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In the last message you received from us, you saw that the ego is a collection of false identities (sub-personalities) that you use and exchange as masks.

One of the main sub-personalities, or masks you wear, is called "Not Enough Good."

"Not Good enough" is nothing more than a disguised belief about your identity.

It's who you think you are, anytime you feel criticized, not loved, or alone in the world.

It's not who you really are.

In today's message, we will speak only of the Truth.

Below is what Saint-Germain has to say about the Truth:

“You are a Son of God, and God too. This is the Truth About You. ”

This is now the main message that Saint-Germain is transmitting through us. It is simple and straightforward.

Why is this so important?

Why is it so important to proclaim the truth about your Divinity? After all, we forget things every day ...

... The keys that we left on the kitchen table; the bread we need from the store; the afternoon appointment we have with the dentist.

What is the problem? Our world doesn't fall apart just because we forget something.

But the consequences of forgetting your Divinity are more serious than you might imagine at first.

When you forget your Divinity, perceived threats occupy most of your attention, rather than creative self-expression, which is Divine Intention.

Fear and anxiety replace your natural tendency to trust, love, and accept yourself, and others exactly as you are.

Returning to Freedom

Saint-Germain has indicated that the main step you have to take to restore healing to your mind and to your heart certainty, is to proclaim the Truth About You.

You have to remind yourself often that you are a Son of God, and God too, until this memory becomes a "reflex act."

Saint-Germain says that it is imperative to claim your identity at this fundamental level, if you want to be free ...

"... Free from the illusions of being something you are not."

The ego, and its many sub-personalities such as "Not Good enough, " is something you are not. It is an illusion.

But the Truth About You is consistent. It never contradicts you or others.

Instead, it points you towards the Love of God. This is your Fundamental Divinity.

It is the God who lives in you, like you.

And it is also the Divinity that you share with others.

What do you do next? You watch a video.

Before reading "The Truth About You, " the channeling of Saint-Germain that we have included in this message, we recommend you watch and listen to the video that we have attached, "The Illusion of Spiritual Obtaining."

You will find it below.

Look, even if you are willing to embrace the Truth about your Divinity right now, the ego is not prepared to give you up so easily.

You have been accompanied by life too long to be discarded so immediately!

Your ego is complex, and loves to get involved in its complexity games. This is one of their preferred ways of maintaining control over your identity.

One of the games that the ego will play with you, once you have accepted your Divinity, is to agree with you.

Yes, he will agree with you. But it will do this, only under certain conditions.

The ego will admit that you are, in fact, a Son of God. But only if you agree to develop spiritually first.

He will tell you that you must face rigorous challenges and "climb that mountain of spiritual attainment" before you can be worthy of your Divinity.

He will always tell you to try harder and climb higher.

But whatever you do will never be enough, because it has no intention of letting you succeed.

If he did, then the game would end, and he would have to give control of your life to the Reality of your Soul.

After watching the video

Once you finish watching the video, why not give yourself some time and rest?

Then you can go back and read the Saint-Germain Canalization, "The Truth About You, " whenever you want.

There is no need to finish this material on the run.

It is important that you provide yourself with the time to function at the deepest levels of your being.

In the next message you receive from us, we will tell you more about the Book of Saint-Germain, A New World Awakens and the Home Study Course from which this material was taken.

Until next time,

Lots of love,

Dan and Alexandra

PS Here is the link to the video. (in English)

A Canalization of Saint-Germain:

The Truth About You

You have inhabited a world of false beliefs for too long. For too long you have imagined that you are not loved and that you are rejected by God. You may believe that these thoughts have no consequence in your life, but you are wrong.

In a world like this - a state that exists only in your mind - the best you can expect from yourself is failure; the attacks of others are inevitable; and God prefers your obedience to your love.

You have allowed these lies in the sanctity of your mind and given them a refuge that does not belong to them. In this unhappy home, the images you have of yourself keep you feeling weak and vulnerable, and believing that sooner or later even the closest people will harm you.

In this confusing state, you are unable to use even the simplest tools to live well. General principles that would improve your life, if only you applied them - such as "Love your neighbor, as yourself" and "Treat others, just as you want to be treated" -, make no sense to you.

In this nightmare world, thinking about trusting your neighbor, communicating with God, is as scary as the prospect of knowing yourself. This frightens you because you have forgotten who you are.

This world is changing now, and you too along with it.

You are God, too

When you are prepared to leave behind a world of lies and uncertainty - of not knowing who you are, or what you should be doing - you will rediscover the Truth About You. You will remember that you are God, too, and that God is your inner self.

By linking the truth of your identity to this fundamental level, you will begin to ignore the complications of living in the world. You will find that the challenges you faced were only imaginary. They only reflected the energy you were devoting to keeping your masks in place - masks that hid your true identity.

When you stop pretending to be something that you are not, you will get rid of the illusions of oblivion. The restrictions imposed by your beliefs, and by the people and situations around you, will lose their power. They will no longer prevent you from expressing your Divinity. You will remember the Truth About You, and never deny it to yourself or to the world again.

Proclaiming the Truth About You

When you remember your Divinity, there is nothing else to show. There is nothing to justify, and there is nothing to defend or discuss. You are no longer willing to hide in the shadows of denial. Instead, you name and proclaim the Truth About You. You assume this posture from the inside, and you maintain it with every breath you take. You stop looking like something different.

You are a Son of God, and God too.

This is the Truth About You.

What happens when you proclaim the Truth?

When you recognize your Divinity, are things physically facilitated? Not quite. When you first proclaim the Truth About You, greater harmony will be introduced to the parts of your life that are already aligned with the Truth. But what is not aligned will become heavy and tense, and will fall. It will become obvious that you are deceiving yourself, about your Self. This can cause temporary conflicts within you, and in the world around you.

This should not surprise you. When the Truth enters your life, it does create conflict with anything that is not true and drives it away. So, please don't be alarmed. Understand that this is a process, and that your willingness to cooperate with it, will make it easier. If you cling to the falsehoods about you, then your struggles will only last. He will spend more time going through conflicts to reach a place of harmony.

Remembering Who You Are

Remember to remind you often that You are God, too. This is the best corrective for any difficulty you may experience. This simple reminder, as a daily practice, is a powerful tool to advance your life. I will remind you that just as a seed grows with the rains of summer, so also remembering the Truth About You, I will awaken it in you. All that is required is your patience.

Understand that this Truth will be revealed. There is nothing you can do to prevent it. Truth is inevitable as well as You Are T . Cheer up on this, and rejoice, and let this knowledge bring you peace.

I am Saint-Germain.

Although it sounds strange, we can be happy even in moments of deep sadness since a part of us understands the perfect order of life and surrenders without resistance to pain, knowing that it does not affect the purity of its essence, nor the fullness that It lives inside.

Maribel Gonz lez

By Alexandra Mahlimay and Dan Bennack

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Translated by Maribel González

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