Lady Portia - A new beginning arises from the depths of our being

  • 2015

As we continue to settle on this basis and grid of Love and empathy, of Divine potential and of Dimensional creation, there is much that our beings and hearts are absorbing. The energies are cooperating in a new divine Alchemy system where all the foundations of the feelings and creations of the heart are a part of this new system and form the new system called Humanity, A race and A be.

Consequently, a new beginning is emerging from the depths of our being and system that are leading us to this beautiful point of view where everything seen as a lower Dimensional frequency will no longer remain in our reality. Dependence on external forms and systems will continue to collapse because there is only the independence of the Self and the autonomous and self-sufficient being. Creations make up the formation of one's world, and therefore, a more settled way of living is required in order to be able to create a more stable and joyful life experience.

When one is seated in the core and heart of the Mother, everything that passes through Her will reveal to you everything that you are and what you are settling in a great manifestation in Her reality. Therefore, it is very timely to remain in Love as a constant state of being, for one will reflect that to others as well.

A refined energy is about to take away from the beautiful being that one is the great and heavy shell that one has been forming all these years of incarnation. As these refined energies advance to a higher level and rhythm, a happier state is created where one is going to rediscover Love for his Self at a much deeper level than before. Love by itself is the key to ascending to the I AM Presence that one is in essence, for one is Love.

As sparks of Beauty and the Divine Feminine, the Divine Presence will flow and affect all who are in the Mother. At this time the Divine particles are being reactivated to such a deep and refined level of the consciousness of one that the entire Giant Cosmic Network of I AM Presences is being laid as the basis of our being on a global and Universal scale. This is part of one's being and is now being activated so that it is understood on a conscious level.

We must now bring forth the order of the day, which is Unconditional Love for all those who need it, for those who are facing great challenges in life, and those who need forgiveness. Unconditional Love is an unmistakable part of the Self that defines who is one and who is the other. So share it, share what you are with whom you need it because it completes the Self in a more loving and gentle way of being.

For now everything is unconditional, connected with each other, and the I is part of the All That Is; the Giant Cosmic Grid of the I AM Presences and the Source of the Divine Presence of Light. When we talk now about abundance and freedom, we talk about Love and ways of living, exploring, being and expression. All this is part of our being, part of the cosmic creation, and is the right to be.

As all forces now begin to gently come out of the planes of the Mother, then a place of freedom fits and expresses rebirth on this planet. There is joy among all those who remain on the planes of the Mother because freedom is the way of being of the natural Self. For now these forces are gently leaving their place in the grids of the I AM Presence of the Earth, changing to another form of creation that is allowed by the collective of this unit on Earth. So it is very important to be focused and be gentle with yourself and with others, for creation comes from that state of self and being.

My greatest desire to share my energy is being fulfilled for this moment from now, until next time. I send you all my love and passion.

Eyeh Asher Eyeh

Author: Méline Portia Lafont

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