World Peace and the Harmony of the "Law of One" on Planet Earth, by Celia Fenn

At our entry into this new year of 2009, with its powerful energies, we are facing multiple challenges. The old "dream" is breaking, but the new one, of Peace and Harmony, still does not seem to have manifested itself! Therefore, many people are feeling stress or anxiety, often at very deep levels that they do not fully understand. Consequently, while we are on the verge of enormous and miraculous changes on our Planet, we are having to handle extremely overwhelming energies on a daily basis. Working with the energy of Archangel Michael, I was asked to convey to Starchild readers the following information for their own discernment. Insisting on what Miguel's energy underlined in his January 2009 message, now is the time for each of us to embrace his energy as a Master and not just accept more than what we feel in our hearts that is right, so I hope you read this information from that discernment.

To the "Beginning" ... The "Dream Machine" and the "Giza Insert"

Currently we already accept in general that "reality", as we know it, is a "hologram". That is, it is a structure formed by energies and patterns of light and sound. When our consciousness interacts within this structure or "dream", we become part of that reality. When we were “younger” in temporal terms, we knew this and were connected with our “higher beings” with greater force, which projected the “dream” from the dimensionally higher levels so that we could “play” in the Garden of Eden, as it was. Thus, while the dream was being represented, the Planet evolved through different types and classes of civilizations and physical-etheric bodies. In general it was a good dream, based on the "Law of One", the Higher Truth that Everything was One in Spirit and that separation was an illusion of the Dream outside reality.

After the fall of the Atlantean civilization, when humans began to depart from the Law of One to fall into greed, control and duality, the survivors of that broken civilization arranged the Structures of the Giza Temples in Egypt. They were still wise and powerful, so they chose that space because geometrically it was a good place to place a "Dream Machine". Because that became the complex of the pyramids of Giza. It was a Portal or Stargate from which it was possible to center and "spin" centrifugally the Holographic Dream of terrestrial reality, in order to obtain the fabric of reality. This was done through the creation of a class of "priests" who would be the "guardians" of the Archetypes and Sacred Stories upon which the creation was based. In the Reality of the Law of One, the stories of the Creation of the Earth were expressed through the Powers and Complementary Energies of the Feminine and Masculine aspects of the Source.

At that time the Giza Complex was very different from how it is today. Then it was truly a “Mirror of Heaven”, an earthly representation of the “Lion Gate”, that Star Gate or Portal through which the Cosmic Energy that fed the “Dream Machine” of Giza, the Holographic Projector that made Let dreams turn into reality. In those days the Pyramids were covered with white marble and topped with pure gold finishes capable of transmitting the highest frequencies of the Cosmic Energies to the priests or pharaohs, who dreamed the energy destined for reality inside the inner chamber of the piramid. The Pyramids never had mortuary chambers, but sacred chambers in which the High Initiates could enter the Dream World to co-create with archetypal energies.

But the Law of One was broken, as people got used to giving their power to the class of priests and priestesses who claimed communication with the Higher Energies on behalf of the people. The seeds of that practice went back to Lemuria and Atlantis and, despite how much good it reaped, it also led to people getting used to resigning their own connection to the Source and letting others believe they said connection through stories whose turn they accelerated by virtue of their official training in the Temples as priests and priestesses. Thus, after some time, this practice was linked to the power, corruption and greed of the priestly class, until the Law of One was lost and all the "dream" collapsed and fell from the higher to the lower frequencies: of Slavery, Duality and Violence. In this way, Giza's "Dream Machine" went from being a "transmitter" of the Law of One to becoming a "transmitter" of the Law of Duality. And, over the centuries, the Law of Duality became the predominant law on Earth, losing the Law of One.

This was achieved by a skillful manipulation of the "dream" by inserting into the hologram a "story" that "falsifies" the Law of One. It resembles the truth enough to be credible, but it distorts it. It is about the Story of Isis, Osiris and the birth of the Warrior Child, Heru or Horus. While Isis and Osiris were representations of the energies of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, the story "inserted" upon them that penetrated into Egyptian consciousness to become the foundations of a "belief system" of superior power, introduced the Duality idea. In that story of supposed archetypal energies, Osiris is killed by his "bad" brother, "Set, " and his dismembered body and scattered remains. His wife, Isis, must recover those remains and reassemble the body using his "magical" maneuvers, also conceiving the child warrior Horus miraculously. Growing up and reaching maturity, Horus, the supposed warrior of Light, catches his evil uncle and kills him after a fierce battle, and thus, supposedly, the Light is restored. Unfortunately, what this “insertion” did was to introduce the ideas of duality, of two forces at war, those of good and evil. The center of the story is the masculine energy of the Warrior, whose purpose is to fight and kill to defend the Light, reducing the feminine energy to the role of mother . And so today these energies continue to be represented, and they do so with greater force in the areas surrounding the Giza Dream Machine.

