The Reappearance of the Christ as an instructor of the world, by Djwhal Khul

1. Everywhere there is an expectation and demand for a manifestation or symbolic event, called by different names, but generally refers to the advent of Christ. As you well know, it can be a physical advent, as it did in Palestine, or be expressed as a definite influence exerted on its followers by the Great Lord of Life, an influence that will evoke a response from those who in one way or another have spiritually awakened; perhaps it could be in the form of a great influx of the Christ principle, the Christ life and love, acting on the human family. Perhaps these three possibilities occur very soon and simultaneously on our planet. (14? 226/7)

2. This time He will not manifest the perfect life of a Son of God, as his mission was previously, but will appear as the supreme Guide of the spiritual Hierarchy, to satisfy the need of all the thirsty nations of the world, truly thirsty, of straight human relationships, of loving understanding. This time He will be recognized by all, and His own Person will witness the reality of the resurrection, demonstrating in parallel the reality of the immortality of the soul of the spiritual man. During the last two thousand years the emphasis was on death; that has qualified all the teaching of the orthodox churches; Only one day of the year has been dedicated to the idea of ​​resurrection. (9? 111)

3. The world must be prepared on a large scale for the coming of the World Teacher, and the necessary steps must be taken before many of them manifest among men, and they will do so at the end of this century (XX). A special group is already being formed that is expressly preparing for this work. Master Morya, Master Koot Humi and Master Jesus, will take special care of this movement, towards the end of this century. Other Teachers will also participate, but the three mentioned above are Those with whose names and positions people should, as far as possible, become familiar ... You can definitely make sure that before the coming of Christ the necessary will be done so that a Master is in charge of the great organizations or an initiate who has received the third initiation. Teachers and initiates will be in charge of certain large occult groups of Freemasons of the world and of various sectors of the church in many of the great nations. (1? 60)

4. When Christ comes at the end of this century (XX) * and makes His power felt, He will do it as the Instructor of Love and Unity, and His tonic will be regenerating through love. Because he will act primarily on the astral plane, His work will manifest on the physical plane, establishing active groups in every city, large or small, and in every country, who will work intensely to achieve unity, collaboration and fraternity in all the sectors of life, economic, religious, social and scientific. (3? 605)

5. I will partially clarify these facts and I will extend something more about the three modes of His appearance, arrival, advent and physical recognition by humanity:

1. Because of the influence He exerts on the initiates and disciples who are now or will be, at the time of His arrival, active in the three worlds of human evolution. This means that it will telepathically influence their minds. Such influence will be His main work on the mental plane. It will constitute one of His most effective methods in His proposed spiritual interference in world affairs. Through the members or affiliates of the Hierarchy, you will have outposts of His conscience in each nation. Through them He can work.

2. For the influx of life or Christ consciousness in the masses, everywhere and nations. This spiritual influx will bring the reorientation of human desire and evoke the emotional reaction to His presence. Therefore, this puts the astral plane within the active sphere of His influence, and involves the release of the energy of goodwill into the hearts of men, predisposing them to right human relationships. The establishment of right relationships is the main objective of the triple activity of His arrival. The masses everywhere will respond to the work and message of Christ, to be complemented from the mental plane by the disciples and initiated, influenced by the mind of Christ.

3. For his physical appearance among men. Through His immediate appearance, He can establish a powerful focal point of hierarchical energy on Earth, which was impossible until now. He has never defected from mankind and always kept His promise to be with us every day, until the end of the era. Men from all countries will know where to find it. The place or location of this focal point of His triple spiritual activity cannot be disclosed, since it depends on the result of the consecutive processes of influence and influx. (18? 504/5)

6. The heart center of humanity is created by the total sum of the hearts (symbolically speaking) of all men of good will (inside and outside the churches and regardless of political concepts) that are serving their fellow men, promoting movements for human well-being, working towards the establishment of right human relationships and constantly counteracting the separativity of the human mind through the inclusive nature of divine love. We therefore have, as a guarantee of Christ's return to public recognition, the complement of a great alignment, which, when effectively completed, will create a clear channel, path of return, line of light or magnetic power between:

1. The center where God's will is known. This center is Shamballa, where the will to good originates. This will to good is essential love.
2. The Hierarchy, the planetary heart center.
3. The Christ, the true love heart of the Hierarchy.
4. The initiates, disciples and aspirants who form the new group of servants of the world, trying to personify the love and light that today's world needs.
5. The hearts of human beings of goodwill from all countries that respond to love, as can be expressed through right human relationships.
6. The focal point by which the Lord of Love will act on Earth.

If you study this sixfold progression of divine love, from the highest manifestation of the Deity, descending to its appearance through some focal point in our known modern world, it will be evident the creation of a very defined approach structure and the construction of a Return Path, which will bring to our half the long awaited Christ. Nothing can stop or prevent His return today; evidence of this structure can be seen everywhere. (18? 508/9)

7. Their reappearance and subsequent work cannot be confined to a small locality or territory unknown to the great majority, as was the case in His previous apparition. The diffusion of news by the various media, will make its coming different from that of any other Messenger that preceded it; the fast transport systems will allow countless millions of beings to reach him by any means of communication; his face will become very familiar to everyone, through television, and in truth, all eyes will see it. (8-18)

8. You may reappear under a completely unexpected aspect; Who can say if it will come as a politician, an economist, a town driver who will emerge from it, a scientist or an artist? (8? 19)

9. Over the centuries, at the most pressing moments of humanity and in response to their demand, a divine Son of God has appeared under different names. (8-40)

