Transpersonal Psychology: A high spiritual performance option by Marisa Ordóñez

  • 2014

Currently, traditional psychology is considered as Science that studies the internal processes of personality from its external manifestation, that is, the facts about behavior . The observation of the phenomena and their systematic organization allows the elaboration of theories that can explain the processes of subjective nature of subtle and psychic activity; even the forecast of certain actions and moves.

Now, the progress of this science depends on the discovery and recognition of new intervening factors. I call that Dimensions of Being.

When these new outbreaks or edges arise, the likelihood of understanding more precisely what happens to us in a concrete and routine manner increases and it becomes simpler, easier and faster to assist in the changes necessary for extraordinary achievements.

Transpersonal psychology is, in principle, the most integrative vision of man reached within Psychology so far, which contemplates his instinctive physical reality, his emotional-mental, social nature and his metaphysical-spiritual projection. In this moment of so much revolution in our planetary scenario, we have been experiencing the urgency in the transformation of the old ways in which everything was manifesting; this is evidenced, at the same time, in a marked transition of paradigms in which the scientism of physics or medicine as much as traditional religion, to name something, are limited to the understanding of the real and, therefore, to the resolution of the daily conflicts that are presented to the man of the Age of Aquarius. His vision and methods are NOT enough to accompany and effectively resolve this new challenges of change on a personal, fliar and global level. The discovery of how the atom is constituted, the concept of Einstein's energy and the development of quantum physics revolutionized physics and with it the conception of the world we had until then. Transpersonal Psychology is attentive to all this and is aligned in this evolutionary and expansive movement considering man as a member of a larger unit in an inevitably interconnected plot that we can call the field. The method he proposes admits intuitive perception, meditation, systemic tools such as constellations and all those resources that allow the experience of feeling in the body taking all your cellular information and training the human being so that it can be recognized as an inexhaustible and diverse channel energies and bearer of an infinite creative potentiality that we could call "God."

Legend has it that:

“In a town there was a guru of extraordinary power, capable of making objects appear from nothing. He already had a team of people who, attracted by his wonders, had become his devotees. One day a traveler approached, who, having witnessed his abilities, raised him about the "trick" he used.

- There is NO such trick, it was the guru's answer

- Only God can create from nothing, the walker replied indignantly. And I add with marked irony, - Or is it that you are God?

- I am God, it was the answer he received. The man replied in anger,

- You are God in the same way that I can be, I, impertinent sacrilegious!

The dialogue ended with a conclusion of the wise man ... that can mobilize us ... I reply that Yes, that he was also God, with the difference that he (the Guru) knew it and the other (the walker) was not aware of it and that therefore that gift could not be taken advantage of. ”

I highlight, because one of the immediate results of transpersonal training translates into obvious impulses to expand our consciousness, memory, integration and recognition of EVERYTHING THAT THE BEING IS (IN-BETWEEN THROUGH AND AROUND EVERYONE). The evolution of consciousness implies the balancing movement of the good and the bad, the known and the unknown, of the denied-excluded and resisted aspects of oneself ... understanding that Self is the Totality that inhabits us even if we do not recognize it or we "Let's forget" her in everyday life.

The changes that are achieved through this work are the result of a concrete, simple and direct action: the reconfiguration of impressions and ideas, of the optics of illusion and novels that weaves the mind when we are small and we lack maturity to capture the true relationship between the causes and their concrete effects on our lives and bodies. Through Witness Consciousness we can dissolve our “dramas and tragedies” with new intelligences, releasing our old beliefs and disidentifying ourselves with the limitations of our own personality or Ego, made up of all our characters, roles, mandates and scripts) to embrace and do own and concrete our multidimensional identity. We make room for something new to happen to us ...

Spirituality, center of Transpersonal Psychology, is not cult; yes religiosity because it is a movement of reconnection with our essence, with the great source that feeds all systems. It is a return to say Yes to Life as a creative and original game that allows us to emerge victorious from everything repeated. Enlarging the Totality and giving honor to everything already lived. By joining what was already split, the solution of what seemed impossible or lost is reached. The individual can then rely on their depths and make the leap to the "void" of their infinite possibilities by turning, positively and irreversibly, their own destiny. His turn is invitation to new turns in an eternal continuous. And it is precisely in that experience, that we understand that we are the Incarnation of the mysterious presence of the Spirit.

Deep gratitude to Transpersonal Psychology for its Service to humanity.

Sat Nam!


Degree in Psychology. Transpersonal Trainer

Master in Techniques of Energy Healing of Last Generation.

Luminous Lithium Advisor - New Age Crystals

Meetings of Metaphysics - Activation of New Intelligence.

Multifocal individual and group constellations

Case Supervision

"Let the Light be your Guide and your Heart the force in your action, every moment, every day."

Transpersonal Psychology: A high spiritual performance option by Marisa Ordóñez

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