside, a dark heart out of anger, sadness and revenge. It could not have been otherwise for women who endlessly suffered humiliation and contempt. Even when a girl was immersed in a culture dominated by men since birth and had never experienced anything else, she couldn't help feeling the sting of knowing in her heart that something was wrong, although she didn't know how to fight.

It has not been fully recognized by men or women that the damage done to them that leads to loss or a "minority" inevitably creates latent feelings of resentment and even hatred of the oppressors. And so it was done. Thousands of years of oppression tend to make women bitter, despite the feeling of fear and attraction to men in their lives. When a person lives with anger and pain that cannot be expressed or repaired, a tremendous challenge is created so that he can remain loving and kind.

Women not only suffered in silence for thousands of years until the vote movement arrived. They took matters into their own hands, joined and found comfort in talking among themselves about the "enemy" who controlled their lives. As the oppression that had begun, because of the disparity of physical strength between men and women, was evolved into economic dependence, where the disparity became even more pervasive. The men went to work, and the women stayed at home and talked to each other at every opportunity. And so, a secret society was born: The cult of feminine power.

Like other cults, the mystery was to mpampate the party, find allies in the campaign to gain psychological ancestry, to rebalance the balance. Inequality felt like inferiority versus superiority, and nobody wants to remain in the inferior position, and thus new strategies must be developed. Driven by the resentment of thousands of years, none of the parties could really imagine equality, so women resorted to gaining the advantage in the spaces left for the exercise of their power.

Outwardly, women seemed to be victims, but it was not as simple as that. Driven by their position as the weakest, women became teachers of psychological blackmail. Yes, there is the possibility of using sex as a reward and as a punishment, but that was not the most powerful weapon in the female arsenal. It was the ubiquitous Truth the cantaleta that women are weak which became the devastating power game. It was the secret belief that men were truly emotionally inferior. (Men may have all other cards, but women have the ace of spades and the ace of hearts)

I know they are shaking their heads with all this, thinking that it is too extreme and too hard on women, but they will see that the picture I am painting is to show that women were not simply see last; but they defended themselves in the best way they could, given their intelligence and ingenuity of equality. This, my dear ones, is a lesson, a case study of what happens with the psychological well-being of a group where inequality is the norm.

Now, I will expose the secret psychological techniques that women use to level the playing field. You will recognize here the tactics of any oppressed minor, and this will help you understand why your relationships have been so difficult and full of discomfort and distrust.

The secret that women harbored was the common belief, which is transmitted from mother to daughter, that women are far superior to men in every way, in all things that matter. Men were despised as brutal beings, uneducated and inept in things that have to do with the highest levels of emotional development, the moments that are truly important in the daily life of a family and a community.

Now, understand that I have chosen the most extreme cartoons on the occasion of creating a vivid retrospective of what many of us live, whether in this life or in others. Also, please understand that I don't believe for a moment in any of these insulting portraits of men. I am aware, however, that the repetition of these haughty sentences of men by women close to them have done terrible damage to the male psyche, covertly destroying their self-esteem. Here, the cycle begins to repeat itself, with man's growing resentment towards his critical circle: the Powerful Woman, without whose ministry he feels he could do nothing in the world.

These are the basic principles of the inappropriate masculine concept:

Men are irrational, irascible and out of control when it comes to their feelings. They cannot be included in decisions that involve the personal lives of family members, because they are not able to understand something that others care deeply about.

If there is a crisis, a man can behave violently if he is called to defend his family. This is a very useful feature when women or other people want to use their irrational anger to start a fight or war. It is a source of pride for a woman to be the companion of a man who is a powerful warrior. The honor that accumulates is a good reflection of his wife and family, in life or death.

Men can be trained by their mothers and others to take pride in their passionate willingness to go to battle to defend their own. A woman can take this as a show of love, even if violence sometimes turns against her.

She must enjoy it, because "he cannot help her", due to its more primitive nature.

Men are not capable of intimate conversation. They cannot express deep feelings because they are not in contact with them, except when they are expressed as physical needs, such as sex, hunger or sleep. You cannot expect them to be sensitive or considerate of others, as they are at the mercy of their physical needs.

Men are interested in the world in general, beyond the heart and home. They can be allowed to make decisions on politics and international affairs, where they can be grouped as soccer players before a game, such as a hunting game that goes behind a bear.

