The Magic of Silence, lecture by Vicente Beltrán Anglada

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Barcelona, ​​December 13, 1984

On one occasion, in one of the periodic meetings of the ashrama, the Master told us that silence is the best of sounds, and that seemed almost impossible to understand. How silence can represent a form of sound?

And yet, as time went by we truly realized that sound is an objective activity and that silence is a subjective activity, that everything in God's Plan is activity and depends on the degree of selectivity of sounds or the words, and the mystical selectivity of silence, where the armor of the disciple is structured, the light, the armor with which he has to repel the blows that the world gives to all those who depart by law of vibration of their estate ...

Speaking is a sound, but if the sound does not start from this immense block of silence that is supremely spiritual, the word contains environmental disorder. It is not about intellectually bashing a series of sounds that respond to larger sounds, such as ideas - the idea is a sound - but that the process tends to darken, to be completed within a myriad of solid and intellectual arguments, trying to to argue in favor of a way of thinking, of a way of speaking, of a way of feeling, is how beliefs, doctrines within humanity have been born.

Then, if the person knows how to perfectly silence the value of silence, he will find within the silence the strength he needs to be able to speak with opportunity and with complete impersonality.

To the disciple, who only now, for example, enters an ashrama and the law of the forts is applied and silence is demanded as a premise to penetrate into the mystical sanctuary where the Master is, will he have to take a conscience exam and give himself realize if you can really penetrate this threshold of the ashrama, a peripheral threshold where you should start learning to shut up, not to speak correctly, to shut up, because you cannot speak correctly if the Soul of the disciple, or of the human being, Whatever your degree of evolution, you have not learned to silence all your attitudes.

The distinction between the silence of speech, the silence of thought, the silence of activities, is very different, but when I speak of the silence of the ashrama I mean the whole of this silence of thoughts, of that silence of words, of this silence of attitudes

An attitude of consciousness is a sound, a thought is a sound, a word is a sound, then, so that the

Word arises really edifying, understandable, simple, that can reach the heart of the people, must necessarily emerge from this mystical silence that the Soul establishes when it has learned to silence.

The world believes that in an ashrama you learn to speak and this is not the case, in an ashrama you learn to shut up, because the world speaks constantly, messily, too much, it is filling the environment with a series of vibrations that have to do with the social environment that surrounds us, of so much talk, of so much butting around the words, of so much wanting to instill respect around him for the word, the man, the human being, has been losing his capacity for silence, then he will automatically be close the ashrama door.

This must be taken into account, because if you learn to shut up it is when you will begin to reason and when you begin to reason it is when you will learn to speak, not to speak without tone or are, to speak for having certain intellectual knowledge, and that they are very poorly digested when there is this permanent desire to externalize them.

If all the value of the words we can emit were recast in their complete structure and deposited in our hearts, we left them there cornered waiting for the day of opportunity, then we would see that there is a stage within our life that is silent. I do not mean the mystical silence of the mystics of the past, of the quietists of the Middle Ages, or of those who are trying to seek God on the path of the most complex mysticism, more full of difficulties, but in the practice of listening We are attentively acquiring silence.

Have you noticed, when you listen to another person, that whoever hears half of his ears is inside himself, that he only listens with half of himself, with only one ear? Have you noticed that silence is listening carefully inwards? Because silence is listening.

When there is a permanent silence, a silence that has been made within the being, it is because we have listened very carefully: the sound of nature, the sound of people, but, above all the sound of ourselves to perceive the pulsations of the smallest atom that constitute our bodies. You have to listen inward and not speak outward.

When we reach the vital complement of this structure of sounds that we have been building and that has become our social environment, when we are able to tear down this structure within ourselves and, nevertheless, remain whole, full of vitality, of this vigor that only gives contact with the spiritual being, you will realize why you are here and now, not before or after.

I have told you many times, I do not know until when I should repeat it, that the New Age groups are characterized by brevity and dynamism, brevity in reasoning, brevity because you have to be sparing in words and attitudes, dynamism because the dynamism can only arise from silence. Words will only have magic value and power when they arise from a block of silence, when the word itself as an objective attitude is either a silence that is manifesting, that is taking over each and every one of the fibers that make up our being, and constantly walking this path of renunciation of words, of renunciation of predetermined attitudes that are nothing but a symbol of crystallization and emerge triumphant from ourselves with an unknown impetus, with a power that cannot be described with words.

And realize that the magic of the word when one is a magician, that is, when the word, the mantle, the voice, the Word, starts from the bottom of the being, which has no problems or difficulties in its own being, you will give account then of what magic really is, when speaking you are performing magic, that when you are silent the magic is also being performed, because the magic of silence is the magic infused in the words that arise from this silence.

And learn to master the impetus to speak and speak, the verbiage that takes over the heart and emotional body and subtracts energy from the mind, because the mind is not a hotbed of thoughts but is a vibrant light within us, which with Your own light should illuminate each and every one of the thoughts that are within this mind.

To arrive at a complete emptiness of all this structure that we have built, to arrive thus radiant and magnetic as is the Master, for from him we must learn, using the approximation technique, by similarity, as is the law. See what the Master does, understand what the Master does, what the Master says, see their attitudes reflected in their radiant magnetic aura, because the Master has no need to speak because he has consummated in his I the mystical bosom of silence, and that when he speaks he does it through the mouth of the Solar Logos or the Planetary Logos itself.

The least we can do is speak through the mouth of the Master. And how can we speak through the mouth of the Master if we only contain mental arguments? A solid, solid, crystallized structure, no matter how esoteric, but that needs to arise outside so that we know that we are esoteric, which is the denial of esotericism as understood by the disciple in the ashrama, or as a disciple has learned this from the Master's own lips, and in addition experience is proving it. That the value of his words is that he knows how to keep silent, that he has no need to arise, carrying with him this tremendous monolith of ideas and thoughts trying to put it in the minds of others, to say: S, this man knows . They can say: This man knows . You know, no, because wisdom is in the heart

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