Health and Happiness

  • 2019
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The natural state of the human being is to live

with a healthy physical body and a happy mind

Health and happiness should govern our passage through life at all times. Any decision, act, action, creation, relationship ... is universally designed so that it is adapted to what you need most at that time, so it will be in its right measure healthily happy. The opposite of the healthy and happy state of the human being is the artificial state of ignorance, which will lead to sickness and unhappiness.

Happiness is the born state that belongs to you, it is what you really are, a happy and healthy being. Achieving it is the easiest thing that exists in Creation, because you already are and have it by nature, it is part of you. You have nothing to do to get it, simply, once again, you have to apply the “let out before entering” rule, that is; Stop doing what prevents it.

The artificial state of illness and unhappiness, has taken root in thousands of years and lives of unhealthy habits acquired by ignoring who you are, who have formed a powerful group of habits, which condition your wise awakening. You must release them by becoming aware of who you really are and activating the powerful willpower that lies in you.

In this walk temporarily you will have to swim against the tide, possibly a difficult stretch, as the salmon do to get to the head of the river, but when you reach that point of consciousness and experience it, however little, nothing will stop you and you will simply have Let yourself go by the flow, free of any fear or uncertainty and one day you will end up in the immense ocean, that of pure consciousness.

Is health linked to happiness?

You can be immensely happy and suffer a certain illness or disease at the same time. True happiness endures over time and is able to withstand the physical problems that are suffered. It is possible because the real state of happiness goes beyond the feeling of being happy, it is a state of consciousness and in full consciousness all material loses value or dissolves.

The karmic toll that each one carries with him is the result of his actions and decisions. The wrong actions committed must be neutralized through their physical experience, hence you may be closing a karmic toll that is reflected in illness, but at the same time your personal conscience work has achieved full happiness. In that state and fruit of the full understanding and wisdom that it brings you, any inconvenience, however strong, loses all its value, transmutes the physical-material into the subtle energetic state, in which the suffering ceases to exist and in which only peace and well-being fit.

The disease is a physical-material state and depends on where you focus your mind, you will suffer or it will simply be a companion of your life, another tool of evolution towards the ocean of consciousness. To do this you need to understand that you really are and they will achieve it through your personal awareness process, which provides you with the wisdom necessary to dissolve any suffering or pain that your karmic toll implies.

Facing life from that point will allow you to be happy, happy from a state of consciousness, beyond simple and perishable material happiness and you will be even though you have to go through the experience of the disease. Therefore, health is a consequence of a real state of happiness, the two states go together and disease is simply a physical toll.

Why is there so much sickness and unhappy beings?

It is for a simple lack of awareness. The veils that surround the reality of being cloud your consciousness and the guidance that never fails is intuition. All this prevents remembering and acting through the wisdom that flows from the true nature of the human being and to replace it, the attachments to all material are used, since it is considered as the only reality. The key to harmonize with what life on Earth offers you is to awaken your conscience and avoid the darkness that clouds it in order to remember your Reality. It is because of this ignorance that there is so much suffering, sickness and unhappiness.

When you are immersed you are, both externally and internally, in the rules imposed by the free mind, self-directed messages and unhealthy patterns that intoxicate the body, you will be creating more in your mind through that information, a cerebral and cellular inlay, which will root unhealthy habits in you.

Through continued intoxicating feeding, the organism becomes saturated and deteriorated, and the mind becomes dull preventing the lucidity and the innate ability of reasoning and discernment to flourish that will always lead you towards really healthy patterns and to contribute n a solid health and well-being.

All this intoxicating package macerated day is the one that will mark the unnatural state of unhealthiness, disease and unhappiness, but it will be the one that you have decided, nothing and nobody else can believe it .

How to change towards full health and happiness?

If you are dissatisfied with your current state or feel dissatisfied or apathetic with your life, you should listen to the glimmer of your conscience that is always whispering you with its soft and deep voice: turn your mind away of the toxic information, reverse your erroneous habits, change the patterns with which you treat the body Simply stop doing what is leading you to that state and start to apply what your conscience is whispering to you, then you will begin the path to change the unhealthy habit for its healthy opposite.

The reigning tool to overcome the entrenched unhealthy states is Meditation. With it you can become aware of how to act, how to behave and where to look for the information you need to change. It will allow wisdom to emerge and you will easily obtain the key and strength to free yourself from the chains of unhealthy habits, break the subjugation that binds you daily to unbalancing messages, interested information and the intoxicating behaviors you have acquired, changing them for healthy.

The unhealthy habits acquired are recorded in the deep cerebral grooves, information that makes it difficult to advance in the evolution of the path of consciousness, but with Meditation you will strengthen the brain circuits associated with happiness and you can change them.

Through the stillness and the outer and inner silence that is achieved with the Meditation, although at the beginning it is only for a few minutes, you will reach the most effective tool that will lead you to start reconnecting with your reality, you will begin to remember who you really are and you belongs, you will recover the natural state of being and, with it, permanent Health and Happiness in your experimentation step on Earth.


"Activate your lasting happiness to the fullest and you will dilute all your suffering"

"Change your consciousness and you will be freer, and as a consequence, healthy and happy."

"Through meditation you will set the stage to settle brain changes, with which you will be able to open the mind, heal the physique and definitely turn away the entrenched unhealthy habits."

“To be truly free you must go through the states of consciousness. The more steps you climb on the ladder of consciousness, the healthier you will be happier and there will come a time when you will leave that happiness for the unspeakable state of joy. ”

Author: Josep María Montserrat - Cellular Nutritionist

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