Mind is queen: Intention and motivation

  • 2016

Yes, the mind is queen, it is a fact, although we are without a doubt more than mind, we are our emotions, perceptions, sensations, projections and motivations it is important to know that all of the above comes from our mind is created in it. so to speak.

Many think that the mind is an organ: the brain, others claim that it is a process or a series of consciences, in fact it is a fairly broad subject but at this time it is useful to see the mind as a process

When talking about motivation or intention, they refer to the center of our action followed by physical actions and the word. If there is no mental intention, there is no physical or verbal action. When they affirm that we are what we think we can recognize that if all action comes from our mental process, the statement is true.

If there is no mental intention

What is the use of knowing that everything we do, say and think comes from our mind? Well, to be attentive to what we think at the beginning.

For example, if someone hurts me and makes me angry, the classic thought “I hope someone does the same thing they did to me”… is just a phrase… nobody is hearing it … What can happen?… Immediately, possibly nothing, but it is important to emphasize that all the edifying thoughts and those that are not are installed in our mind and if we repeatedly bring it to our mind the possibility that it becomes physical words or actions is high.

If you intend to stop saying insulting words to others, it is best to go back one step, attend to the place where the intentions and motivations are generated, to the mind. If you think something destructive and observe it in your mind, you stop and think twice what you are going to say or do. In positive actions and words we can rely more ... where we must be careful is what harms and destroys those around us.

How many times have we heard, "I didn't mean it" ... "I didn't mean that" ... because at the same time we're saying something like in the background "I don't control or observe what I think and what motivates me to do it" ... I am simply careless with my physical and verbal communication ... but the most serious ... I do not attend or examine my thoughts.

The mind is the origin or engine of what we do, say and think ... the key is to control the origin of the thoughts that we translate into action: the mind.

Listen to our thoughts

After observing we can convince ourselves that the secret is to listen to our thoughts and feel the emotions that are being generated in our mind. How many problems would we save ourselves from doing so? or how many successes we would have the result of attending to our mind ...

Sometimes we say with great confidence "I have no problem" ... "I control my mind" ... "I own my thoughts" ... and in an instant we do and say something we did not want or imagine. The key is to observe your mind ... the mind is queen and if we are distracted it plays tricks on us. Intentions are not outside of us are inside, in our mind.

The secret of positive, constructive and uplifting relationships is in the vigilance of what we are thinking, in our mind moments before speaking or acting. If we take into account the non-constructive habit of being impulsive because it is a challenge to stop to observe our thoughts, however with practice and familiarity we can achieve it, we have everything to achieve it especially if we know what motivates what we do and say ... our mind .. our thoughts.

The best is undoubtedly to take it to meditation, but if we do not know this tool it is a good start to be aware of the moment. The result is valuable to start positive, constructive, uplifting personal relationships and why not characterize us as congruent, consistent and pleasant people.

Remember the mind is queen if we do not observe it, it is sure that it will lead us to thoughts and actions that can generate conflicts instead of tranquility. Deep down, a calm, assertive mind is nothing other than the result of a concentrated, discerning and peaceful mind.

AUTHOR: Pilar Vázquez, collaborator of the great family of the White Brotherhood

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