10. Only two or three know it, but at the time they least think he will come. (Mt. 24, 44). (8? 41)

11. The massive vision and goodness that exist in the world is immense, and clear and humanitarian thinking is unlimited; The salvation of the world is in the hands of simple and good people, and in the millions of people who think righteous. They will carry out the preparatory work for the advent of Christ. They are numerically sufficient to perform the task, and they only need support and intelligent coordination, in order to prepare for the required service. (8? 141)

12. He will come unfailingly when peace has been restored to some extent, when the principle of sharing is at least on track to control economic affairs and when churches and political groups Ticos have started cleaning their homes. Then he can come and do it; then the Kingdom of God will be openly recognized and will no longer constitute a dream, an anxious longing and an orthodox hope. (8-141 / 2)

13. When He comes to Whom angels and men wait and whose job it is to inaugurate the new era and thus complete the work that began in Palestine two thousand years ago, it will bring with it some of the great Angels as well as some of the Masters. (13? 421)

14. It is to be expected that the orthodox Christian rejects at first theories about the Christ who presents the occult and at the same time finds it increasingly difficult to induce the intelligent masses to accept the impossible Deity and to the weak Christ that historical Christianity has fostered. The ideas that the intelligent public can accept and accept are: a present and living Christ, known to those who follow Him, who is a strong and skilled executive and not a sweet and sentimental sufferer; That he never abandoned us but worked for two thousand years through His disciples, men and women inspired by all faiths, religions and religious convictions; That he does not accept fanaticism or hysterical devotion, but that he loves all men persistently with intelligence and optimism; Who sees divinity in all and who understands the techniques of the evolutionary development of human consciousness (mental, emotional and physical, which will produce appropriate civilizations and cultures at a certain stage of evolution)? The intelligent public can accept and accept these ideas.

That public will prepare and work to establish those conditions in the world, in which the Christ can act freely among men, in corporeal Presence; then, he will not need to remain in His current retreat, in Central Asia. He can also easily accept and accept the unity of all creeds, when the relationship between the Buddha and the Christ is presented correctly; then the image of a Christ who demands an exceptional position, excluding the other children of God, will disappear in the wonder of true apostolic succession, in which many children of God, of different rays, different nationalities and varied missions, will You will see them historically leading humanity along the path of divine development and bringing it closer to God, the Source. (13? 487/8)

See also: “Reflective Meditation on Preparing for the Reappearance of Christ” (6? 202/4)

Source: Reflect on This (Collection Book), p. 82-86

“It is a necessity that, in preparing for his reappearance, we recognize him spiritually; nobody knows in which nation it will appear, who can say if it will be English, Russian, black, Latin, Turkish, Hindu, or of any other nationality? Perhaps he professes the Christian, Hindu or Buddhist faith, or does not profess any creed; neither will it come to restore any of the ancient religions, even the Christian one, but to restore in men the faith in the Love of the Father, the reality of the experience of Christ and the intimate subjective and unwavering relationship of all men. All global communication and relationship systems will be available to you, which contributes to making His opportunity more exceptional, and for this He must also prepare. ”

Source: Book of Alice A. Bailey, The Reappearance of Christ, p. twenty

In the first books written by the Tibetan Master through Alice Bailey, the possibility of the physical appearance of Christ, the World Teacher, was not considered, but in the last, published in 1948, as The Reappearance of Christ (Book 8) and The Rays and the Initiations (book 18) that possibility of physical appearance is considered as a fact to happen, as evidenced by the quotations above. There is even talk of a place where you will place your focal point.

It is also clear that in several parts of the Blue Books it is speculated that the possibility of Christ's public appearance occurred at the end of the 20th century *, which has not happened. It is good to reflect on this issue to read Vicente Beltrán Anglada's conference called "The Coming of the World Instructor" and also a part of the Triple Hierarchical Project, written in 1986, which we transcribe here:

“The great concern of the spiritual Hierarchy of the planet has always been the social well-being and psychological balance of human beings. Over the course of the ages, this Great Fraternity has worked tirelessly to achieve these ends, in accordance with the law of Karma. For this purpose and considering the spiritual evolution of humanity in each of the cycles of planetary history, it has promoted, organized and developed a series of projects whose implementation by the disciples and Initiates of the different Ashrams, or groups Spiritual dependents of the spiritual Hierarchy, has managed to keep away from the Earth a very considerable part of the tremendous negative forces that coming from the planet itself and even from the cosmic environments, could have fundamentally altered or rendered ineffective some of those plans and projects so well prepared by the august Responsible for the Planetary Evolution Plan.

However, the current moments are still impregnated with so much greed, selfishness, hatred, brutality and lack of spiritual understanding in large human sectors, that the Great Fraternity, inspired by the mystical Center of Shamballa, decided to modify in some aspects the initial plans with regarding the Coming of the Spiritual Instructor of the New Age, which had been planned for the end of the present century (XX), and postponing this event so transcendent and so vehemently awaited by the men and women of good will of the world and for the spiritual monads of the other kingdoms of nature.

For this purpose and coinciding with the Wesak Festival of 1955, a great Council presided over by the Lord of the World, Sanat Kumara, attended by the Lords of the planetary Karma, the superior Angels of the Kingdoms and the great Adepts of the Great Fraternity. In this Council the existing human conditions were observed very carefully and in accordance with the events that took place in the psychic levels and social environments of humanity, three fundamental projects were elaborated that should be immediately put into practice by the disciples and Initiates of all the Ashrams of the spiritual Hierarchy of the planet, presented to the world as safeguards of the cosmic Good and as precursors of a new social ethic in the life of the peoples of the Earth.

Such were these projects:

1st - Promote the recognition of the Kingdom of God, Shamballa.

2nd - Attract attention to the devic or angelic evolution.

3rd - Consciously introduce spiritual disciples into Planetary Organized Magic. ”

- Seen in: Arcane Wisdom

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