Angelic Nature and Light, Lord Metatron through James Tyberonn

  • 2011


Regards! I am Metatron, Lord of Light! We surround each of you in a vector and field of Unconditional Love within the encoded light. We nurture you, we honor each of you. We know them through your heart, by your tone, by your name. It has always been like this !

And so we talk about the nature of the Light and the Angelic Beings of Light.

Humanity is currently entering an expansive stage of extra and intra-dimensional access. This is because we are largely in the galactic positioning of the Earth at this time that humanity refers to as Ascension.

The Earth, and the Milky Way Galaxy as we have shared it with you in previous trials, has entered an extreme cycle of enlightenment, a "no-spin zone" that casts no shadow. Its expansive influence is that the knowledge process is placed in the first position, an extreme thinning of the veil, so to speak. An intensification of the superposition of dimensional reality is now being supervised by the cosmic forces that are unique in the current Planetary Ascension.

The wrong concepts are being released from impurities, as the Cosmology Myths of Humanity evaporate in the fog. It is time to "be realistic" in your vocabulary. It is the era of undiluted Truth. You are discovering the knowledge that is already within you, because humanity is a species with amnesia. It's time to wake up, time to remember. And that is really enlightenment, Enlightenment Dear Beings, everything is about the Light…. Coherent Crystal Light. And we tell you sincerely, you are all at the source, amazing Beings of Divine Light.

The Coded Nature of Light

The Earth is diversely luminous, and is receiving and spreading light in a variety of unique frequencies, formats and bandwidths, each offering its own benefits and qualities. The Light contains information, codes and colors in its spectrum of varied oscillations that sustain the Earth and certainly, Humanity.

Although the sun in your solar system is the main source of light received on the earth, it is important to keep in mind that it is by no means the only source. Other sources include the Great Central Sun, stars, white-holes and "Beings of Light." In a valid way to speak the Beings of Light, they are those beyond the reach of the Angels, they provide a light that is unimaginable to you. We add the warning that all light coming from all sources has a natural filtering matrix and a dimensional spectral distribution.

Most human beings are only able to perceive "physically" the "quanta" of light that arise in the "visible range" of the light spectrum. You are aware that human beings require sunlight to maintain healthy physical bodies, however we tell you that beings that live on the "inner earth" also receive light as a necessary nutrient. (We offer them an angelic blink while providing ironic notification that many of the planets in their particular corner of the Cosmos, including Earth have more "human" life forms internally advanced than on the surface.)

So what is the origin of its sustaining light? It is a polychrome light emitted from the crystalline core of the earth, well above the "Visible" range.

The "White, fully polychromatic" Light works directly with the 12 chakras of the Mer-Ka-Na. It is pristine, immaculate and complete, it contains all frequencies, all spectra, all creation codes in both the wave format and the particle format. Sunlight is not. You will live in the Internal Land .

The consummation of the Crystalline Grid of 2012 will bring changes in the way the earth and human gender will receive light. The Grid-144 will begin during the next two or three centuries to influence the direction of the light waves. They will have the ability to attract, refract and disseminate light from one dimensional environment to the other. The speeds of the received waves will be different from the refracted speeds. They will be capable of individual and double refraction. It will be able to refine polychromatic light into extraordinary coherent features and coherent polychromatic light. New forms of light in crystalline and non-polar form will be emitted. The grid itself will breathe and that breath will establish even more complex geometries beyond the double penta-dodecahedron of 144.

The physical matrix of humanity will evolve symbiotically, as a direct result in formats that insert and reproduce greater abilities to retain encoded light. The body will become a light source with a semi-translucent appearance, less subject to density, mass and gravity. Human beings will physically evolve from a carbon-based life to a silicon base. It is crystalline illumination, because silicon is unique in its crystalline symbiosis to light itself.

A new Sun

Your sun is changing. It has been a conditional sun, in the aspect of the Earth. It has played an unnoticed role in the duality aspect of planet earth since the fall of the sky. When the new 144-Crystalline Grid is completed in 2012, it will begin to create the seeds of the New Firmament. This will allow the sun to supply Unconditional Light . The same way in which mankind absorbs the light will raise the change as well as the ability to perceive above the current limitations of the visible spectrum.

The Crystalline Transition of the Earth is the base source of the planetary Ascension. It offers greater light, a greater complex of light for humanity. Consequently, a greater aspect of light is available to humanity and the light removes darkness and offers greater understanding. The Angelic Kingdom is a huge part of your expanded consciousness in the Ascension.

