The Solar Template of MU, DNA Activation in tune with the Helios Table and its connection with the Planetary Solar Disks

  • 2013

The Solar Template of MU, DNA Activation in tune with the Helios Table and its connection with the Planetary Solar Disks

First Solar Disc Chakra Earth Star

In the past Portal 12.12.12 we made the Anchoring of the Solar Template of MU through the previous activation of the Personal Solar Disks and with the help of the Helios Table.

From this month we will start a second activation period, which will be done on the 21st of each month. It will be a 13 Month job, within which we will reconnect with the Personal Solar Disks.

This work will lead them to the connection with the Table of Helios and the sacred language encoded within it and in turn, will allow them to reconnect with the living web of information contained within the Planetary Solar Disks. The work that will be proposed through these Activations will consist of the deepening with the internal Solar Disks, as well as the connection with the Helios Table to activate our DNA and the connection with each of the Planetary Solar Disks.

The information of the Planetary Solar Disks has been available and available to people for some time and was channeled through different channels through various human channels. We deeply thank each person who has contributed to the channeling of that information. Just as we thank those people who have co-created the Activation of Planetary Solar Disks under the guidance of the Ascended Masters and the hosts of the Light.

For more information on the topic of Planetary Solar Disks, we recommend this web portal, co-created by Maga in which a lot of information about Planetary Solar Disks is exposed.

As for the Channels of the personal Solar Disks, it is an honor to share with you the information that we have received under the Guide of Master Maria Magdalena and the work that we will begin to make from this month.

Likewise, we recommend to those who have just joined this work, please carry out the Activations of the internal Solar Disks that we carried out throughout 2012. So that they can better access the information we have ordered the work done throughout of all 2012 on this website:

Next, I share the channeling of Master Maria Magdalena.

With much love, KAI ...

The Solar Template of MU and its relationship with Kundalini energy

Channeling of Master Maria Magdalena

There is within you a great channel of Light that expands to infinity. That channel represents your connection with the Solar Consciousness, the consciousness of All that is, whose manifestation on Earth is represented by Kundalini energy.

This living and sacred energy, which we call kundalini, flows through your body like a river of pure Light, which transforms density into Light. This energy goes beyond sexual energy, because it represents pure consciousness, as it is emanated from creation. This Kundalini energy flows in turn through GAIA and its crystalline light nucleus. It is the very essence of the Goddess and God that exist in each of you.

In the past 12.12.12, when the connection work with the internal Solar Disks was completed, the possibility of making the connection and anchoring of the Kundalini Gal Energy was made available to Planetarium Ethics That energy is the real essence of the photon band: pure energy, in an immaculate state that emanates from the creation, from the solar galactic center. Powerful energy that has the ability to transform density into Light and open galactic doors in the consciousness of those who enter into communion with it.

Internal Solar Disks have a deep relationship with Kundalini energy, since it is this energy that activates its flow, promoting the release of the information contained within the child. Cleo of each personal Solar Disk. In turn, the Kundalini energy is the force that launched the flow of information contained within the Mu Solar Template. The Kundalini energy is the force that sustains the MU Solar Template and in turn, it is the force that sustains the flow of information in your DNA.

Well Beloved Family of Light, from this month we will continue with the work of deepening in the connection with the inner Solar Disks.

Also throughout the year we will make a deep journey through the Table of Helios, that great tool that contains the codified language of the galactic inheritance that each of you possesses.

Our trip will take us to the connection with each of the Galactic Races, whose lineage is contained within the Light Codes of the Table of Helios. In turn, as we connect with these Light Codes, the gradual activation of each of the DNA Strands will be generated, in whose nucleus the encodings contained within the code are dormant. Table of Helios and as each one is reactivated, you will recognize in its interior the pure presence of the Solar Consciousness and its lineage as galactic beings in connection with these galactic races.

The Table of Helios represents the Pillar of anchorage and connection with the Solar Template of Mu. This template contains the original Divine Plan and the ancient wisdom of Lemuria. He knew that it was protected through time within the Solar Disks and within the Template itself and that today, it is being released so that memories are activated in Human Beings. Their function is to remind them of their Divine origin, restore their power as guardians of wisdom and restore the flow of information through their bodies. You are living Libraries and the Helios Table allows you to reactivate that fabric we call Mu's Solar Template, so that this flow of information goes back into activity, giving you the possibility to see beyond duality through the veils .

First Solar Disk, UNIFIED PULSATION Code. Connection with the Sixth Element of the Earth and the connection with the Solar Disk of Lake Titikaka

Solar Disc Chakra Earth Star. Activated through Unified Pulse Code

The first Solar Disc that we activated internally was the one that corresponds to the Earth Star Chakra. As we already show in the channel corresponding to 12.12.12, in your bodies you have a system of 18 Chakras, of which, the Earth Star Chakra is the fundamental door for the connection with the GAIA Crystal Consciousness and more specifically With his crystalline heart. This wonderful energy center is intimately connected to the heart of GAIA whose essence is purely SOLAR.

The UNIFIED PULSATION Light Code has the function of reactivating the Solar Disk that is within the Earth Star Chakra through the irradiation of the Solar Christic frequency and the sound coding contained within the Code.

Upon awakening the Solar Disk, their chakras evolve by activating their interdimensional receptive capacity. Allowing the channels that connect you with the cosmos to open and begin to spin as spirals of pure Light and information. That is the function of personal Solar Disks: Reactivate the living network of information that lives within you both at the cellular level and in your DNA and chakras. By activating your personal Solar Disks you set up a very powerful light circuit.

