LA LUNA, by Maestro Beinsá Dunó

  • 2012

When you study the character and abilities of man, you see that the conditions in which he was born, as well as the different planets, have expressed a great influence on him, on his character and on these qualities.

The ideas of man grow and develop in the period in which the Moon diminishes; and the virtues - in the period when the Moon is full -.

(The full moon or full moon is a lunar phase that happens when our planet is located exactly between the Sun and the Moon. At this moment the angle of elongation is 180º and the illumination is 100%)

The correlation between the phenomena of nature and the human organism is seen very clearly when we observe the influence of planets on a man type. For example, the influence of the Moon is reflected on the lunar types. In general, the periods when the moon is full and when it decreases, influence the building of the human mind.

You should all be interested in the Moon, because it has an influence on the nervous system and on the mind of the human being.

The moon influences the imagination.

The moon widens the forehead.

The Moon sponsors family life and especially the mother. The Son or daughter who are under the good influence of the Moon, have a good behavior towards the mother.

Silver is the best conductor of the energies that come from the Moon. These energies purify the human organism. Who wants to clean their sins (errors, defects), to connect with the Moon. She can act on that individual who has silver in her blood. When the Moon goes through its phases of being full and dwindling, she exerts a different action on silver. Life is maintained by the Sun, but it is purified by the Moon. All impurities on Earth are purified through the Moon. If we understand the laws of the Moon, we will know how to purify ourselves better and how to heal ourselves. Many diseases can be cured thanks to the lunar rays.

Therefore, we will put between us and the Moon - to silver -. The Moon extracts all the poisons from Earth. If it were not for the Moon, the situation of men would be terrible. Almost half of the evils that men commit on Earth are extracted by the Moon. She is a purification site. The force of purification comes from the Sun, but it is the Moon who exercises it. The external part of beauty is regulated by the Moon, since we cannot see the image of the Sun.

We see the image of the Moon, but that of the Sun we do not know how it is. We see only its light, but how it is internally, we do not know.

The inner planets (Inner Planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth) manifest from the inside out, that is, from the center to the periphery. Instead, the outer planets (Outer Planets: Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) manifest from the periphery to the center. Whenever man has the desire that something be given to him, the Moon acts. When he has a desire to give something, the Sun acts. When you are sad, this is the Moon; when you are happy - this is the sun -. When you love - this is the Sun -; When you don't love, this is the moon. When you are happy, this is the Sun; when you are unhappy, this is the moon.

The Moon regulates the Earth's plants. The tides and the circulation of the plants are also regulated by the Moon. If the Moon within you is well placed, I understand that the circulation in you flows correctly.

The Moon does not directly help the growth of plants, but in an indirect way - when she shines the plants stop the growth process. When man is envious, the Moon has taken preponderance within him; She likes to cheat and lie to people. Your credit is in the lies. But you should know, that each planet exerts both good, and bad influence on man, and not only negative.

All plants grow at night. It is when the Moon is acting on them.

When the Moon decreases, it has a kind of influence on the phenomena of nature; when it is full, its influences are different, that is, they are opposite. When you sow beans, corn, watermelon or something else, it is good that this occurs during the period when the Moon is full. This period introduces a growth momentum in plants. They have an internal impulse to grow, but the same growth stops. When the Moon begins to wane, the growth of the plants also begins. While the Moon is full, its light reflects negatively on the plant, and growth stops. When the patient wants to be cured of his illness, it is recommended that he look at the Moon while it decreases, and that he connect with it; but when it is full, close the blinds so that its light does not penetrate the room.

Instead, both the sick and the healthy should be exposed to sunlight.

The fall of the Moon is due to the fall of the Earth. The cause of the temperature of the Moon is low, is the Earth. Since the Earth has extracted moisture from the Moon, large evaporations occur there. The inhabitants of the Moon have very little humidity. And that moisture that has remained on the Moon, they keep it and use it less. They fear the men of the Earth and therefore live beneath the surface of the Moon. They extract the water little by little, because they steal it from Earth. Even for millions of years, before there was life on Earth, there was already an excellent and cultural life on the Moon. Hidden science states that contemporary Earth inhabitants have descended from the Moon. Since life there has been unattainable for them, they contended and fought, so they were parachuted through space, but not in this way that we know; and when they descended to Earth, they were built by appropriate bodies.

It is they who have come first to Earth. Afterwards, the inhabitants of the Moon returned to the Moon again. And now, they watch them from afar. Once the people of the Moon observe closely the people of the Earth, but without telling them anything.

It cannot be that there are inhabitants on Earth and that there are none on the Moon, on the Sun or on the other planets. The temperature in no way bothers life.

Because life itself causes the temperature a planet has. It depends on life.

Life produces heat. True life owns the heat. In the solar system there are creatures according to the construction and nature of the same planet they inhabit. Earth is the lowest point to which man has descended. Earthly types are extreme materialists. The solar types are cheerful, solar and optimistic.

Life on the Moon has existed long before Earth's. The creatures there are more wise and more educated than the people here. Nature does not hold empty spaces, therefore, there are no uninhabited sites anywhere. Everywhere there are creatures that are distinguished from each other, according to the construction of their organism. Different climatic conditions create different forms, different organisms.

On the moon there is a cold of 200 degrees below zero. This cold serves as protection for the adepts who live there, keeping them from creatures, who would otherwise steal their wealth. The temperature of the Sun is 3, 000, 000 degrees and more, and in some parts it reaches 35, 000, 000. But inside the Sun there are superior creatures in beauty and magnificence.

Now, the Moon goes through a passive state, life is under its crust. These circles, the dark spots of the Moon, are nothing more than condensers of an immense amount of mental energy, which the lunar inhabitants collect under the crust of the Moon to live. There has been a time when people lived on the Moon, but today they have descended to Earth, since there, the conditions decreased and worsened. There the scientists have stayed to live. The Moon's climate is excellent for living: there are no microbes, no dust, no smoke. If you upload some of your laboratories, you can observe both Heaven and Earth very well. A day will come when the external world, that is, the objective world, will represent for you unknown land. For example, if you are not doing well on Earth, you can direct your gaze to the Moon. At the moment, the influence of the Moon on Earth is expressed through silver. Silver is a healing element, which cures many diseases and transforms the energies that come from the Moon. Gold in turn transforms Solar energy.

The full moon is not shown as it is. These light spots on it represent circles that are illuminated inside. The circles have a depth of about 1000 m., And are so frequent, that you can fall inside.

These circles are warehouses that capture solar energy, in which the inhabitants of the Moon live.

The Moon has the most beautiful conditions for scientific experiments, which are not available elsewhere. On the Moon there are no conditions for diseases. In it live many human scientists.

In our time a new moon is being created. So far our Earth has had only one Moon, but a new one with a specific light is already being created. The Moon is not dead as some think.

When the Moon separated from the Earth, she slowed the Earth's speed, and this now does not move so fast. If we had been born on Earth at this time, when she moved so fast, she would expel us from herself in three hours and something, and it would not be possible to live in peace. In order for its movement to be balanced, for the day to increase, for the movement to decrease, and for the Earth to become as attainable for organic life as it is now in these conditions, the Moon should separate and act upon the movement. from the earth.

The second function of the Moon, is, that all those impurities that people have, even to their most criminal intentions, thoughts and desires, the Moon has diminished them with about 75% - she absorbs the impurities of the Earth -. With the creation of the second Earth Moon, there will be no criminality. The second Moon will perfectly balance the movement of the Earth.

Translated from Bulgarian by Brother Dimitar of the Omraam Center.

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