The mystical vision of the soul and inspiration

  • 2015

The heart of the Sun emits radiations of PEACE in cyclic form, similar to the systole and diastole of a physical heart, only here we speak of an etheric heart, full of buddhic energy, the “blood” of the System, which flows through the vector channels from the solar system to its 'planet-centers'.

Every planet of Monmatia (the solar system) is a center of energy, a chakra within His Body of manifestation. If you could see with 'etheric vision' you would be amazed to see a network of multicolored lights flowing like lymph between the sun and its planets and also with nervous energy-light connections between the planets, forming something similar to a great Nervous System of light energies threading the entire body of the world system. In the center of this image you would see the reigning star, the brightest, the SUN, and inside you would see something similar to a transparent DIAMOND, but at the same time full of light from different colorful sunflowers, from where they leave and where they arrive Vector lines of light towards all the planets.

That DIAMOND is the heart of Monmatia; It consists of multiple geometric faces, each representing a particular " light mirror ." Each face of the " Cardiac Diamond " reflects energies of different qualities.

If you had such a vision, you would also see that, from the top of this “ Solar Cardiac Diamond, ” strands of light that are lost in the unfathomable space depart towards the Cosmos… A deeper and more comprehensive vision would allow you to see that those strands of light coming out of the Monmatia's heart come from other systems and stars.

A penetrating cosmic vision would allow you to observe THE GREAT VECTORIAL NERVOUS SYSTEM OF LIGHT among all the stars and world systems in the Milky Way, and beyond that, you could see the Super Network System of the Local Universe, in which the connections are visible vector of energy between hundreds and thousands of galaxies ...

The human eye only qualifies to see the physical matter of the lower subplanes. We have already said what a vision could only achieve etheric ..., and this would be only the beginning of revelation ... ; because as your vision sharpened more and more you would begin to see in higher dimensional spheres, and there are no words or language that can reveal such realities, since nothing that can be put into the language of brain thought could bring such vision and beauty ...

The great artists of all time have sometimes been inspired by Corazones del Sol towards these hidden realities. Of course, those 'trips' remained veiled to their personalities, but there was the internal reflection that was translated as inspiration and creativity, which many called, unable to explain those creative impulses: " inspiring muse ." Now you know that the 'inspiring muse' has been, and is still today in true inspired artists, a connection of the human soul with hidden Spheres of solar and cosmic Life . Inspirational contact occurs with these spheres or with beings from these worlds. This produces an exaltation of beauty and an uncontrollable impulse to create, or to realize the GOOD, being guided by the flow of that inexhaustible inspiration, which has been the fruit of internal contacts.

If you could see ..., beloved students, the beauty of Creation, overcoming physiological-sensory limitations, you would be speechless, speechless ...; a sacred silence would take over your minds and an emotion touched by a greatness never before felt would sprout from your chest, similar to a flower that opens in spring ...

You would be ecstatic ...; such a mystical state would occupy your entire physical, emotional and mental being; you would be empathized by a feeling of belonging to something so beautiful and immense, that you would never feel lonely, or unprotected ...

It has been said that whoever has experienced clinical death and after having their post-mortem experience has returned to life, is no longer afraid of physical death. The same goes for those who have ever experienced the feeling of "being one with the All" ... Those soul images are never lost. From someone who had a similar mystical experience, biblical psalms emerged, such as the well-known Psalm 23:

“The Lord is my pastor, nothing is missing.
For meadows of fresh grass feed me.

Towards the still waters it leads me,
and comfort my soul;
He guides me along paths of justice,
Thanks to his name.

Even if it passes through the dark valley,
I will fear no evil, because you go with me;
Your wand and your silence calm me.

You prepare a table before me
in front of my adversaries;
you anoint my head with oil,
Overflowing is my cup.

Yes, bliss and grace will accompany me
every day of my life;

My abode will be the house of the Lord
to long of the days."

It is not our intention to enter into themes of religion, but to give a classic example of what a mystical experience can reveal . But mechanically reciting a psalm or a prayer does not help much ... since these experiences are to be revealed to each soul, and the praises must come forth creatively, from the authentic mystical inspiration of the soul.

This message has revealed, in the form of a story, hidden realities to the physical senses of man, and has thus wanted to bring the reader closer to a physical understanding of life, showing supraphysical realities .

Sun the `` eyes of the soul '' those who can see such spheres

It is not necessary to develop the occult scientific lar clarividencia so that the soul travels to spheres of Solar and Cosmic Life and experience the vision n drawing from there the inexhaustible inspiration of creative beauty.

Our advice is this, students:

Grow in harmony and surrender to the Heart of the Sun. Do not look for extrasensory powers, because that ambitious search will attract your souls to the Kamamanic world (of the lower self or I-desire). It is true that other senses will awaken with the course of evolution, but let everything happen in due time. Instead, free from ambition and with full surrender to the Sun, in flight you will they will raise souls, bringing back a treasure: the inspiring beauty, which you can turn to the world for its positive transformation. This is within your reach and that is what is happening.

The planet Earth with its Humanity does not need clarividentes , (erroneous beliefs of esoteric intellectuals ), but of beings inspired by the Greater Good that are capable of transforming Life in feeling, thought and deed.

Open your mind and transform into inspired souls to produce VITAL CHANGE.

In Light and Peace: Hearts of the Sun

AUTHOR: Alexis B.


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