This Solar Disk will help you connect and receive the deep understanding of GAIA's natural collective consciousness. It will allow you to feel and recognize your presence through you and will allow you to experience the Love that is emanated from your heart, activating the deep understanding of the connection that has always prevailed between the Human Being and all living Earth Beings. It is time to understand and feel that within the heart of GAIA an eternal dance is manifested within which the consciences of All living Beings live, including the elements.

In the heart of GAIA they dance in Unity the element Earth, Air, Water and Fire, merging with the crystalline ether. This Unit of the elements gives form and life to a SIXTH ELEMENT: the Kundalini Solar energy.

This sixth element represents the Seal of the ORIGIN. The element that contains all the elements and that possesses the core of the Divinity. It is the most powerful light force, the energy that is present in the spark of Creation.

On this occasion the work we will be doing is to tune the Personal Solar Disks with the frequency of the Planetary Solar Disks. The Earth star chakra Solar Disk is synchronized with the Titikaka Lake Solar Disk. Once this connection is made you will experience the connection with the SIXTH ELEMENT, THE KUNDALINI ENERGY.

Lake Titikaka Solar Disc

On this occasion we will connect with the Solar Disk of Lake Titikaka, whose frequency corresponds to the ORIGIN. Titikaka Lake itself is a source of healing and crystalline energies. That is why the Masters chose this Lake to house the Solar Disk that carries the information corresponding to the beginning of Lemurian History, as well as the energy that corresponds to the sixth element, the precious Kundalini energy. The Sacred energy that emanates from the Love of the Galactic Goddess and God.

In addition to guarding the memories of the history of Humanity, each of the Planetary Solar Disks is linked to one of the 12 Galactic Races that contributed to the creation of the GAIA Library. In this case, the Solar Disk of Lake Titikaka carries the genetic information of the Blue Race of Sirius.

By synchronizing your personal Solar Star Chakra Earth Disk with the Planetary Solar Disk of Lake Titikaka (called Demayon) you will receive a wave of pure information that will allow you to reactivate in your DNA the connection with your Galactic heritage from Sirius contained in one of the 12 strands of DNA. This information flows through your MU Solar Template and vibrates deep within your DNA.

By synchronizing your Personal Solar Disk with the Lake Titikaka Solar Disk, the Encoded language in the Helios Table corresponding to the Sirian Blue Race will be activated.

Activation of the First DNA Strand through the Helios Table.

Contained within the Helios Table is the coded language granted by the 12 guardian galactic races of the Earth. These 12 Races contributed to the creation of Human DNA, encoding within each Filament information of their race and in turn, multidimensional galactic information.

Originally the Primal Races are 6, each of these races has a guardian energy which we call Mothers, because they are representatives of the Energy of the Goddess and in turn, guardians of the Wisdom of each Race.

The 6 primitive races are the following:

Cetaceans (Mother Whale Guardian)

Felines (Guardian Mother Feline)

Equine (Mother Unicorn Guardian)

Canines (Mother Loba Blanca Guardian)

Reptiles (Mother Turtle Guardian)

Birds (Mother Falcon Guardian)

Yes, the guardian galactic races of the living Libraries are present on Earth as animals. Each animal race on the planet is actually a guardian of collective information of different galactic races. Of which, the most important are the 6 we have mentioned. Each of those races are guardians of Wisdom temples and information that was delivered to be guarded on Earth and in human DNA. In turn, these 6 races gave rise to the remaining 6 races, projecting it in a mirror through the multiplication of their DNA. Of these remaining 6 races, each has a relationship with one or more of the original races.

The double helix that constitutes human DNA is a manifestation of the sacred language of the 12 races. In this double helix the 12 filaments of galactic DNA are found in a multidimensional way. Each of these Filaments is related to one of the twelve races and in turn, all are related to the 6 primitive races among themselves.

The remaining 6 races are as follows:

Blue Sirian Race (Cetacean Lineage)

Albino Pleiades Race (Reptile Cetacean Lineage)

Violet Blue Race of Orion (Reptile Feline Lineage)

Blonde Pleiades Race (feline cetacean lineage)

Arcturians and Antareans (equine race)

Albina de Orion breed (dog breed)

Through the synchronization of your Personal Solar Disk, the Helios Table will also be synchronized with the Tititkaca Lake Solar Disk, allowing the genetic record contained within the Light Codes of the Helios Table to be released and boosting its resonance. DNA strand (to be provided, we will number the filaments. This being Filament I) that contains the inheritance of the Sirian Blue Race of cetacean lineage. We will work with the first 11 Codes Contained within the Helios Table:

Sirius, it is one of the largest galactic libraries. The history of the entire galaxy is stored in its temples and crystals. And it is by itself an oasis of wisdom and love for all races that inhabit the galaxy and even for visitors from other galaxies and dimensions.

The Blue Race is guardian of Wisdom and by connecting with this fractal present in your DNA you will reactivate your connection with Sirius, with the Galactic Libraries and with this honorable Race whose teaching is respect, coherence and inner silence.

Master of the Sirian Blue Race

From this moment, month by month we will reactivate each of the DNA Strands and reconnect with the Star Family!

Download the meditation here: download Meditation first Solar Disk:

To facilitate the flow and visualization of the Solar Disk and the Helios Table we have created this video:

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We will also do the Meditation through Radio to the Other Side of the Mirror at the following times:

The schedules will be as follows:

1st issue coincides with 12:00 in Spain.

-2nd broadcast coinciding with 12:00 in Argentina and Uruguay.

-3rd broadcast coinciding with 12:00 in Chile

4th issue coinciding with 12:00 in Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador.

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We are Blessed in Love and Joy, always!

Infinite gratitude to Master Maria Magdalena for her Guide and Love. LOVE AND GRATITUDE!

Love, Service, Gratitude

For Mother Earth and all her Beings

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