The Lion Gate by Agesta

  • 2015

Good morning: If you cross the threshold of this door, Los Angeles Samaral and Jasel will meet you. They are Light Beings specialized in Planetary Ascension. They are very close to Archangel Raphael, and identify with Sacred Codes 7293, and 8914.

As in past days, I have explained in detail the meaning of LAS PLUMAS, if you go through this Door, I will explain the meaning of LAS ALAS.

You already did? The wings symbolize FREEDOM. The wings raise you, and lead you to the Kingdom of the Angel of Wisdom.

As I suppose you have already crossed the Threshold, as of today you will imagine that you have WINGS. The fact of imagining yourself with WINGS, produces in you an ALTERED STATE OF CONSCIENCE, which will gradually tune you to OTHER DIMENSIONS OF LIGHT.

The mere fact of imagining that you have WINGS will heal your Aura, and will give you the power to overcome all obstacles.

The WINGS show you your Spiritual Path, and as Teresita de Lisieux, you can fly to The Sun of Love with the Wings of the Divine Eagle.

But you must be careful. Who does not want to ascend, or is focused on the old energy of density, will try to cut you THE WINGS. I will tell you that The Portals of Light are dangerous. However, I tell you that a Portal of Light is a Divine Resource, it is the way Divinity uses to keep you focused on your Goal. The Portals of Light give you strength to claim YOUR DIVINE HERITAGE.

Why do you think angels are represented with WINGS? This is no coincidence, THE WINGS, as well as THE FEATHERS, have a meaning, they bring a message from the higher Planes.

You are a LIGHT, shining in the dark. Your reality is no longer the third dimension, even if you move within it. In the third dimension, having wings is crazy. Do you know why? because there everything predominates that does not elevate you: Fear, criticism, doubt, pessimism, envy, dishonesty, and hate.

In spite of everything, you can exercise mercy, with those people who are asleep. An unprecedented change is coming, and perhaps you can awaken some Souls from your immediate surroundings.

You have been led to believe that "you are bad and that you are wrong." This makes your self-esteem sick. Forgive yourself and don't cling to arbitrary cultural beliefs anymore. Cross the Lion Gate escorted by SAMARAL AND JASEL, and start using your WINGS.

Regards, José Gabriel Agesta.

AUTHOR: José Gabriel Agesta


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