The Rose of the Heart, is the Rose of Christ by Lady Miriam

  • 2010

Loved ones

I am addressing you in sacred times, when the orbit of the Planet Earth Light, or GAIA I AM, BEGINS TO RETURN TO THE EIGHTHS OF QUANTUM LIGHT IN THE Amber CRYSTAL HEART OF THE SOLAR CHRIST THAT WAS AT A BEGINNING!

This magnificent momentum awaited immemorial times is definitely delineating the same Path that its predecessors have already traveled, the Sacred Planets that make up your own Milky Way TO CONTINUE ascending in the Perfection of the Supreme Light of the Universal Mother-Father.

The changes observed in their frequencies of life, purifications and crises, are due to adjustments of the new electronic cord of human DNA encoded from the birthright of the immaculate pattern, which now recovers its vibration n of Essential Light, of Christic Love and of perfected Will.

The Trina expression of Christ becomes One, giving them the necessary impetus to access the MAN MANIFESTATION OF THE CHRIST IN HUMANITY!

A couple of decades ago, the return of the Christ or his second coming, which was an allegory, was expected and studied within the hidden confraternities. but not for many who insisted on sustaining their imminent coming in the form of a single person, as happened in the times of the Christian Dispensation, when the Beloved Master Jesus fulfilled his Ministry in this Earth.

The return of the Christ the Son is verified every day in the substance of each human heart that allows its Light to be emulated to the world and expresses the Trine Flame expanding in itself. That Light will form the record of your response. It is like telling you, my beloved ones, THE ROSE OF HIS HEARTS OPENS TO THE PRESENCE OF THE CHRIST AND HIS LIGHT MBAR GOLDEN DIAMANTINE ATTRACTS THE PRESENCE OF THE CHEMICAL CHRIST, THE LORD OF LORDS, THE GREAT INITIATOR OF ANGELS AND HUMAN BEINGS! Being able to come in his Divine Person to Earth.

That is not a promise, it is a reality as soon as human consciousness expands to the necessary point of the Magnified Divine Light.

What that same purpose even combines in one Heart to the Heart of the World!

I deposit to you the Essential Rose of Love of the Holy Spirit.

Lady miriam


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