Therapy of Past Lives: reading of Akashic Records

  • 2018

Therapy of Past Lives or Reading Akshic Records is a technique that helps to know past incarnations to find harmony in this current life. Through this therapy, life events can be better understood to eliminate trauma, resolve conflicts and evolve spiritually.

Akasha is a term in Sanskrit which means ter . This is the place where all reincarnations and their possible developments are recorded. Through this therapy, those soul records are opened, allowing information to flow from the deepest level of the spirit.

How does Past Life Therapy work?

In a session of this therapy, the Reader (the therapist) consults the spiritual Guides of a person to convey to the consultant specific details of their past lives . And through these answers you work with the patterns present in your life, be they conflict situations, phobias or traumas.

The opening of the Akashic Records helps to heal by remembering the soul throughout its existence, because it allows us to understand that each incarnation is a learning, helps to reveal why it is necessary to go through a situation and how You can learn from her.

Each Reader chooses the way of reading . Usually, each therapist has his or her way of communicating with the spiritual guides or teachers of the Akasha. He can listen, connect through stones or looking at a screen.

The consultant asks what he wants to know and the Reader informs him what the Guides transmit . When reading the records, a channel of information is received to the questions asked by the consultant, but it is not unusual for additional information to be received that is very important for the person at that time.

Query Topics

We now know the most common consultation topics that usually occur when someone is a patient of this alternative therapy:

  • Life mission.
  • Barriers and obstacles in life.
  • Love and relationships
  • Reading past lives.
  • Spiritual projection reading.
  • Connection with spiritual guides.
  • Family tree reading.
  • Reading a specific topic (questions of the consultant).

Once the reading is finished, the Akashic Records are closed . A session of Past Life Therapy lasts about an hour and a half.

Benefits of Past Life Therapy

The goal of Therapy of Past Lives is not to obtain answers, but to acquire useful information so that the person can improve his life .

These messages show the soul the path it has followed and the possibilities it has to overcome the tests it must face in this incarnation.

  • It helps eliminate traumas, mental conflicts and spiritual blockages.
  • Provide answers to important questions.
  • Lets discover our true essence and who we really are.
  • It connects us with our spiritual Guides and our Higher Self.
  • Increase clarity on the path of the Soul.
  • Provides a feeling of fullness and calm.

Reading the records provides us with the tools to heal blockages, deal with worrying or frightening situations, family conflicts, love affairs, with work or money, among others.

Karma is a choice we have made in a past life or in today's life, which can be extended through various incarnations if the soul cannot understand that teaching lesson.

Therapy of Past Lives helps us understand this karmic law of cause and effect, helping us to glimpse why we should face these situations, giving us the opportunity to make important changes to heal and evolve spiritually and guiding us to be aware of our responsibility to our own lifetime.

Seen in Clarín, by Pedro, editor of the White Brotherhood

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