The angelic kingdom

Dear ones, the state of Lighting, is just that, it is Existence within the Light Integral Coherent Crystal Light. The Ascension is about the Crystalline transition of planet Earth. This crystalline transition makes possible not only greater access to the higher dimension but also the change of humanity towards the Mer-Ka-Na, Body of Crystalline Light. Mer-Ka-Na is able to absorb more light, you will see and thus allow you to carry more energy as you are able to interconnect more, in a synergistic way ; towards the crystalline dimension and the Angelic Kingdom.

The Angelic Kingdom is not greatly understood in certain aspects of its nature and in its central purpose.

Angels are certainly "Messengers of God." But what does that mean?

The Angels and the Multidimensional Beings of Light serve a much greater function than being guardians and message bearers. We will try to review the greatest aspect of the Angels, but before we do, we will tell you that as Beings of Light, the Angels are conscious Beings of Divine Essence of the fundamental frequency to help humanity evolve ... and it is LOVE. We warn you that Love is a much more complex and much higher frequency than just the emotional feeling that you consider as love. LOVE is a complex science.

As we have told you before, the highest form of Love is "Unconditional Love." And while Unconditional Love can be sought from a 3rd position. Dimension, can also be understood from the level of the 5th dimension. This is because Unconditional Love is integral, and the 3rd. Dimension is a conditional plane (not unconditional). Those who achieve the initial aspects of Unconditional Love do so only at the level of the fifth dimension.

Los Angeles as Markers of Physics

You think of the Angels as guardians who nourish you, give you wings, messengers of "God." We are that and more. Many of you will agree that the Angels are "Beings of Light." In the last definition you embrace a Truth that has a greater scope than the initial description. The Beings of Light, Angels are the Markers of the Laws of Physics, aware of scopes that they cannot even imagine.

The Angels have a reciprocal nature and aspect in the Dimensional Light, meaning that the Angelic energy exists inside the field of antimatter in the Fractal Light and fold inwards in the physical realms in the Geometric Light. In doing so, they are the central energy carriers that consciously maintain the special laws of dimensions, intact.

Angels exist without form, they do not occupy physical space, said in their words, we have no mass. We are Divine Thought and intact in manifestation. We are 'tonal' and we have a frequency spectrum at our disposal. That frequency is LOVE.

We tell you that there is a plural and a singular aspect within the Angelic Kingdom. And although it may seem paradoxical, even the "singular" aspect of the Archangels is plural in the content of consciousness. As a consequence the individual names that humanity assigns to the Archangels have more to do with humanity's limited concept of Angelic attributes than to an individual Existence. You interpret the Angelic Beings and the Beings of Light as having 'personalities'. In truth we are reflections of attributes of the most powerful energy of the Cosmos and that is: LOVE. However, our essence is received and interpreted by humanity in duality as having attributes that you logically consider as individual personalities. We are Divine Mind with a loving aspect that nourishes, devoid of ego, devoid of what you call negative emotion. We support, hold the energy in place and do it with a fundamental purpose. Love is our foundation.

Symbiotic Levels of the Hierarchy

I, Metatron exist on two separate but symbiotic levels, the most familiar and accessible to humanity is like the Archangel Metatron, however at a higher level, I exist as Metatron, Lord of Light, but even this analogy cannot encompass or define my nature, and is only able to do it this way in terms of aspect or aspectual.

As' Lord of Light, I am a generator of the base units of realities and universes. This level lacks what you would call personality. It is comparable to an engine, a computer with divine consciousness, of energy intensities beyond the gamma ray, unimaginable illumination for you. And there are levels beyond me.

As Archangel Metatron, I nurture life.

I communicate with the Tyberonn channel not only in words, but in "packages" of light codes. He receives this communication through a pre-agreement of the earth. A 'contract', if you want to call it a service for these times. In the highest aspect Tyberonn is of Pleiadian origin, and a member of the Cosmic Council of Light. We have served together in other temporary rooms and dimensions. These codes are issued from my highest aspect, transduced to the Archangelic level and received in its higher self, intact for interpretation and transcription.

