Lady Nada: Venus love range alignment through Natalie Glasson

  • 2016
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I am Mrs. Nada, I have strong connections with the planet Venus and I have spent a lot of time there enjoying the energies, the discovery of the truth and the evolution of my evolution. I have within my being and echo the beautiful teachings of love of the beings of Venus. His love so pure and truthful, that resonates with the vibrations and qualities of my soul . Many say that I am born of Venus, to me this seems to be true that I completely embody the sacred energies of love of Venus.

I know that although we are all born of the Creator, and the Creator is the origin from which we extend . In order to become the Chohan of the Eighth Ray of Light, I first studied the teachings and ascension tools of Venus, which connected me to the same truth and essence of my being.

Next, I have supported Master Sananda / Jesus in his role as Chohan of the Sixth Ray of the light of devotion and truth. My exploration of love and truth supported me in helping others in the unification with the soul and experiencing deep cleansing processes of awakening.

It is only when you understand the truth of all beings or recognize the magnificent energies of the Creator that you can be incorporated into a planet, that you are able to understand the necessary cleaning process.

I, Lady Nada, wish to share with you some tools and techniques of ascension of Venus, which sustain the beautiful energies of Venus to help your spiritual evolution at this time. These act as practices to support the realization of your soul, the exploration of truth, healing, as well as cleansing.

Venus lioness

Summon the purest form of love of Venus to come to surround completely and absolutely . Allow yourself to breathe the Venus love deeply in your being the creation of a bridge of light and the connection between the soul and Venus. Then invoke the Venus Lioness born from the core love of Venus to move you forward. The Venus Lioness is similar to a lioness composed of pink and white flames of light. The Lioness either exist before or move gently around you.

The Lioness is a powerful healer, and you can ask for help with any form of healing you may want to experience. Venus Leone can dissolve all files attached to pain, suffering or disease and instead create bonds of love and dissolve the energy in question. Venus Leone can eliminate negative programming within her being, or even thoughts, feelings and experiences of fear.

This is achieved as the Venus Leone spreads its white flames of pink light and they embrace and move through you. Impurities, toxins and limitations can also be erased with love for the Venus Lioness. With such a force of love, the Venus Leone extends the purity of her love to bring all the energy, the experience or the situation in love.

Meditating with Venus Leone is very powerful and acts as a deep purification process that awakens greater volumes of love within your being.

Flower of the Awakening

To Venus, inside a chamber to support spiritual evolution, there is not a single flower that rests in the center of the chamber as if it were suspended in the air. Upon entering the chamber known as the Venus flower of the Chamber of Truth, the flower will be adjusted so that it is in alignment with its heart chakra, both spiritually and visually. The flower is simple, with a row of petals that surround a large circular center. The center is a violet light, while the petals are a combination of white, pink and violet light. Allow yourself to exist within the flower of Venus of the Chamber of Truth. Imagine, sense or recognize yourself with the existing flower before your heart chakra. Feel the energy emanating from the flower in your heart chakra. As the energy flows in your heart chakra, it will fill your heart chakra and flow through your throat chakra in your third eye chakra. From his eye chakra, a shower of white, violet and light pink will cascade down to the flower.

It is as you recognize or observe the rain of light that extends from the third eye chakra on the flower that the truth of your soul and the essence held within your heart, the throat and the third eye chakras are I will make known to you for your understanding, recognition and acceptance. It is possible that it increases visions, feelings, ideas, words of wisdom or simply an inner knowledge. This process is also compatible with the development and expansion of your third eye chakra and your sacred abilities.

The bells of Venus Love alignment

The bells of Venus can be found in the chamber sound healing and awakening Venus. When it enters the chamber, it will be received by at least five Venus beings who specialize in sound healing. They are bright light, cheerful, beautiful beings that emanate deep and powerful vibrations of love. You will be invited to sit or set, as you are surrounded. There will be an air of emotion in your energy, as you anticipate your experience of the bells of Venus . You may notice in their light hands that they have a small white gold bell.

The vibrations and the sound of the bells of Venus have been compared to the pure sounds of the Angelic Kingdom or an angelic choir. The frequency of vibration and is very high, sometimes it is not heard by the ability of the physical ears, it is always heard by the soul, however. The Beings of Venus will begin to move smoothly around you as if dancing and whirlpools, as they ask to play the bells of Venus. The sound fills the camera and your whole being .

The intention of the Beings of Venus is pure love, and the frequency of the sound of the bells of Venus promotes, creates and activates pure love. Thus, the result will be that a higher and purer frequency of love will emanate from your soul than align to the deepest sacred vibrations of love. You will experience your whole being of alignment with the love of your soul and the pure exquisite love of Venus. While you may not be aware of the sound vibrations, you will be able to feel an awakening within your being that will be a joyful experience of love.

Access to the perspective of the love of Venus

A more beautiful experience than I, Mrs. Nada, enjoys experiencing on my return to Venus is to invite the Beings of Venus focused on enlightenment and who are headlines and share the illumination of the Beings of Venus with others, to join me in seeing the Universe of the Creator. We sit together as if on the edge of a cliff, the Creator's Universe visible from this resting space, with all the planets, stars and civilizations radiating light. We simply observe the universe of the Creator together.

I, Lady Nada, ask for my chakra system and energy to be aligned with the enlightened Venus beings. I feel its energy flowing into my being, and this connection influences my point of view and the perspective of the Creator Universe. My heart is filled with supreme love and the ideas that I gain around the universe of the Creator intensify. It is similar to seeing the universe of the creator of a new state of love be enligh to be, is purely happy and can be experienced as long as you want. Venus enlightened beings will remain by your side. When you want to complete the process, just ask for the Enlightened Beings of Venus to withdraw their energy. This is a wonderful experience for you to achieve during meditation, not only will it increase your love ratio, but it will also expand your perspectives and land new views of love in your being. Allow yourself to experience this happy union with the energies of Venus and the universe of the Creator.

Love expansion chamber

Allow yourself to enter the expansion chamber Love of Venus ; This is a space of deep and pure love. You will be received by many Beings of Venus, who will sit with you and completely surround you. They are simply going to send love of Venus into your being especially their heart chakra in the form of continuous waves of sacred love frequencies.

They invite you to imagine that you are inhaling and exhaling through your heart chakra while repeating the statement: "My love is expansive . " This is such a simple practice, and yet it is deeply moving. Any energy that is not needed within your heart chakra is encouraged to be cleansed and healed, while promoting the expansion of your heart chakra allowing you to give and receive expansive love. Therefore higher volumes of love will manifest within your reality. You can also discover your most active heart chakra, and the awareness of pure love springs from the highest in your heart chakra to be emanated through your whole being.

My sharing with you is to support your spiritual evolution, the connection with the energy of Venus and a greater realization of love. Everyone can get into meditation, for as long as they want and as many times as you feel guided. If you need help during your experience on Venus, please call me, Lady Nada, to guide and support you.

The more you experience the pure love of Venus, the greater your understanding of the transformation that the Earth is undergoing to keep the vibrations equal to or greater than the love that Venus. This is one of the reasons why in light of these happy experiences you will be able to recognize and sustain the vision that the Earth will maintain the same vibration of love and expression as Venus in the future.

In the love of eternal happiness,

Lady Nada

AUTHOR: Natalie Glasson


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