Lady Nada: The affirmation of her total being, Received by Julie Miller

  • 2016

Beautiful bright hearts, if we take into account the sense of self-esteem and self-confidence, they are sometimes confused by their individual meaning or think they mean the same thing. Although self-esteem has the effect of self-confidence, they are not the same.

Most of you already have an understanding of what self-esteem is, but there are some among you who misunderstand your difference with self-confidence.

What is self-esteem? it is their own personal evaluation, in other words, the way they think of themselves. It is true that self-esteem is based primarily on what you believe, on what you respect with your own personal value and your own emotional and mental perception of those same beliefs.

Do you think you are able to meet personal goals or do you think you are incapable? If you consider yourself capable of achieving personal goals, regardless of the time it takes (or the difficulties that arise), then bright hearts; related emotions and feelings correspond quite a lot to feelings of pride or achievement. However, if you believe you are unable to achieve any of your personal goals, then what you are anchoring is a feeling of sadness, helplessness, despair or even unworthiness.

Self-esteem can be observed in an area of ​​your life, or you may become aware of the many cases in which your self-esteem is a bit weak or so strong.

If you think you are a good cook, and you are proud of this knowledge, what you are basically doing is expanding your experience every time you prepare food, cook and serve meals. Believing in good and in the sense of satisfaction with oneself rewards you more than anyone's glory.

Beloved souls who have healthy self-esteem often demonstrate self-esteem, self-esteem, integrity for them and a great acceptance and complicity of all their trust. They are not trying to be perfect, they strive to be whole and complete. Sometimes dear souls some demonstrate a self-esteem that presents itself as self-centered. Your ego gets in the way of your true and genuine light. A little humility from time to time, which comes when you least think about it, is a great way to refocus and give birth to a more humble character.

Self-confidence, on the other hand beautiful bright hearts is a measure of the beliefs you have about your own judgment, decisions, skills, talents and abilities.

A self-confident person can also incorporate various levels of future performance and any action they expect and assume from themselves. Self-confidence is closely connected with being sure of themselves, it is about what they believe can actually be done or achieved.

One of the greatest threats to your personal or spiritual success ; It is your fear of failure or making a mistake. If you are really sure with your whole being, then you are very aware of what you can do and what you cannot do and have the ability to apply the pure concentrated approach in your efforts to ensure success in the directions you have chosen to walk. Errors do not weaken you, they provide you with detailed information on what not to do.

Even through self-esteem and self-confidence that are distinctly different, they are also connected and go hand in hand, and can be used at the same time. One is not more important than the other; Each one has an important role in whatever goal he has planned, to reach for himself. In order to feel really satisfied, happy and live full and complete it is necessary to have a healthy balance of both.

The beautiful bright hearts that behave and reflect healthy self-esteem and healthy confidence, these will be evident in your words, actions and decisions. They will be assertive with their skills and know how far they can push themselves with confidence. They accept that they are not perfect, because perfect is not what they are looking to achieve, since the goal is simply to be themselves, totally complete and whole in all things.

Self-confidence and self-esteem; Yes often missing in many areas of your goals. Very often they fight against what they want because they don't stay out of fear. The moment they relax, and open themselves to encouraging results and new possibilities, fear will go away (the Divine Mother has said that fear is not real if we enter it evaporates ).

Adversity will always affect your self-esteem, but it is up to you how long they will remain affected until you maintain a healthy mental attitude again. Confidence can be increased through the taking of positive actions that will lead to successful endings and results. It is their successful results, bright beautiful hearts, that provide them with ample reasons to approve themselves, which in turn will increase their self-esteem and confidence (since one feeds the other harmoniously).

Take some time to think when you have experienced high or low self-esteem and how is your self-confidence and determine how it should be different from now on. You can easily determine that it is your own self-esteem that increases or decreases your self-confidence. To achieve anything, you have to believe in the goals you have planned. You will be greeted with obstacles that are meant to try to distract you, but if you are fully focused and aware, you will allow the insertion of changes if they apply to what is Doing, after carrying out your goal until you are done. The more you believe in yourself, the more success you will have. I know this, no doubt God knows, now what you need to do is believe that you can. And what is

I AM Ascended Master, Lady Nothing through Julie Miller

AUTHOR: Julie Miller


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