The best religion is that of the heart

  • 2017
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How many times in these times so competitive and somehow selfish we not only fight to be the first at work, at home, in sports and in health ... also even in something that should not enter any sense of superiority As is religion, we dare to demonstrate and fight because our philosophical or spiritual affiliation is the best.

for each particular practitioner ...

But what is the point of fighting because our religion or spiritual current is the best? Great teachers affirm that all spiritual affiliations have a raison d'être in the sense that they are designed for each particular type of practitioner.

This is how some will have more preference for Christianity, Buddhism, Catholicism and others, which is correct, each one offers different aspects to work in the individual, some of us have more theism to others non-theism. We are an individual set of spiritual and emotional needs to work and what a fortune that there are many options to grow inwardly and transform our mind and heart.

the ultimate goal of spirituality ...

What has damaged, so to speak, the cordial coexistence between the different currents are not these by themselves, we are the practitioners and teachers who take them as a standard of struggle that is alien to the ultimate goal of spirituality.

If we analyze or observe carefully, in a general way, the majority seek the tranquility and happiness of the individual, that we manage to travel through the difficulties and daily worries with fluency and patience .

Why do we have to fight?

In this way, why do we have to fight? It is true that sometimes we get angry about some appreciations or behaviors that do not seem appropriate to the final objectives of well-being, but let's be honest - is the anger with the person (s) or with the spiritual current?

The knowledge that great masters like Jesus or the Budha inherited from us did not pretend that we were angry and fought with each other, what they wanted was to teach us to live in tranquility and happiness, with Consideration of others and awareness of ourselves.

the religion of the heart ...

When they ask the Dalai Lama, what is the best religion? Answer that it is that of the heart. Is right.

Religions and spiritual currents have as their ultimate goal the development of our interior, our emotions and behavior. The growth of our mind and heart.

In some philosophical sectors it is affirmed that all religions must point to universality that is none other than that of the common good .

Thus, from various avenues or paths we aim at the ultimate well-being of our realization, each side has skillful methods and tools to do so we are responsible for choosing the one that best suits our needs.

wrong point of view…

Although there are not very honest development centers, we must always ask ourselves: is it the spiritual current or is it the action and appreciation of those who manage it? ... this is the basic principle of nonviolence, analyze clearly and carefully where the Incorrect point of view and from our understanding grow in honesty and generosity.

As always, the recommendation is to analyze and investigate more and fight less to join the constructive, abandoning what is not. If we act in a habitual and inertial way in our decisions, the safest thing is that we are going to make a mistake, but once again it is not religion or the spiritual current, it is we who do not take optimal responsibility for our well-being.

Nonviolence is not not acting…

Nonviolence is not not acting, it is to analyze with the responsibility of not harming those around us and thus generate actions that are consistent and in that sense.

If we can waste energy in harmful and unconstructive struggles, because we do not focus it on analysis and internal growth in a genuine and responsible way ... a drop does not make the ocean but it already makes a difference. They do not believe?.

AUTHOR: Pilar Vázquez, collaborator of the great family of the White Brotherhood

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