It can be said that in the highest aspect I contain the source of plurality, I generate and issue the geometric frequency consciousness codes of everything that is transduced or converted into the Angelic Kingdom of Light. As such, there is a hierarchical and a non-hierarchical aspect of the Angelic Kingdom that is self-determined or stipulated by the Christ-light and the physics of light. It can be said that the Beings of Light of the Angelic Kingdom, in Metatronic terms are conscious units of 'Divine Thought of the Source' and Beyond the Thought that creates the Light and "Beyond the Light".

The Angelic Beings of the Metatronic Kingdom generate and beautify the Coded Light. Such light intermingles matter, antimatter, time and space. This is obviously not a conceptual vision of the Angelic function that is maintained by the mass of humanity, much less understood. In any case, in this context is the cohesive element that irrevocably adheres the sacred scientist to the spiritual sacred aspect of reality that forms the key unified integral circle for the evolution of the human race beyond duality.

Certainly in the present Age of Ascension, you are evolving in the ability to absorb more light and light is TRUTH, the Universal Cosmic Truth of All That Exists. The enigma that has obstructed the total unity of humanity's consciousness in duality, especially in its present, is because science has omitted the sacred and the spiritual has excluded the scientific.

It may then surprise some of you to know that there are Hierarchies of Angelic Beings dedicated in an operational purpose to what you might call as Physics Guardians. In that role as builders aware of the "Laws of Physics" that allow the realities of dimension. And we realize that the idea of ​​angels being scientists and engineers will confuse most of you. We are smiling!

We tell you that the new metaphysicians, the new "Lightworkers" and The Guardians of the Earth, in their terms, are the scientists. By the way, what you refer to as "Crystal Children" are the sacred-wise "scientists who will complete the circle of understanding in the next generations and unite the spiritual with the scientific. They will not be religious in the traditional sense, but we tell you, that humanity will come closer to the understanding of "God" through science than through religion. It is the missing piece of the puzzle.

Closing the circle

None of their most important current religions offers them the "complete circle, " the complete truth about the true nature of their reality. Each one holds a segment, but they are full of inaccurate insertions. None even admits the obvious premise of humanity's true extraterrestrial heritage. Most speak with unbalanced metaphors. Many seek control through archaic fear and the strengthening of mental programming that obstructs the routes of self-empowerment, infusing the concept of original sin and the fires of hell and damnation.

All Humanity are Beings of Light, powerful spiritual consciousness that are sparks of the Divine. The difference between Humanity and the Angels is that Human Beings are an aspect of the Divine that evolves back to the plurality of God's expansion, having chosen to experience free will and learn creation again through that magnanimous lens. .

The Angels ARE, exquisitely and splendidly ARE and have always been 'Guardians of the Light', those who hold the place of this space and non-space of the eternal “NOW” in expansion of the Alpha and Omega.

Supreme Gestalt Configuration

We tell them that the religious teaching of the Fallen Angels ”is also an inaccuracy based on fear. There is actually a "Conscious Guardian" of the Law of specific Physics that allows polarity / duality, which is the force that allows the "University of the Earth." And within that school of the causal plane of duality, humanity is able to master the responsibility of the creative forces.

Dear Humans, there is no evil or Fallen Angels!

There is no vengeful God in heaven. There are no angels to fear. Rather, there is a great family coming towards you.

To think otherwise is really an incomprehension, an unbalanced analogy of the force of duality. The only demons, the only evil that exists on the planes of duality are those created by the wrong thinking in the process of learning "free will." We tell you again, God is love, supreme LOVE, with an uppercase A. And we emphasize that there are no "fallen angels." How could a Being of Light Created by the Divine Source deviate from what it is? Angels do not have “free will in their words. Rather they have Divine Will.

The Gestalt Supreme configuration of “Everything that Exists” is the substance of reality that is below all appearances and manifestations that are called Life, including matter, anti-matter, non-matter, energy and non- energy, thought and the absence of thought. And we tell you that there is what exists beyond this.

You may not fully understand this axiom from your duality perspective, or you may not perceive that this is within your field of conception, however we would tell you in any way. But it is your discernment, always, that must be honored to expand as you grow toward a greater perception of your I God.

Angelic Images of Humanity

Although humanity assigns names with genres to the Angels, the Angelic Kingdom is Androgynous, in its vocabulary, neither male nor female. Because you consider certain attributes of LOVE, such as care and compassion as feminine and attributes such as strength as masculine, you give gender to the Angelic Beings. Gender only exists in polarity. We are far above polarity. We are integral. The Beings of Light that are of the Angelic Kingdom are plural forms of the multi-dimension of integral conscious energy. Our awareness of plurality is the reason why we do not refer to ourselves or narrate our messages to you with the Yo of the singular pronoun. However, in the apparent paradox we are also in singular in the unification.