Men are big boys. They like to show off and find fun in things like children, as well as in abrupt games with the dog and playing cards with their friends, in short, play just like in their times as a child.

Men like to travel in groups with other men, where they can make strong and raw jokes, especially about sex, habits in the bathroom and women. Women are much more refined in their behavior. You can count on them to keep track of the scumbag and take it home when you have been drinking.

Here are some of the developers said to capture and maintain this attitude:

"Don't tell your father, he's going to have a heart attack." (While I'm sitting here talking to you and I haven't had anything like a heart attack. I'm obviously more sensitive, collected and reasonable than that he will never be).

"The road to a man's heart is through his stomach." (Feed him well and he will eat from your hand. He will become a being completely dependent on you, since he has no idea how to prepare food or take care of yourself.)

"He looks good." (Under my supervision, he will be dressed and arranged to be presentable. Otherwise, he wouldn't see anything wrong with wearing clothes with pictures and stripes to go to work and it would be the laughing stock if it wasn't for me .)

"Wait for your father to arrive!" (Your father is going to discipline you harshly, while I am so sweet and loving that I can't stand the idea of ​​raising your hand. However, we know you have to do it, that's why we leave all things related to physical violence and punishment to him)

Men have no taste or sense of aesthetics, compared to women. It is rare the man who understands the importance of decorating the house or is a rare exception, or who has to be gay, because most men are ignorant about these things. Without the "feminine touch", they would live like bears with furniture ...

You understand the point. I am not arguing that these cartoons are true. I am simply pointing out that these judgments were omnipresent, approved by the feminine line as a cult of defensive superiority, and that it had a powerful influence on the attitudes that women adopt towards their men. Like the contempt instituted on women, it had a corrosive effect on the relations between the sexes, since men and women ended up defensive and resentful towards their "better half."

Now, dear ones, you have a good fit of laughter right now or feel resentful and defensive. If you are upset about what I have revealed, delve into your own past to see if there is any truth in you in some of the things I describe.

I say these things to help you open your minds and your hearts, to do the work that you must do at this time of your evolution. As much as we need to replace the economic and political systems, it is also necessary to expose the toxic and competitive backgrounds that unconsciously influence gender relations. Why is there still a great discrepancy in the salary scale for women versus men? Why are there still "honor killings" and murders of women who are accused of "infidelity, " often because of the simple desire to leave a brutal husband? Why do women receive a different treatment from men anywhere, unless they could choose to decline being part of an activity that requires greater physical strength than they possess?

My beloved twin flame, St. Germain, has come a long way with the teaching that a man can indeed be elegant in his tastes and powerful in his humanitarian actions. He is a being of great emotion, and speaks freely of emotional and spiritual things. This is why he is admired by men and women. I also thank you for this. He has left extensive writings to help foster the growth of spirituality and genuine self-esteem, which have nothing to do with the ego or the superiority of one over the other. Now it is my responsibility to appear to take this work to the next stage, to the appreciation of the ascending Divine Feminine, equally beautiful and equally loved by God, and to be ready to live equality with great joy.

When you connect with your Higher Self, with your I AM presence, you know that there are no differences in value between a man and a woman, nor is parody of racial prejudices seen. We are on our way to creating a world in which there is no prejudice, no persistent resentment of previous sentences and oppression, whether it was psychological, physical or discriminatory abuse.

In this sense, both men and women have justification for harboring anger. We ask that you examine what you have left or left over from the cultural superiority misdirected by both sexes. There can be no peace or true happiness in earthly relationships, as long as men and women see themselves as different and separate classes. We are one, dear ones, creations of the mirror of the same soul. We come from the Creator as One and only later we divide ourselves in order to experience the attraction and charm of being here on planet Earth, in organisms that vary slightly, but are fully compatible.

See yourself as the loved ones that are in our eyes, Dear Ones.

We love you with all our heart; We admire your courage and your beauty, and we see no flaw in any of you, and there is no difference in how precious you are to God.

I am your Lady Portia, in the service of the great One.

(Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, June 17, 2014, 11:00 p.m. New York

Permission is granted to copy and share this message, provided that it is done in its entirety, without additions or deletions, and the channel is granted, to its website,

Translator: Claudio Alvarez Dunn)

Lady Portia: "The New Female Manifesto"

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