The question seems to be whether the Giza complex continues to transmit that sue o . According to the Arc Miguel Angel, not anymore, despite the efforts of some to reactivate the power of the complex. It's been quite a while since the energy left. But the inserto has entered the sue o at the lower frequencies, where it remains the archetypal prop of the Law of Duality on the Planet, and it is even more strongly in the place where he was born, the region of Palestine and Egypt. The three dominant religions that emerged in the region, Christianity, Judaism and Islam, share their ra ces in stories and sue os of the Sumerian priesthoods and of ancient Egypt. In the last days of December 2008, a powerful energy outbreak of the Law of One or Critical Light ran through the grids of the New Earth activating the next level of the turn to the Higher Dimensions of the Harmony of One, as preparation for very important changes on Earth. But what this energy outbreak also did was run through the remains of the old Duality dream that is so rapidly disintegrating; that current was the only thing that was needed to create another war, another irruption of warrior men defenders of the luz . And it is still interesting that it was exactly in the place where the original creative insert of duality and control through violence was added to the s

I found it interesting that a few days before I started writing this text I saw a movie called In the Valley of Elah, filmed as a year ago. And that is about the Iraq war and the involvement of the US. UU. in her with her troops. The Valle de Elah is the place where David and Goliath met and where Palestinians and Jews were camped on opposite sides. In the history of the movie, an American soldier who was already back is killed by his brothers soldiers and his body dismembered .. The male warrior energy controlled is considered part of this new American society that has been pushed into the conflict of the Valle de Elah . So powerful is this inserto, which continues to represent the archetypes of the duality of the Male Warrior that defends one side of the duality against the other.

The Giza Insert and the History of Christ

Well, humanity continued to evolve on Planet Earth and, meanwhile, the power of the inserto continued to feed those who wanted to have power and control over others, until the point that, even those who incarnated on the Planet to sustain Light and Truth and to bring to it new patterns for Existence, were affected by the energy of distortion. This is what happened when the case of the "Grail Codes" occurred, which were introduced to Earth by Yeshua and Mariam, also known as Jesus and Mary Magdalene. And yes, what better place to give the Dream a “rudder” than the same place where the distortion originally occurred.

The work of the Holy Grail couple, the souls of the Twin Flame, was to reintroduce the "history" of the Law of One through Peace, Abundance and Unconditional Love. The Grail's message is to empower oneself, it is the power of the inner Light, and yes ... the power of Dreaming our own Dream and not delivering that power to those who ask for it through the distorted power of Duality. You are the Grail, you are the vehicle of God that contains the energy of the Divine Source. You are the one who can "dream" in this Reality the Divine Consciousness through your own ability to be part of the hologram through active and conscious co-creation.

The function of the history and energy of the Twin Flame is to heal the energies of duality, in which the "two" implies opposition, to allow them to become complementary aspects of the One Energy itself. By experiencing that energy both inside the breast itself and through sacred union with another person, the healing of the wounds of duality is possible. Thus, each person could once again find within himself the Harmony of the Law of One. Hence the importance of the Activation of Grail Codes right now in the energy field of the New Earth.

But, looking back in history, we can see that the energy of duality and the "insert" also took over the history of "Christ." The role of the Feminine was lost, reducing the Divine Feminine to being a mother or prostitute. The Divine Male Energy became Guerrero and the central image of Christianity became that of a man tortured on a cross. Thus, the initial energy of Christ was assimilated by the history of the insert and Heru became Jesus, the Warrior of the Light who killed and perpetrated violent acts in the name of that same "Light." And so it continued its advance at full speed, through centuries of Crusades, with the Inquisition and its fires, until reaching the "Valley of Elah" in the 21st century.

But now the power of the old dream is collapsing. Everywhere people wake up and begin to feel the powerful energies of the Harmony of One, as the Law of One, which is the Law of Higher Dimensions, is restored on the Planet. What they are seeing and feeling right now is the disintegration of the old "nightmare" that is occurring as duality collapses and is replaced by the Harmony of the Law of One.

The Divine Feminine and Masculine and the Harmony of One

By returning to the Law of One and the Higher Truths of Cosmic Light, we are allowing the balance of Light to be restored. We are letting the Divine Feminine be a powerful force in our society and we are letting the voice of women rise. We are allowing men to get out of that distorted image of the "warrior" to embrace the power of the Leader capable of feeding and caring for others, as well as defending the Light through Love and Creativity.

Upon our entry into the New Earth, the New Dream is prepared to flow through the New Grids that we have arranged in our work with the Spirit. The old will collapse because the old "Dream Machine" no longer works. We have redesigned ourselves so that each of us is a transmitter of Divine Light and Divine Dream. The grilles of Light that feed the dream lie in the hearts of all the people of the Planet. It will no longer be necessary for you to surrender your power to another who proclaims yours to "guard" your own history. You are the ones who create your own story and your own truth, in co-creation with the Spirit and with others who share the Planet. And, with the return of the Law of One and the fall of duality, those who try to use the diminished power of the insert will soon find themselves without any power!

The Power is in You! You are the Grail!

Please do not surrender your power to create any being or anyone who proclaims that he is more powerful than you and that he knows more. They do not allow the duality insert to be reinserted by those who will try to maintain their ability to control. Do not be persuaded by anyone; Instead, look within yourself to know in your own hearts what the truth is.

Africa and the Middle East in 2009

I have the feeling that in 2009, at the dawn of the collapse of old dreams, these are two places on the planet where war and violence continue to cause suffering. That is where more Light is needed than there is in the Grid of Hearts, where we must ceaselessly send Light and Compassion, as well as the seeds of the New Dream and the Law of One.

So, at this point I would like to introduce you to Dalry Jones, who describes herself as an "ordinary" Australian grandmother who currently lives in Malaysia. Dalry was in Israel in 2002 and witnessed a suicide bomb attack. He sent me this article about his experiences and the impressions that they produced. I felt that there was such a synchrony between this and what is happening right now that I wanted to share Dalry's Story with you!

(to be continue…)

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