The Divine Mother Channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff

  • 2013


My precious children, I come to you this day to tell you about the wonderful events on the Earth plane. There are so many of my beautiful children who begin to radiate their lights on and within the Earth and I would like to add my blessings to others that have been given to you. Each of you is working so diligently to bring the Light every day.

The energies that are bombarding the Earth at this time are very powerful and many of you are finding yourself in energy overload and, therefore, feeling disconnected, with a sense of isolation, however, Dear Ones, this is a temporary situation. since you and the four vehicles of your lower bodies are trying to integrate these higher energies. When they find themselves feeling this way, the best thing they can do is rest as much as possible and drink more water than normal. Water helps to move energy through a more comfortable way, since water is a great conductor of this energy.

The Divine Feminine energy has become more firmly established on Earth at this time and is an energy that has only recently made its comeback on the Earth plane and therefore at this time, there is a great rebalancing that takes place within each one of you. You have been working on the balance of the masculine and feminine energies within you. The Divine Feminine energy is a powerful energy of Love and Divine Will. The Divine Feminine energy is a firm energy, an energy that wants to act and create, so if you look for it in yourself you experience greater creativity, the thoughts are more original, creating many wonderful things on this Earth and this will continue as the Days pass successively. There will be great originality, never before seen on this Earth, technologies, art, knowledge, in many ways, many that come across the plane of the Earth through those who are in tune and are open to receive these energies.

The time of the New has come to us and now the new will come forward through those who are willing to serve the light. If you are one of those who wants to give birth to new knowledge, new technologies, new modalities, new inventions, then we ask you to declare your intention every day to be known as one who is open to receive this information and Be the store of this information.

In the next few days, there will be many wonderful discoveries and knowledge of light, it is a wonderful moment of discovery, of creativity, of invention. He is the happiest of times on this Earth and each of you will have his part in it.

My children, you are loved without measure and are always wrapped in my heart of love. I AM the Divine Mother.

Mine is the world where I am loved.

March 18, 2013

My Beloved Children, I AM your Divine Mother! I am here to proclaim great joy! I AM your Divine Mother, Who wants to see Her children happy!

My Divine Totality is Supreme Light and Energy, pouring through Grace on your Earth. Grace is My Sign and your Blessing. I AM unlimited Spiritual Force and the Most Powerful Presence of Creation and beyond. As an individual Being I AM The Goddess; and I appear as Beauty, Compassion, Forgiveness, Love, Fullness, Abundance, Joy And Happiness! My Dance is revealing all these My Eminences, for I AM Impersonal and Personal.

In Truth I AM One with Divine Consciousness, but if you look at Me, all these attractive Qualities are represented; and they are attractive because I AM the Divine Attraction Herself.

As you can see, you need to understand that you, like my children, are endowed with the Creative Force, you must use My Qualities to Live them personally, to embody them to create the New World. Then your New World will be a world of Joy, Dance, Abundance, Unity, Unlimited Participation and Love.

If you feel trapped in the dying world of scarcity, unhappiness, rigidity and fear, this is because you have forgotten Me and My Blessings, so you do not use Me as I AM, to Allow Me to Shine through you, like you in your Creations

If you are using the old, limited and dense vibrations, devoid of Joy, Happiness and Love, it is because you think they are real! You are captured in the misleading dream that your only option is a world that vibrates with density and limitation. But find out that you are who is creating, by choice, this reality right now, at the same moment in which it appears!

In the Real World, created by the Real Truth of all Creation, all thoughts, emotions and dreams are Radiant. But if your dreams and your worlds are boring, find out that you need to immediately switch to My Divine Mother Reality! She is an Unlimited Reality in interspace space and non-existent time. My Radiation fills every Heart with Unconditional Love that encompasses all My Creations!

Consequently, if your hearts are contracted and frightened, open yourself to Me, my Dear Ones; and wake up from the dark dream!

Wherever you look and turn your eyes and your feelings, I AM already shining there! You just need to open to realize this!

I AM always here; and it is you who, using My rays, are already changing the World. They do not change the World if they stare at your old world of prison.

You change the World by opening the windows of your little house and accepting me with Joy, so that your heart expands beyond your body-mind. In the Splendor of My Presence, you will see, feel and allow the emergence of your Divinely Radiant New World.

But to understand that a New World is possible, you must know that the old world is an illusion and is not real, created by a mind without God. Only I AM Real, because I AM One with Divine Consciousness, the substance of all worlds and all creations. Only that world born directly from Me, with Me and for my cause is real. Where I AM denied, this world is not Mine. But where I AM loved, this world IS Mine.

Understand the difference and recognize your power of creation; and use it wisely. If you believe with the false light of the mind and energy that are not Mine, this will perpetuate for you and manifest limited, short-lived and suffering-filled worlds.

Consequently, do not look at your old world again, after having understood its nature! When you understand, you begin to live and create with Me. Because I AM the conscious choice of Those Who Know Me, since they understand the difference.

My dear children, I AM passionately waiting for even more of you to wake up to Me and Whom I AM! Because this is the moment when your New World truly begins.

I AM your Divine Mother, who always loves you deeply!

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