Essential Health by Master Hilarion

  • 2011


Stgo-Chile. July 2011


BELOVED STUDENT OF THE LIGHT ... Your perfect health is one of the greatest gifts granted to you at the time of your birth on this Earth.

The natural and genuine state of each Human Being is that of perfect health that is another field demonstrating the wonderful Divine creation ..remember that E ALL DISEASE IS AN ALTERATION AND THE NATURAL LAW OF ORDER AND PERFECTION OF GOD Por Therefore, when a disease of any kind is acquired, it is facing some energy disturbance whatever its cause.

These disturbances can come from different sources. That is not only a reflection of the circumstances of the present problem that alone is abundant, adding to it, all history and record of previous experiences in past lives, which still do not know They have redeemed or exceeded.

The conflict of the present is like releasing and purifying all this magnum of distorted energies, allowing the essential harmony to restore that state of perfect health?

We can solve these questions when we begin to be interested in discovering our own inner life

Since ancient times, people have been instructed on the primary need to begin to know their own tendencies, aspirations and desires that hang in the heart of the Human being as a map showing the infinite and diverse routes that endorse the soul in the corporeal expression,, Therefore, the first step to recover the pure and essential state of perfect health is written in the axiom that says MAN CON CETE AT SAME Man generically speaking.

When you can observe your own positive and negative tendencies and reach a consensus with yourself, the first sealed door to the "blind and deaf" at heart is broken, beginning a genuine "awakening of conscience" and that It is the first step to allow the DIVINE PRESENCE OF GOD TO HAVE SOME KIND OF DIRECT INTERVENTION IN HUMAN LIFE!

And this will give them many clues in this regard, since as they know their deepest limitations as their greatest desires they will begin to release those emergencies in one way or another, which will result in a dynamically positive life!

There is no greater obstacle to face than the ignorance of the line of communication that must be expedited between the soul and the being, being understood as soul all the positive and superior aspects, aspirations, ideals, dreams and goals, which is effectively the voice of the Word of the Christ in every human heart!

When this line of communication is consciously established, the life of each of you begins to flourish and attract all the gifts of God incarnate in the human form!

I ask that you give credit to these words because they are shown in the Superior Laws that are the ones that govern the entire evolution!

In the next Writings I will show you practical ways to begin self-healing ...

Call upon the forces of Light commanding their bodies, they are the ones that plot every plot of life that sustains them.

With auspicious greetings …… Les Bless


Mirtha Verde-Bouquet

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