The goal was not to have a life devoid of challenges but rather not to be affected by them

  • 2014

Today we would like you to focus your attention on the challenges that many of you are facing and the way you judge them. As many of you have witnessed, events and circumstances have manifested in your reality and proved challenging this year.

As we have told you many times, this year will bring you many opportunities to demonstrate that you have truly achieved mastery of everything that has taken some time to learn.

This year is providing them with an opportunity like they have never had before to react differently to the circumstances that arise. There are many of you who are witnessing a "reoccurrence" of experiences that you had faced already in your past and considered challenging, only to feel discouraged to see that you were being drawn back to your reality. And this is what we would like them to focus on today.

We will begin first with the challenges they have faced in their past. Many of you regret your past and have difficulty releasing it from your mind that continually annoys you with the "what if" and the "if only." You are being urged at this time to let you go and cut the ties that have kept them slaves from their past choices, but many are making this difficult because they continue to consider that choice as a "mistake."

Look, something can only be a "mistake" if you perceive that there could have been a "better" choice, but you must realize that you always make the best decision you can with the information and knowledge you have at that exact moment.

Seeing her now that they have seen where her choice led them will not be beneficial because at the time they made the decision they did not have this information. That is part of the beauty of the illusion in which they have immersed themselves, the ability to see only one reality at a time and be totally unaware of the other unlimited potentials that always surround them.

Surely you can see what could have been an “easier” or less challenging path now that you have more information and have witnessed what has happened as a result, but you did not have that information when you decided.

From our perspective there are never really errors, but different choices that lead them to different paths to enlightenment. Remember that you cannot see where the other paths have led you.

Perhaps they would not have found the most important people in their life, or they would not have obtained the valuable lesson that was so imperative for them to be able to push through an unpredictable obstacle, or perhaps they could have escaped from a "bad" decision only to take a much more devastating later.

So many of you continue to relive these "mistakes" in your minds and go through the trauma because you believe that if you had chosen differently you would not have had challenges. That is not necessarily true, remember that things are not always what they appear to be. When they feel in their life that their dreams and desires are being wasted is when they are actually redirecting them to something much greater.

Many think that the ideal would be a life without challenges of any kind, although we assure you that everyone has already experienced this and found it very boring, so they eagerly volunteered to incarnate within this illusion just for "fun" in she.

It would be similar to a person with a post-high school education who decides to return to kindergarten because he would not have to face more difficult challenges during learning. Surely he could quickly master any "problem" or puzzle that was given to him, but what sense of accomplishment would this person find by making a puzzle designed for a 3-year-old child?

Certainly he would have no problem to achieve any of these tasks that were given to him, but how long would it be before this person got bored and longed to be in a class where he could learn and grow and be surrounded by others who want the same? they see him? Do you understand our analogy?

We understand that many yearn to free themselves from the challenges they face, but the goal has not been not to have challenges but rather not to be affected by them. Learn to remain in peace despite what happens to your environment because you are the only source of peace there is.

What one perceives as a challenger, another might perceive as fun; Your perception is what makes something challenging, not the circumstance itself.

Look, many see reality outside of them to determine if they can be at peace or if they should feel stress, but they will only find lasting peace when they realize that this is a choice that comes from within.

Nothing outside of you has the ability to disturb your harmony, your balance, your peace of mind more than you.

We hope that this message has served you in some way, and we ask that the next time you are faced with a challenging situation you step back and remember that it is challenging only if you say it should be; You are the center of peace.

So go in peace and hold your Light so resplendently that it cannot be disturbed, no matter what events appear to swirl around you.

With Love and Light, we are your Angelic Guides

Channeling: Taryn Crimi


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“The goal was not to have a life devoid of challenges but rather not to be affected by them”

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