La Maestr a Yo Soy ONLINE - September 2016, by Marcela Robles (Shanya)

  • 2016

The Mastery of the I Am is learning to reconcile with us every day by filling the world with love and peace. You will learn to use these divine decrees from their origin, you will receive peace initiation, you will connect with Master Saint Germain and Shanya creating a link of spiritual growth in your life as well as understanding the laws of the Universe and Life to magnify your connection with your Saint Be Christic

It helps to modify the reality we have built with our aspects of shadow, and unconsciousness. And seeing that it is possible to modify this Presence as a life experience, Faith returns, internal love is sustained, divine grace is felt by relieving your feelings and finally understanding where you are from, where you are going and how this journey will be. .

Channeling Master Asc. Saint Germain by Marcela Robles (Shanya)

September: Tuesday 6, Thursday 8, Monday 12 and Wednesday 14 from 8pm to 9.30pm

Schedule Mexico City.

Donation: $ 300 pesos or $ 25 USD

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Tentative agenda

- Laws of Life and others.
- Learn to use this energy.
- Use decrees and their impact.
- Trusting and surrendering power to the superior Being.
- Healing with this energy.
- Manifest abundance and everything we need.

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(The sessions will be recorded in case you miss any)

Information and Contact

Tel. 5336-9603 and 04455-4393-1085

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