Human Beings have the tendency to create images of angels that are responsible to some degree for the misconceptions about their true nature. His paintings and murals sketch or male figures with muscles or female with feathered wings; or a sample of miniature cherubs. The angels are neither male nor female in their Existence. Gender is an aspect of polarity-duality. And of course the angels have no wings, feathers, not even the great human forms. In no way are we offended by such images, these are simply mental images of artists that replicate and reinforce some of the wrong concepts.

Many of your religious texts and scriptures tell you that God created the human genre in s your own image. They even see God as a male patriarch with a human body.

It is the same process of mental thought that logically imagines the angels as having human form.

Such heavenly images powerfully influence your thoughts and emotions and thus it is natural that you create understandable images to facilitate your interconnection with the Divine.

There are innumerable ways of life of Divine Intelligence in the Cosmos that have bodies very different from the forms that you have on earth. These are also created in the image of God . And so understand that the image of God that is life, is conscious light, is LOVE.

Throughout eons of time, humanity has been inclined to consider Ascended Masters, Spiritual Masters, Group Councils, Deities and benevolent Extraterrestrials as angels. They are not.

The Cosmic Council of Light, the Ascended Masters, the Syrian-Pleiadian Alliance are unified entities that generally operate in the Councils. These are representative disciplines and counselors that express doctrines, principles, theories and beliefs associated with a body of knowledge. The Cosmic Council of Light is composed mainly of highly advanced beings who have experienced and completed the lessons of physical duality and have chosen to assist humanity with empathy. Also many of the Syrian-Pleiadian Alliance have experienced life on earth.

Discernment is the key

DO NOT think that we want to force you or make you change your chosen position of God, religion or the nature of your own being. Your beliefs, values ​​and opinions chosen are sacred steps of your free will and are fully supported by the "All That Is", of which you are a Divine Aspect.

The mental images you choose to help you understand the nature of God and the nature of the Angelic Beings is your choice and we do not make any judgment. But as you evolve over duality, you will expand into larger understandings that move beyond the thought of linear polarity. These more extensive understandings will connect the scientific to the spiritual and will be as natural and comfortable for you as the beliefs previously held in the duality dimension.

No Being, no Universe, no existence above duality is less than the whole, less than the whole, less than Integrity.

The mode and manner, convenience and format of its evolution are its own creation and that is through individual design. There can be no other way to complete the University of the Earth. It is not the role of the Angelic Beings, nor of the Ascended Master Councils to make choices for you, we are the ones who keep the information that you can use, reshape, reject or accept. It is your choice and we will tell you that each of you will graduate in time. Love is always the key and cause and effect are the greatest and greatest teachers you will learn from. Experiencing duality and learning the Master in the route, is the reason why they entered the course.


Teachers, a beautiful complexion is happening on Earth. It is a sacred event that all of you have co-created. It is time that you illuminate the greatest and greatest aspect that has always been within you. The dreamer is waking up. The expansion of Light is the expansion of Truth, of Understanding and is the entrance to return home. Like the Angels, you are the Beings of Light.

So far, most of you have no idea how important you are and how the evolution you have created in yourself; has expanded the Cosmos.

Before we finish, we ask you to do something very special. Take a moment and direct your energy to feel the energy of Light, of the Angels.

Perceive our presence.

Feel absorbed in this angelic physiognomy of peace and well-being. It's a moment of solace, isn't it? It is the energy of the Source, of home, of the Light, of Love. It is Angelic and you Beloved are feeling the frequency of our nature ... of the nature of the source in the Angelic Existence of the Sacred Light. It's cute, isn't it?

Each Enlightened Being who has traveled the Earth in the final Master distilled an energy that feels very similar to what you just felt. People were drawn to them, loved them. All life responded, flourished in his presence. They created joy without effort, because it is the energy of LIGHT ... and Beloved Ones, you are human angels and you can evolve as you return home.

And on that sacred path, we of the Angelic Kingdom honor you. We wait for you and we promise to leave the lights on for your happy and casual return.

I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths. You are loved!

And so it is ...


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Translation: Alicia Virelli.

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