The Wave of Creativity by Kuthumi

  • 2011

My beloved daughters and sons,

Again I communicate by this means to express my love and accompany them in the future of these days. Nothing is written in stone, these next months until the day of the equinox on March 21, surprising and incredible events will occur in their surroundings. At this time it is difficult to predict the great movements of energy because many forces are facing and united at the same time. This is definitely a time of transformation that will challenge many in their capacity for wonder.

We keep in touch with you to convey our love and support about earthly changes and how to be in a state of balance and joy in front of them. On this occasion a group of Ascended Masters accompanies me to remind you that we are with you and that through us you can acquire the expertise necessary to ascend to the upper octaves of the fourth dimension and take the road back home. The group that meets today is headed by Mother Kuan Yin who with all her compassion and sweetness greets you. She says:

My I am here to support you with my attention, all who need help I am waiting for your requests to with a gentle breeze of tenderness alleviate your anguish. I just want to tell you that love is what heals and heals life. Love yourself if, love life, I am always praying in compassion for your lives.


Many events have happened since we last communicated by this means and we have been very attentive to them. Some related to Mother Earth, the weather, others with the biological networks of certain animals who are in the process of abandoning the third dimension collectively, others social movements in countries that have remained oppressed for a long time seeking freedom and fulfillment.

There is a Matrix that wants you to remain in solitude isolation and fear, which constantly reinforces fear, helplessness and hopelessness. This is weakening more and more because social movements of critical mass will be seen in many places on Earth shaking the foundations of the established. Do not take anything for granted those who think that things are one way will be challenged by the facts.

The great critical masses are created from networks of consciousness with common ideas and common feelings, the true Aquarian energy of solidarity is beginning to be seen more and more, it is a frequency that has always been latent is the genetic memory, that of freedom . The social movements, social networks and communication that they imply are the preamble for the creation of telepathic networks of the near future, as large groups understand how thought moves and psychic energy will no longer need devices to communicate .

These are the times to get their peers, to group with families chosen by frequency affinity. The heart will lead you to new places, where these new families will gather in solidarity. It is that new era of community that is at the doors of their homes. Moving from city, neighborhood, home, it may be necessary in these times to abandon the old and enter the new frequency of the collective.

The need to let go of attachments is urgent, so that they can flow in love with whatever comes in day to day. Release attachments to places, objects, people, habits, including attachments to who they are and who they have been, that is, the so-called ego. This affects more people who are caught in passive habits of distraction, evasion and dissociation, whether through drugs, food, shopping, listening and watching news or any other addiction of the mass media established by the power matrix, which take you out of the center and if you are yourselves, these people can enter a spiral of increasingly noticeable violence. For all those who are in that descending frequency our greatest compassion and for those who live in their home with people with these behaviors, all our support towards tolerance and love.

We do not tire of saying that they heal their relationships from the closest with family and friends to those that seem insiginifying as relationships with animals (spiders, bats, snakes, cockroaches, toads and others) that have been demonized and associated with evil. I know that by naming these beings some of you get goosebumps, that's why you need to make aware what these little beings are showing you when they appear or dream about them. They represent part of the shadow that needs to be integrated and healed.

A collective shadow of fear and hopelessness has been induced for a long time, enlarged by the media and the entertainment industry, we are now seeing small rays of light that break through and pass where we are, do not know how much joy it gives us that this happen. We honor them for their perseverance, we know how those who hold clarity and love have contributed to that new network of hearts that has formed when all these rays meet in beautiful geometries of light.

The global consciousness is creating critical masses regarding the patterns of abundance and wealth, many will claim their rights and shake the foundations of governments and institutions that seemed firm moments before. Critical masses of people will also question the efforts of those who hold power, calling for profound changes in that regard.

A wave of creativity is about to enter the earth, this massive wave of creative energy is going to be the answer to the difficulties and the consequence of the interdimensional overturn that is about to happen. Creativity is the essence of the Father's energy and is intrinsic in all human beings as sparks of its essence. Creativity is one of the gifts we invite you to express and no matter what the way it is expressed, r do not need to be artists, or musicians to create all carry within themselves the seed of Creation.

This month of February then brings the announcement of many energies that will lead them to understand the new frequencies that are to be installed in the following months. Expect the unexpected!

I say goodbye in service. I'm kuthumi

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