The Divine Mother Welcome to the New World

  • 2012

December 9, 2012

Looking at your world, I see that all of you are beginning to wake up, to the fact, that you are, one part, another, because none of you has ever been separated from yourself., or from the Source.

For some of you, this information is alarming, because they have forgotten, that they have come from there.

You are emanations, extensions of your souls, of your own souls, which are, in turn, an extension, downward, of the minion, or family of the soul, and so on, until that arrive at the Source.

However, you exist in the Source, and in truth, you have never been, anywhere else.

You have simply forgotten, and allowed, to be deceived, in the belief, that you are separated, from your parents, from Mother-Father God, from the rest of the universes, from All That Is.

Now, for the first time, on a planetary scale, a people has the opportunity, to experience, the totality of All That Is, of the second dimension, up to the highest levels of vibration, available, for the incarnate soul, in a physical body, in a physical world, to the tenth dimension.

All this is possible, thanks to the fact that their souls are willing, to place, a part of their consciousness, physically, in an experience, of being separated, of all creation, so that they can learn, everything there is to learn, about themselves, and, finally, be willing, to return to unity, in which they really exist.

That moment is now upon you.

The reunion, with What Has Started Everything.

The cycles, of physical experience, of duality, are ending, and the cycle, of physical experience, of unity, is beginning now.

We understand that, this new world, in which they have intervened, some, without knowing it, on some level, is one, which may seem unknown, and frightening at first, because inside, there is an almost unlimited opportunity for expansion.

It will take, a bit of adjustment, and a lot of release from conditioning, and traumatic memories of the past, until they feel comfortable, with the fact, that there is no longer a need, to protect or defend themselves, themselves, or others. parts of your I.

Complications, and divisions of duality, do not apply to the new world, in which you have just been born.

Here they are, simplicity, joy and union.

Allow yourself a moment or two, to immerse yourself, in the new sensations, that your body is trying to interpret, in its old way, and little by little, you are discovering, that they do not work like this, for longer.

Here they don't need maps, for their explorations.

There is no need for a GPS, or other mechanical devices, in order to find your way, or your center.

Listen to your interior, to your intuition and to your heart, to receive guidance.

Through these guides, it will be revealed to each one how they should move, in order, to feel more comfortable, in this new and strange world.

The complexities of duality are behind you, on the other side of the veil, through which you have moved, during your "night" of the Spirit.

We understand your reluctance, to lower your guard, to open yourself, to new sensations, but with practice, you will learn, to move, through this new environment, with grace, and security.

There is much to discover, and much to remember.

Since you are still involved in the appearance of different physical bodies, you will not be able to understand, for some time, that you are, in fact, now experiencing, the whole field of unity, and of creation.

However, as you are able, to put aside, your need to protect yourself, by experiencing this new world, we know that you will discover a new sensation, to share with each other, between your thoughts, and between feelings .

You are going to begin, to understand, how you are really interconnected, with each other, of the one in front of you, in another physical body.

You will be able to see a tiger in the eyes, and see your soul, staring at you.

You will begin to see each other, as existing in the flowers, which grow in your gardens, in the largest trees of the forest, in the waters, and the stones of the mountains, and plains.

You will begin to open up, to the true immensity of your Being, and to understand that all of you really understand creation.

There is no end for you, because You are, a part, and an integral part, of the whole, of All That Is.

This is the experience of living, in the field of unity, in love, which unites the whole world, and all its creatures, in a crystalline network, in a living network of life.

And that web of love, extends, to, and through, and beyond, what they can see, and experience, in their physical body, but in their thoughts, and dreams, they can learn, to experience, the vastness, and The beauty of that creation.

There are no limits, for All That Is. There are no limits to what, and who you are.

Before you relate, with the infinite possibilities, of a new life, with yourself, and with others, it will depend on you, determine, in which direction, you must travel.

Now, there are no limitations to your imagination, but what is your natural tendency, the flow of your soul, and your desire to experience life?

They will find a new rhythm in life, as they look for new ways of experiencing, the sensations, of the sphere of unity.

As they open, to the flow of love, and of the light, from within, they will find, a corresponding connection, with all living beings, around them, even, those things, which they did not believe were alive, or with awareness, while living in illusion, of separation, and duality.

The cycle of duality is over, and a new way of being is open to all.

Enter this new world, open your eyes, and your physical senses.

Understand, that after a while, your senses will expand, and incorporate, a more intuitive understanding of your new world, while adapting, to new ways of perceiving, all that, which is part, of something, much broader, what they have felt, in a very long time.

My children, you have been "outside" me and others, living, in a world of illusion, of separation.

You are no longer a part of that world that has passed.

Open your eyes, your inner spiritual eyes, and discover, for yourself, everything there is, now, to be seen, and felt.

We know that pleasure and joy will surprise you, as you let go, the last vestiges of fear, pain, and feelings of unworthiness.

You are all my children, and there is no judgment here, for what you have experienced, while immersed, in the illusion, of duality.

You experienced separation, fear, and hate, so that, really, you could understand, that there is no way, that you really could be separated, from All That Is, and that is when we can, greet you with joy, to all, on his return home.

Every extension of the soul, which has been, a part, of the game of duality, is being welcomed, welcome to your home, to meet, with your family and friends of the soul, at a reunion party, in love and light, with all that is.

Now they are, in a world, where there is connection, love and unity.

There will be variation, as it is the way, of the expansion of the Father's consciousness, but within that vastness, there is plenty of room to play, and to be.

Open your hearts and minds, beloved, and learn to be like children, once again, with your eyes full of joy and delight, with each new discovery, with no more perceived limitations, and surrounded by comfort, the presence of each one.

We welcome you home.

Thank you, dear Divine Mother.

By Tazjima.Copyright © 2012-13 by Elizabeth Ayres Escher.

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