The Light of Love Sanat Kumara channeled by Adnama March 17, 2011

  • 2011

“From the Great Central Sun, I, the Lord of Days, send you my golden rays and roses of unconditional love to comfort the immense work of light and love you do for the good of the elementals and elements, beings of light of the beloved planet Earth!

The thousands of people in need in Japan thank you for the immense balm of love, compassion, healing and light of hope that you, my beloved ones, are sending you through your loving minds and hearts overflowing with light and love, thus covering men, women, children, old people and animals that need it so much.

They do not know how much they thank them and return gratitude, love and harmony to their hearts.

The light of love you are sending, know my beloved warriors in the light, my beloved masters of the light, heal your wounds, your hearts and your minds, fill those beings moved by tragedy with peace, faith and hope.

How immense the work they are doing and the reward is not waiting!

Keep absorbing and spilling that energy of love, goodness, compassion and well-being to your brothers who suffer in Japan and in all the places of attention required!

You are channels that carry the light of God and are prepared to expand it around the Christ Grid that surrounds the planet earth. Help balance mother earth, her elementals and her elements!

Be grateful and give thanks for that beautiful work that has been entrusted to you and that will contribute to swelling the treasures of light that enrich your souls.

We are happy because more and more sensitive people are approaching with the desire to participate in the beautiful mission to save the planet, more and more the light expands in their hearts and their minds open to the change of consciousness that is on God's way .

Today more than ever the planet needs them and I love them for all the dedication and love they use every day.

I love you intensely.

Sanat Kumara ”

-Thanks beloved Master, always in my heart !! -

Message channeled by Adnama on Thursday, March 17, 2011.

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