The truth of the journey of Mary Magdalene

  • 2016

Natalie: Recently I had the opportunity to visit the Grotto of Santa Bauma which is a cave in the south of France where it is said that Mary Magdalene spent a lot of time after the Crucifixion, the Resurrection And the Ascension of Jesus. The cave is on the side of a mountain; to get to this sacred place they spend about 45 minutes going up a hill through a lush and glorious forest. Before entering the cave, I began to communicate with Maria Magdalena to discover the purpose of my visit and why I was being guided to visit the cave. What he received is immediately, is information that Mary Magdalene wanted to share not only with me, but with everyone.

Maria Magdalena:

It is an honor to connect with you; and I bathe you with the vibrations of the Divine Goddess and the Goddess Isis . Already as a child I used the symbol of the Golden Serpent; a symbol of being initiated into the teachings of the Divine Feminine and the Goddess Isis. I was and remain a High Priestess of the Goddess Isis, dedicated to the power, magic and Love of the Sacred Goddess in her purest form. It was my training that paved my way to my union with Jesus; and he also prepared me to continue the teachings shared by the two of us, after his Ascension. The teachings that Jesus shared were born of Love and were given with Love, represented the union of the male and female vibrations of the Creator with harmony and Oneness, which awaken the same within everyone. During the time in which Jesus shared his teachings, I also received the same discharges of energy and inspiration. As a representative of the Divine Feminine, I acted as an anchor, rooting the Sacred Energy on Earth and in the consciousness of Humanity.

After the Ascension of Jesus I was guided to continue sharing the detailed teachings and healing practices that I had received with others. At that time one of my greatest purposes was to share my wisdom with those who were dedicated to the Goddess, for they would retain the purity of the teachings while preserving them for generations to come. The Divine guidelines and tasks that the Creator gave me seemed endless at that time. It was up to me to develop the presence of the Goddess in many people so that this energy could continue to nourish the World and the teachings of Jesus, as well as healing some devastation that occurred in Humanity when Jesus left Earth, due to misunderstanding. It was my responsibility to distribute energy codes and templates; and healing; as well as scrolls, objects, tools and crystals of spiritual value, in certain sacred places. The purpose was to support the preservation and continuation of the healing and awakening that Jesus had begun.

I had another very beautiful role, a role that healed my heart every day, broken by having physically lost Jesus; even when I understood the truth of the matter. This role encouraged me to have determination to accomplish the tasks that the Divine Creator gave me, while also filling my days with fun, Love and laughter. In my opinion, this is the most sacred role of a woman: I received the gift of being a mother. Sar'h was the Creation of the Divine Creator to incorporate my energies like Mary Magdalene and the sacred vibrations of Jesus; She really was the image of the union of the two of us in more ways than seemed possible. It was a sacred gift for the Earth and for me; she had many names: The Golden Chalice, the Golden Serpent; and the Union of the Divine in Manifestation, to mention a few.

Sar'h and I, along with a few sisters of the Light, were destined for France. When we arrived in southern France, our purpose was to begin the process of distributing the many sacred scrolls, tools and sacred templates, both energetic and physical, that we had been given in possession. It was appropriate to give them to specific people and hide them in certain places to preserve their safety. We were received and supported by the participants in a Temple of the Goddess Isis dedicated to the Divine Feminine ; These women of very deep inner beauty supported our mission and subsequently led us to a sanctuary space near their Temple. Our sanctuary was a cave in the south of France known as the Grotto of Santa Bauma. Sar'h was 3 years old when we arrived at our new home, which for us was a hiding place where we could continue teaching.

Natalie: While I was in the cave, the presence of Mary Magdalene was very strong, although this area that is now like a church has been in charge of monks for many years, the vibrations of the Divine Feminine remained in their energy. When Mary Magdalene appeared before me in my Third Eye, it was Sar'h who pushed her toward me. It seemed to me that Sar'h was about 12 years old when Mary Magdalene brought her to my consciousness. Maria Magdalena wanted Sar'h to share with me some of her thoughts about her life in the cave. I had never consciously met Sar'h before, so it was a new experience for me.

Sar'h shared with me some visions. The first was from a procession of women dressed in white and bearing the mark of the golden snake, who walked through the forest to the cave. Sar'h told me that they came to the cave every day to visit them and brought them food and whatever they needed. He said he enjoyed his visits, as some of the initiates of the Temple of Goddess Isis were similar in age or even younger; so I had time to talk and play with them before the daily ceremony conducted by Mary Magdalene. She told me that she loved to run through the forest with her friends, who, like her, really didn't know what the outside world was like; however, they were pleased to share stories of their experiences of their Internal Plans. Sar'h told me that he also enjoyed the daily ceremony that they carried out in the cave, as it allowed him to see his mother working, with the power, grace and wisdom she radiated.

The 2nd vision that Sar'h shared with me was of her in her mother's arms during the night in the cave, while her mother told her her memories of Jesus. She asked her mother to tell her everything she knew about her father, from his birth to his Ascension. Sar h said that the ones he liked most were those intimate moments with his mother, because sometimes his father appeared in the cave as an energetic way to spend some time time with them Sar h told me that he liked to live in the cave because there he had everything he needed. I believe that what Maria Magdalena told Sar h about the life of Jesus was her way of guiding her in her initiations and preparations for her adult life.

Mary Magdalene:

After 15 years, when Sar h was 18, I knew it was time to support Sar h in the next stage of his life. Since we arrived at the cave, I knew that in 15 years Sar h and I would abandon the safety of the cave and travel to the Holy Druid community of England; Our destiny is now known as Glastonbury. I knew that his purpose was to marry and stay with the Druid Community; so that our trip to England was exciting, I knew that a new life was waiting for Sar h; although my heart also broke because I knew that I would make the trip back to France without his company.

Not long afterwards, Sar h fell in love and married a Soul that was deeply familiar to her, a Soul with whom she had shared many lives. They had many children and a very happy life. Sar h assumed the role of sharing the teachings of Love that his father and I passed on. His healing powers were amazingly beautiful. Sar h spent 50 years in Glastonbury; At 68, he traveled to Scotland where he lived the rest of his life and died when he was around 80 years old.

I, Mary Magdalene, returned to the south of France and lived my days in the Temple of the goddess Isis with the women who had taken care of us for 15 years. hyam . I no longer needed to live in the cave to protect my daughter and keep her safe, so I enjoyed my time surrounded by the beautiful Souls of the Temple. I visited the cave from time to time when I felt that Jesus wanted to appear before me and spend some time with me. I traveled a little through France; however, I had already completed the tasks that the Divine Creator had given me, so I could spend a lot of time alone and in peace, reliving sometimes my memories of other times in deep communion n with the Creator. I ascended leaving my body when I was about 100 years old.

I wanted to share the truth of my journey after the Ascension of Jesus so that we can connect at a deeper level; and so that you can have more access to the truth of my Being and my Soul.

I AM María Magdalena.

Thank you.

TRANSLATION: Jairo Rodríguez R. Energy and Spiritual Consulting

AUTHOR: Natalie Glasson


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