The healing of your physical body and the Planet, by Pacha Mama

Welcome dear brothers.

I am one of the energetic versions of what you call Pacha Mama or Mother Earth.

I am constituted by layers and layers of subtle planes of energy that are expressed in the physical in what you call Planet Earth. My voice is the song of the birds, the whisper of the wind, the waves of the sea ...

It is important that you know that you are not alone and that there is not only "life" on planet Earth, since there is also "life" in many other planetary systems, but not all life forms are like the ones you know here, not always life is expressed in the same way, there is also "life" in dimensions different from yours, so you have difficulty in capturing it with your astronomical instruments and with your current scientific devices.

On the different planets of this solar system there are different life forms, there are varied forms of energy expression, and there are other life experiences.

The center or Sun is inhabited by beings of light and love that keep the solar system in perfect balance, in harmony and in constant evolution. Thanks to its powerful light, they send energy to all the planets and asteroids that arrive at a different frequency and wavelength for each one.

All of you also have the ability to live in the Sun, if you wish. Although not in the way you are imagining, do not worry, you will not burn with the heat of the Sun, since you can be one with the Sun, and the Sun be one with you.

The Sun of this planetary system is one of the many millions and infinite suns that exist, existed and will exist. In the suns live beings who dedicate themselves solely and exclusively to “BE”. Being means being in the center, in the dimension in which space and time are not limitations. Its mission is to be a source of light and love, expressing centrifugal energy and centripetal energy.

There are also small planetary systems, within a solar system, for example Saturn is a planetary system in itself. What you call "rings of Saturn" are also a representation similar to that of the planets revolving around the Sun, and in this case they are "asteroids" revolving around the center of Saturn. Although this system is smaller than your solar system it works in a similar way although on a different vibrational frequency.

Jupiter is also a planetary system, as you know, Jupiter is a planet that is on the way to becoming a Sun. It also has its asteroids that will become planets, or that they already are.

Planet Earth is a representation of the Sun for its Moon and for a few natural and artificial asteroids that revolve around it.

All this basic explanation is to tell you that just as the Sun is the center of emanation of love and light energy for the solar system, you yourself are also a complete solar system and your heart is your Sun that emanates light and love To all your body.

You in yourself are not only a solar system, you are also a complete universe for all your cells and for all your atoms. In your microcosm you are very similar to the macrocosm. By transforming your own being you also transform the planet you inhabit.

You are all energy systems, each of you is a universe made up of multiple solar systems and miniature galaxies and other forms of expression of cosmic energy.

Explaining it in a simple way you are energy vibrating at a frequency so organized that it has shaped your different bodies, including your physical body in the third dimension.

As you are already checking in your scientific discoveries, an atom is a representation of a miniature solar system (although quantum physics and the theory of universal gravitation still do not agree on it).

You are made up of millions of atoms linked together forming molecules, the molecules linked together form the amino acids, and the amino acids coupled together form the DNA strands, which are in the nuclei of the cells, the cells join together shaping the tissues, organs and systems of your physical body. The energy that unites all the components of your physical body is none other than the energy of love.

Your physical body is a three-dimensional representation of your DNA in relation to the energy state of your soul and your spirit.

That means that to the extent that you raise your vibrational frequency, to the extent that you constantly and permanently vibrate in love, to the extent that you live in peace with yourself and others, your physical body will harmonize and heal completely.

The healing of your physical body is intimately related to the healing of your spiritual and energetic nature.

All the ailments that you are experiencing in this wonderful process of spiritual transformation are nothing more than the physical representation of your emotional and mental resistance to change.

As you accept in yourself the new energy of love and forgiveness, the ailments of your physical body will disappear.

You can heal yourselves by practicing pure and selfless love, loving and accepting yourself as you are, loving others, and accepting them as they are, forgiving yourself and forgiving others, that is my message.

Thank you very much dear brothers and sisters.


Transmitted by Luz Gómez on October 20, 2009 in Tenerife, Spain.

Posted by Mind Global Heart:

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