The Dark Night of the Soul - Pamela channels María Magdalena

  • 2012

2012 -

Translated from English by Sandra Gusella

Dear friends, I am your sister, Mary Magdalene. I am at your side as a very close sister. I am not elevated above you but I am someone whom you know from within. Feel for a moment our deep connection - we are one, part of the same family.

I have also traveled the path of being a human being on Earth, I have known and explored those depths, and I have been touched by a vivid and bright Light that inspired me and seized me and reminded me and made me dream and wish A better and more beautiful world on Earth. I have known both extremes, both Light and Darkness. Those extremes are poles that go hand in hand; They could say that one is the engine of the other. Life seems to have to do with opposites: Light and darkness. The feelings they evoke seem to be opposite, yet there is a hidden connection between them; They cannot function without each other. The experience of the Light is only possible by having experienced the absence of Light, and by contrast with its opposite, darkness.

Light is never more visible than when it arises from darkness. Just think of the first rays of the sun to wake up the day, the warm morning light that bathes the world. How deeply you can touch them, especially when you emerge from the dark and cold night. The contrast creates the dynamics - life, movement, growth, change - so that darkness has a function in your lives. However, human beings often experience darkness as an antithesis of Light; not as a force for change and growth, but as a trap or pit in which they are trapped and can no longer move. From that deep well it seems as if you had lost contact with the Light, as if it had been separated from you.

You all know that mental state of being separated from the Light, of being deprived of a sense of meaning and purpose in your life. In fact that is being dead. The only possible way to die is not physical death, but to cease any movement in your heart, in your feelings, in your mind. In reality, death does not exist; Your soul is eternal and lives. The only thing that is mortal in you is only the form; Your essence is eternal and cannot die. However, you can temporarily lose sight of your essence to such an extent that you become rigid inside and stop moving. They are dead inside and feel extremely depressed. This is an immensely painful state.

Travel with me for a moment. Descend with me into that depressed state and investigate it with an open mind. What happens if someone loses all hope, retracts and feels helpless against all the feelings that flow from within? Usually this reaction is triggered by external events that are disruptive; events that a person is unable to locate in their frame of reference, and that makes everything in that person's life uncertain. They can be great things, such as the death of someone close, getting sick, losing your job or breaking a relationship. These are events that deeply affect people and can take them to the edge of the abyss.

However, darkness can also sometimes reveal itself from within without a clear external cause. Old emotional burdens that you once stored in your soul memory surface. Painful experiences, possibly derived from previous lives, spring from their depths and you have to deal with dark feelings, fears and doubts. Deep experiences of lack, loneliness and being defeated can enter your psyche without a reason. They can make them lose their support as much as any external event that occurs to them.

When someone gets caught in a depression, in the dark night of the soul, it always happens with the experience of being absorbed and being unable to cope with all emotions. The flow of painful, heavy emotions is experienced as too large to bear. You are overwhelmed by them, or so it seems, and close from a deep sense of helplessness. The moment you reject it and refuse to face the emotions, you stagnate. Those emotions want to flow; It is essential for emotions that continue to move forward, such as the emergence of a great wave on the beach. But you are afraid to allow that, so you refuse to accompany that movement and withdraw from that torrent of emotions. They build a dike, a barrier and say: “I can't deal with this. I do not want this. I want to end this. ” Your reaction, often out of pure impotence, creates a depression, which is a state of numbness and being closed to life. Over time this situation becomes unbearable and they no longer want to live.

From an earthly perspective, you want to die because life is intolerable. Seen from the perspective of the soul, you are dead, and it is such an unbearable experience that you want to do everything possible to end this situation. The desire to die is essentially a desire to change, a desire to live again. People who want to commit suicide have a deep desire to live, not to die. It is precisely this feeling of being dead inside that leads to extreme despair. It is their desire to live that leads them to end their physical life.

When you experience depression, there is a combination of profound resistance and at the same time of extreme vulnerability. Depression is a way of defending against the enormous power of emotions that threaten to engulf them. They think you will destroy them, so in your helplessness they build a shield around you; they wrap themselves in a cocoon of not wanting or not being able to feel anything. They don't want to be here anymore, just like the proverbial ostrich with its head in the sand. They are suffocating in the sand and yet that seems the only possible way out. And after a while they are no longer able to get their head out of the sand, depression. They have become so close to life and any feeling that they are no longer able to change things and make a change; the option of saying "yes" to your emotions seems to be beyond your power. Depression has now reached a climax.

On the one hand you cannot accept your emotions of fear, despair, sadness and loneliness, or share them with others, while on the other hand you know and feel that it is agonizingly painful to live without emotions; That is a form of death, a total denial of your living center. After a while you want to feel again. The pain of not feeling is greater than the pain of feeling your emotions. That is your salvation, and this is the turning point. The denial to feel, and the saying No, I can not, I do not want this, I want to be dead, I want to disappear, it makes them so hollow and empty inside that they can no longer hold it anymore s. What happens from the perspective of the soul is that life becomes stronger now; It cannot be held indefinitely. When the life force has been strongly retained for a long time, it creates an opposite force that finally erupts. The tidal force that wants to roll to the beach cannot be retained forever. At some point, from within, a s emerges, even if you do not know it consciously. Nothing is aesthetic in life; The urge to live is unstoppable. When a climax has been reached, you create events in your life that provide change; that create a turning point.

