Lady Portia: The art of receiving

  • 2015

Imagine inside your heart a flame of Violet Light filled with all the colors of the rainbow and many other exciting and glorious colors. This flame of Light is alive with energy, Light and Consciousness that are especially for you, it has the wisdom, awareness, healing, inspiration, manifestation and transformation that you have been waiting for at the level of personality and level of the soul. This flame of Light has manifested from your Soul, consequently you know that it is a direct and personal gift from the Creator's core, delivered especially for you to experience. The same is with the energies you receive and active in your Being and in your reality; Each moment is a gift from the Creator delivered especially for you to experience.

I want to invite you to observe the Flame of Light in your Heart Chakra, it is cozy and loving. It is a gift for you; and he wants you to anchor a new perspective in your conscious knowledge, in your mind and in your mental body, that the Creator is constantly giving you gifts. This is not to recognize that every moment is a blessing, nor that even the most challenging circumstances can stimulate enormous enlightenment; Instead, I, Mrs. Porcia, want you to realize that you are in direct contact and communication with the Creator; in your reality on Earth you are the constant recipient of the energy and the presence of the Creator. You cannot stop receiving the energy, consciousness, wisdom and guidance of the Created r; however, you may not realize it.

Open yourself to the understanding that you are a constant recipient of the Creator; and reprogram your mind in such a way that you know, incorporate and fully experience this.

When you accept that you are constantly receiving from the Creator, then you are required to observe the vibration or frequency that you have chosen to receive and its influence on your reality. Your choice of frequency of vibration is determined by your beliefs about yourself, others and life. If these beliefs are focused on limiting you, opposing your self-esteem and denying your Divinity, the energy you receive from the Creator will be used to energize a reality born from these beliefs. If you believe in your Divinity, you have self-esteem, you love yourself, you are compassionate and so on, you will automatically use the energy you receive from the Creator to energize your beliefs, thus creating similar experiences in your reality. To fully benefit from your natural existence as a recipient of the Creator on Earth, it is necessary that your beliefs, your thoughts and your perspective be of high vibration. Create thoughts that reflect the Truth and Love of the Creator ; and energize them with the power of Love from your Heart Chakra. Allow your thoughts to reflect the energy of the Creator, this will mean that your entire Being will resonate at a high speed of Light, which is also known as a high and pure vibration harmoniously aligned with the Creator.

When you meditate, you focus or contemplate on Love, the Creator, the Light or the divine vibrations, you allow your whole Being, especially your mind and your mental body, to identify with the Creator. When this happens, you can experience a state of peace encounter, which inspires, energizes and sustains the mind and mental body. In this state, inspired thoughts arise from you, your personality and your soul that are aligned with the higher vibration of your mind and your mental body; and express it. At this moment you are reflecting the Creator by allowing your thoughts to be of a purer frequency. Your thoughts can still be about worldly matters, aspects concerning your physical life; and yet they will have a new open and expansive energy that can lead to greater freedom and greater communion with the Creator. From this state of existence you can constantly receive the energy of the Creator, automatically projecting it to create a loving reality inspired by the Creator, so that you experience it in the Earth. Your beliefs will be altered; and the energy you will receive from the Creator will energize these new beliefs, manifesting them in your reality so that you delight in finding them. With this understanding you have more ability to use the Violet Light Flame that is a gift from the Creator to manifest your highest potential.

The energy of the Flame of Light is similar to a battery that is waiting to energize anything you want, so I describe it supporting everything you want to experience and gain, spiritually and physically. I invite you to spend time exploring the flame, because what you consciously or unconsciously want to experience will be evident and present for you to see and understand, encouraging you to discover and discover your truth more fully. I also invite you to observe if the manifestation of these desires produces satisfaction. In doing so you are unifying your consciousness, your identity and your creations, with higher aspects of your Soul and with the Creator, letting go of any aspect of you that is no longer necessary. In this process you will also recognize the act of detachment, for you are invited again and again to detach yourself from energies, from satisfaction; and even of the Creator's vibration, until you surrender yourself to a space of pure and enlightened consciousness. In this practice, the key is the art of observation.

I, Mrs. Porcia, am sharing this wisdom with you now, for you are at the forefront of Ascension; and the time has come when the old energies and perspectives of the Ascension must disappear; The momentum of this event is building up. So that you remain balanced, willing to accept and recognize the truth of the Creator; and with the ability to connect with the Creator's Divine Consciousness, it will be necessary for you to receive the Creator's energy with the ability to access the highest conscious knowledge, to energize the thoughts and perspectives that will help in the New Age of Love and in the process of Advanced Ascension on Earth. Explained in the simplest way, this is focused on truly receiving the Creator at every moment; and use the energy of the Creator to energize the truth in every moment. You must not necessarily understand the Truth of the Creator, simple intention is powerful enough.

I, Mrs. Porcia, invite you to observe the flame of Light with a new consciousness, understanding that this simple flame can create a powerful process of growth and transformation in your Being; constantly receiving from the Creator the building blocks of Love, peace and spiritual evolution on Earth. This is similar to receiving constant updates from the Creator to support the transformation in your Being and on Earth. These updates not only give you the energy to create bases, they also share with you the possibilities of a Soul that exists in a Human body on Earth, in this Age of Ascension. Enlightenment, knowledge and wisdom are constantly being delivered to you; and the tools to support your Ascension and the awakening of others are also continually being delivered to you; Now it is simply necessary that you allow yourself to receive them with ease and perfection. The Creator is also giving you the ability to receive, now you can also invite that this ability and all the abilities that the Creator gives you, be anchored in your Being.

I am a receiver of the Creator, I invite all that the Creator gives me to take root and anchor in my Being, to energize the Sacred Consciousness of my Soul embedded in my mind, in my mental body and in my beliefs .

While the energy waves of the Creator, of the Universe and of the Inner Planes intensify your request and your intention to take root and anchor, everything you receive from the

Creator becomes immensely important. Remember that the Creator's energy is like a battery ready to energize anything you focus on consciously or unconsciously. This is a wonderful opportunity to focus on the Creation of a beautiful new belief and intention:

Now I focus and sustain the intentions that reflect the truth of my Love, which takes care and sustains my existence on Earth .

With this intention you will discover that automatically and with very little effort you create nutritional and satisfactory intentions and beliefs. You will also realize that you cannot make a mistake, because each creation is divinely perfect and supports your spiritual evolution .

You are a receiver of the Creator's energy , you can choose to use this energy in any way and you are prepared to do so. In your reality there is no lack because the Creator's energy is always abundantly provided to you, for you are being fed by the Creator's Universe.

Nothing is beyond your reach or above your abilities, everything is available to you, which encourages you to experience the unlimited, expansive and unified nature of your Being.

I urge you to expand the flame of Light in your Heart Chakra until it surrounds your entire Being; Let go of everything I've shared with you and simply experience the energy of the flame, knowing simply that you are the recipient of the Creator at this time.

We are one; I am a constant source of support for you.

Mrs. Porcia.

TRANSLATION : Jairo Rodr guez R.

Energy and Spiritual Consulting

AUTHOR: Natalie Glasson


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