The path of peace

  • 2012

channeled by Jordi Morella

Once the door that led me to the center of my being was found, it was easy to go where my true essence rests and elevates its existence. Only bliss makes an embraced presence of the love coming from our Home, being found not only beyond our form, but in every corner of our body, spiritual all l, despite the image we show to our environment.

It is in the emptiness of the created state where we can feel all the Beings of Light and Love, being part of them. There is no difference between each existing energy among all present.

There is a heavenly melody emanating from the silence of our human condition that takes us beyond the dimension in which we find ourselves. It is like opening a door and being transported to a remote planet that we initially met. Along the way you feel the vastness of the sky. You are part of him and the tranquility and calm that you feel are intensifying as we get closer to the center of who we are. Once there, we feel loved and veiled by an immensity of luminous souls that receive us and rejoice in our arrival. Your energies merge with theirs and then, that is when you feel Home in you. The Oneness is full, absolute, total. Then you realize that you have never been alone or will be and that at all times you are being veiled, guided and protected by Love.

You feel the love and purity of those around you, but at the same time, as if they were inside you, as if you were them and they were you. You are One. There is no difference between them and you. This is the Home where you come from.

The silence is great, but at all times there is an emanation of positive and loving feelings among all of us who are there. You are one of them and they are part of you. You can consult, communicate with these entities that only want the best for you and those that are on the same planet where your human condition is located and the entire universe. Then you feel the true Love, the pure and unconditional Love that maybe, at some point, you have been able to speak or comment while being in the form. Everything goes further and the known intensifies and magnifies. Nothing is as read or learned from the mind that you could transmit.

With them you realize the true meaning of life and the role that we can play in our experienced dimension. Beyond the third, there are others that give you more explanation and understanding, far superior to those expressed with the word from reason.

It has always been there. It has always been inside. Since we were born, at all times we have been at this door towards our true essence. Many times we have passed by, thinking that how many useless doors are in our process, until a day comes that you dare to open one, and you realize that on the other side there is a space where the dream can become a reality. There are as many doors as concerns you may have. Another day you open another and realize that hope is not illusory, but real, and that your desires are the warnings of the way forward and not a utopia.

When we open the door of Love, then, ... then everything changes. Everything transforms and takes a new turn towards your realization and unlocking those aspects of your past.

As you enter more into it, you find other doors that allow you to enter just where you want to go: to the full Consciousness of who you are and what you have come to do.

Well, if you are one of those who have already connected with the Home and feel the Love that you are and perceive your Light ... Welcome to Home! There is no greater joy and sense of well-being than to feel where you come from and your true essence.

Then you realize and feel that everything is and everything you have.

Then you realize that you have always had it and life smiles at you, despite the regrets.

Then you see how lucky you are to feel what you feel.

Then you realize the blessings your soul receives each day.

Then you feel the freedom of Being because you are part of Creation and your ability to create.

So, thank you for having reached this point in your process, because you and I are One, and at the same time, One with all.

There is no greater joy than remembering who we are. Being at home, that's right.

Finding yourself on the other side of the door and having crossed its threshold, nothing is as experienced as human beings to this day. Life changes and your vision of life also because your feelings are no longer the same. They have felt the exaltation of fullness, and when it is, nothing will be the same. Never more. You will remember this door and keep it in mind, because at any moment you can, again, go to the other side and be you.

The most wonderful thing is that the more times you are, it will no longer be necessary to go to the other side, because living in a waking state, your heart, your cells, your thoughts and your works will be guided by your loving essence, ... your DIVINITY .

Humanity, each one of you is moving towards new dimensions in relation to the one we were born. We are altering the vibration of our environment, our planet and the universe. We can feel and vibrate at a higher level according to our human condition. We can live in the fifth dimension in these moments of the evolutionary process of our beloved planet.

By feeling the Home in us constantly, you realize the reality of what is happening around us. Nothing is what it seems. We are in a dimension where everything is a metaphor and signals for the learning of our soul.

You know? Your potential is immense. You are a perfect being, although you may not yet be fully aware. Knowing it is already a first step. Feeling it will help you reach your full integrity and manifestation.

When I meet my true Family of Light, I Am Me. I am One with everything and with everyone .

I am the Divinity manifested now and here.

There is no difference between you and me. Love unites us. Feel and let this Love, Peace and peace be in you! Then ... everything will be.

From my heart, a hug for all of you.

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