Sometimes this happens in the form of a suicide attempt. If it fails, there may be an upward spiral because that person's suffering becomes very visible to the outside world. When someone discovers how much another person cares about him or her, an opening to more Light can arise and to the reception of understanding and sympathy. However, it can also happen that someone does not open and remain depressed. There are no fixed recipes on how a tipping point occurs. However, life has a driving and driving force that makes it impossible to persist forever in a static state of consciousness.

Even when the earthly life ends up really taking your own life, you on the other side immediately have to face new choices, because you will still have to experience your feelings there. The sadness that was there while they were alive, with their feelings of pain and anxiety, is now able to present itself even more acutely, and in a less veiled way. Sometimes the astral kingdom, where they end after death, confronts them directly with the repressed emotions and through this they begin to flow again. For example, someone may feel desperate and horrified when he has passed away and discovers that life is not really over; or they see the emotions of their relatives on Earth, their pain and sadness, and they are very affected by this. Being so touched, a new flow can be set in motion in the soul of those who have died. It can lead to a turning point, causing the soul to open up to receive help from guides who are always there, both on Earth and in heaven. Help is always there, provided by your openness to it.

No matter how you turn or turn, life is more powerful than any desire to die. Life always resumes its right to be, you cannot kill it. Therefore, there is always hope. Hold on to that for yourself, but also for others whom you see suffer. Things may seem so hopeless at times, but there is always another look, although you cannot imagine in your minds how that can be and how change will take place. Life is always stronger than death, Light is stronger than darkness. Finally water breaks the dike, because water has the power to move; push, it's alive! The power of water is greater than the resistance force that wants to retain it.

Feel for a moment the driving force of life in yourself. Each of you sometimes encounters parts that are trapped, patterns that repeat indefinitely: doubts about yourself, feelings of inferiority, uncertainty, distrust, anger, resistance. Now imagine that those parts are only there and that life continues to flow, and although rocks remain in the stream that seem so fixed and immovable, they are still worn by the movement and the thrust of the water that runs through them. It takes time, but don't forget who you are: you are the living water! The more they remember this, the more they can claim the energy of those stones and rocks that lie in the stream. There is pain from the past that is still there. You don't have to minimize it, or make it irrelevant, but you don't have to carry the river stones either. It is enough to remember that you are the water!

This can be difficult at times because, in part, they have come to identify with those rocks that block your energy: “I am someone who is not properly rooted; I find it difficult to feel that the Earth is my home; I carry sadness and traumas of the past. ” And all that is true, but imagine for a moment those ideas like rocks or stones in a large and wide river - a huge waterway. Because that's what they are; That is your true life force. It is your soul that flows and flows, always along this path: alive, bubbling, ramming and roaring, exploring and discovering. That flow does not make judgments about those rocks it finds, it engulfs them. You choose!

Of course, occasionally you get stuck in your consciousness in such blockages when you begin to identify with that for a long time. But you can get rid of that blockage by only experiencing it as the flowing water. Remember that you are a living soul-consciousness, always moving and flowing and that you are not tied to those rocks - they are free. The more you remove your awareness of those blockages, the rocks that lie there, the easier they give themselves to the flow. They come off faster because you let go of them and identify with the moving water. Water is your soul, and it cannot be retained. Feel it flowing and moving and shining. Imagine spilling over you washing them and feel the bubbling force, the Light that sparkles in it. Feel how your soul, in its deepest part, is not threatened by the darkness they experience; for those rocks that seem to be so solid and inflexible. Your soul does not care at all for what is there, because it knows that the rocks belong to that place; They are part of the landscape of life. Try, when they are stuck inside such rocks, to listen to the water that runs through them. Remember the water and the ease with which it flows.

You don't have to do everything yourself. Life provides them with endless opportunities and possibilities. Sometimes I could take them into dark and deep valleys, but it also drives them up again towards Luz. Even when they feel they can't fight anymore, and can't see how things can ever work out, life still drives them. The art of living is preserving your confidence, even when there seems to be nothing left to trust and when all that was true for you has disappeared from your life.

At this time on Earth, many people are involved in the processing of the darkness of the past; Parts of the soul are coming to the Light right now and want to be seen. And why is this so? Because you are taking a leap forward. It is really a leap in the evolution of humanity's consciousness. This leap cannot be made without reaching the dark places in your consciousness, those that are full of fear, distrust, or a very deep sadness for everything you have experienced on Earth. Don't be afraid of that darkness - accept it! When you say "yes" to the darkness, it begins to release and flow, and that is the art of living this life. And when you feel, "I really can't say yes to this, " remember that there is something in you that still says "yes." That is what will save them and lead them forward - trust life.

I love you all, I love you so much. Maybe they think: “How can it be? You can't meet us all personally. ” But you as human beings do not know or really realize how extensive the web of souls is. When you have connected with someone from the soul, that is a permanent connection. The union that was once forged will not separate over time, because in our dimension there is no time. There is a living network connecting us as souls. We share a certain story, a certain desire, a flame that was once ignited in our consciousness. With this flame the Earth gradually lights up. Awareness awakens in all people unites us and creates a new foundation, from which that leap in consciousness will really take place. You do not need to reflect on this. Stay in your own process, your own path - that's enough. Feel the powerful confidence in life, not only in you, but in many others, with which a wave of consciousness is flooding the Earth.

© Pamela Kribbe

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The Dark Night of the Soul - Pamela channels María Magdalena

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