Lady Nada: Freeing yourself from wanting

  • 2015

Just as the water flowing to the rivers and streams also flows into the seas and oceans, the peace that flows in its interior also attracts its deep presence. Peace itself has a very own, fundamental and adorable quality that is not just a tendency for what is not peace to be absent. The practice of letting go of the old, what is considered not to be peace, seeks the rivers and streams of your internal and external actions so that you flow easily and without qualms to the broader ocean of the purest peace. Peace is the maximum offer of satisfaction that literally frees you from wanting. When your relationship with the higher realms of conscience and being conscious is confronted and your attachment to the lower realms ends, there is a reconciliation that embraces the sincere energy of peace that lovingly warms your heart and saturates your being.

Beautiful and Bright Hearts, it is vital that you understand that the path to peace includes both your actions and your non-actions. The care you provide to your body through vital and essential nutrition, proper exercise and rest, while not being distracted with too much indulgence will help you clear many blockages that hinder you and direct you from the inside to a more body. peaceful. As you improve in accepting yourself, those around you, and the world in general, you are cultivating a peaceful heart. Beautiful and Brilliant Hearts, it is important for your own growth and development that you better accept the inevitability of change so that you finally let go of your iron grip on the things that are fearful, selfish and non-peaceful that you desire.

Letting go of non-peaceful ways of living, being and thinking does not prevent them from developing new and positive changes or making them a reality. Beautiful and Brilliant Hearts, your efforts end up happening in a fund of total tolerance and perseverance, instead of refusing change. When they are aware that their thoughts are only thoughts, they do not get lost in their dangerous flow and move away from their mental disorder so that they can enter a serene and peaceful mind. Learning to allow your thoughts to float like clouds passing over you through the sky is an important and essential development for anyone who wishes to move forward. If you watch the sky and the clouds go by, you see that the Sun remains undisturbed, no matter how slow or fast the clouds move. Set yourself up in a state of awareness of mind, body and open heart, that you accept and that is loving, but not so identified so that you can escort peace to your presence, and that ultimately it leaks in his being.

Beautiful and Brilliant Hearts, achieving peace of mind, body and heart can lead you to peaceful activities such as meditation, which connects you deeply with the ocean of happiness and ease where they are able to move beyond all experience and sensory understanding. From this state of peace they are guided and supported to continue to achieve peace of will and motivation by acting correctly and appropriately, and giving themselves to God with trust, love and faith. Beautiful and Brilliant Hearts, when they offer the best at all times they acquire a clear awareness because they have nothing to grieve about. Beautiful and Brilliant Hearts, when they do their best with quality and excellence in everything they do while persevering in their goals and dreams, they also provide a deep sense of purpose, which it drives them towards true satisfaction, feeling satisfied in the core of their being, who will gently settle the peace in their conscience.

Understand, my dear ones, that your inner peace will lead you to outer peace. On the one hand, their personal attitude of choosing not to cause harm and accept others for who they are and how they are creates a warm atmosphere of peace; and on the other hand, fear, animosity, resentment, and any act of violence can be easily contagious, so peace can be just as contagious. One of the best practices you can follow on a daily basis, dear ones, in order to get closer to living more peacefully is to establish your own aura of peace and share this warm and healthy energy. loving with others so that they also achieve inner peace, which leads to outer peace, and so that they also manifest an aura full of peace.

Together, each of you can cultivate more peace in the world by starting with yourself and working abroad, touching the hearts of others with your love, light, and peace.

And so it is ...

I AM the Ascended Master The Lady Nothing via Julie Miller


Lady Nada: Freeing yourself from wanting

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