Life is music, by Noe del Barrio

  • 2014

An institute, a class with 36 kids between 14 and 16 years old, hormonal, belligerent, loud ... does it sound like? It is the framework where I started the institute, at the end of the eighties, where those who were “worth” were separated to study from those who did not, offering to go to the institute or professional training most of the time as a resource to separate the most troublemakers of the less ... I was one of the troublemakers, although many years later and almost touching the fifties, I am a pro, responsible man with teenage children. My name is Diego, and in high school I learned that a teacher can make your life change, that love for what is done and respect for the people taught can make a difference.

For a few seconds later put Eleanor Rigby of the Beatles shortly. There was silence between us, then the volume went up, while simply telling us, feel the music, it is part of your life, you have in your hand to choose the soundtrack of your existence ... And I began to dance hands before his stunned audience .

That was his presentation and the beginning of an affair with his 36 students for the subject he taught.

You can choose the soundtrack of your existence, and it gave us tools to choose them, because their classes were an oasis in our routine schedule, where among solo violin, pop, folk, rock ... taught us to enjoy and love music, to Listening to the shadow of the last drumstick in a song, taught us the sensuality of the whisper of a voice singing soul, accelerated our hearts with wonderful opera arias, danced to the rhythm of orchestrated melodies, and learned the lyrics of songs that have entered In the history of music.

He didn't teach us music, he taught us to understand it, through the only way he knew, teaching us to live and love it,

Through the wonderful classes of Cecilia we learned cadences, colors and notes, timbres, textures, rhythms, chords, melodies ... Enjoying while without telling us how we illustrated in the musical language, naturally, spontaneously .

Today I met Cecilia

Her hair is already completely gray and I know that she left teaching, but not her love for music, because she still sings in a coral, she doesn't remember me, probably a more expensive face. Des of the thousands who went through his class, I do remember, he left a mark in my life, an extraordinary mark on my soul

Cecilia doesn't remember me, she must be around 80 years old, but I couldn't help holding her hands and honestly telling her:

Life is music, music is part of my life and you gave me the key. Thank you.


Noe del Barrio


Life is music, by Noe del Barrio

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