The so-called Lemurian. Lady Rowena and the Brotherhood of the Rose. Channeled by Elsa Farrus

  • 2016

Beloved to be of light I am Lady Rowena

Light and love are the keys to his ascension, if you do not feel it, there is no joy of living, there is no reality.

The great lie of their lives, is the separation of their being, they fell into it in distant times of much pain.

You were all manipulated at a turning point, in which many did not trust your inner calling.

It is time to let go of what hurts most in your heart, the fault for not being good enough in your families and their lives, is really a cellular memory, which is in some of you, for thousands of years, It is the pain of watching your brothers and those you guard in Lemuria die .

Many of you are founding fathers in Lemuria, guarding the cities of light, the crystals and the portals of diamond creation.

But at a time very similar to this one, in which some frequencies were influenced by external races, under the decision of everyone in the brotherhood, you were called, and presented yourself in a service of great value.

You all decided to accompany the desire of the diamond portals and the etheric crystals of Gaia or Mu, in their active withdrawal from the planet.

To avoid improper use of their frequencies, under the influence of anger, power and slavery of other races.

The entire planet, it was called, all living beings, received the call, without race or distinction, and you the founding masters or custodians of Mu, were placed at the specific points to create, the vibrations and harmonics, which caused the turning point, the removal of the crystals, through his voice and his singing.

Many of his brothers, they feared for the first time, and when they feared, they dropped eighth and withdrew, to smaller dimensions, succumbing under the waves, instead of in great light glades, they were actually tidal waves, and palmetto adjustments fisco, that instead of wrapping them and taking them to different planes of consciousness, they became the immense swells where, due to the implosion of the plant, when the vibration fell as the crystals closed, they were opening great rivers of death and pain, its passage for some and light and love for others.

It is here that all of you, the founding fathers of mu, created a self-defense, physical implant , for you could not move from where you were and saw many of your brothers die, if you attended them, many more were going to die, because they did not hold their song the quantum corridors that allowed the dimensional change, if that is the turning point, for the greater good of thousands of beings of many races and planes, you could not assist your brothers of light, who did not trust that dimensional change, and they had to silence that physical pain so tremendous that it has been hidden in their solar plexus for thousands of years.

Now in full ascension, and with the increase of the crystalline vibration of light, the call returns, the resonance of the heart returns, and they are becoming aware of their inner love, of their light, but assault the memory of DNA, because they know positively, in this new life of service, as in so many others, that many are not listening again, even among the founding fathers of Lemuria, the turquoise ray did open the emurian and multidimensional memories to them, but they are not yet listening to their heart and learning to respect the infinite speeds of consciousness, in a true unconditional love.

The frequencies go up and up and you still deny your own light, for a false love for others, for separation, for fear of death and for fear of being guilty of losing others, of not being able to save you.

As Metatron told you today Elsa, this marks their lives, life after life, and prevents them from moving forward, because they did not understand on this side of physical reality, that now the inflection is personal, ascension is individual, during their past year 2016 and the next, only you can restore your own light, how? Accepting it, accepting that everything has a greater purpose, and that nobody owns anything, on this plane and much less of another being.

If you feel the infinite Angelic presence in your bodies, and Gaia's vibration on the rise, and it will increase more in the coming months, let us be dragged away by guilt, a limiting thought created by the division and the great love you held in the old Lemuria, for thousands of years, who continue to incarnate without need on this planet, to maintain a minimum of balance in the darkest and densest eons known, so that equilibrium was restored.

Gaia restores its frequency, as promised, and our brothers the crystals help us to it, for the greater good with love and gradually so that we can incorporate the vibrational frequencies into our body of light and physical, since both are one. Enough of harming yourself, rejecting your own light, accepting partial representations of yourself to fit, in the illusion of others that is also partially inherited from a third party, and thus thousands of years ago.

The elemental of the water is very charged, and it is loaded with its DNA, the transition of Gaia, it is smooth and there should be nothing of everything that happens, it is you and your collective memories that influence in the elementary plane, polarizing them.

If you really want to ascend, remember, love your planet and commit to creating light in all your daily acts, in a process of acceptance of the divine in everything and not of the invocation of an energy External.

Lemuria are you, and the smoking parents and guardians of the crystals and temples of light, are receiving strong recalibrated physical body in the last days of September of their time 2016, and in the two pr Next months before Christmas, it is time for a greater good for yourselves.

It is time to sustain love, starting with you, to radiate, and do not worry every being is being awakened with love to their own conscience, and being assisted by other physical beings in real-time coordinates, what is needed.

Everyone will be assisted, no one will be evacuated, unless he chooses another slower speed of consciousness and other planes of experimentation before ascending, at his choice his transition, but there is nothing to fear, feel your light, everything is fine, help balance, as creators of realities, print the life of thoughts of love, that they will resonate in others, and let it happen, Gaia grows, becomes expands and loves them, nothing bad is about to happen, if there are balances of lamas, requested by those beings, but it is voluntary, never imposed, it was not in Lemuria, that if it was an evacuation to thousands of planes of Consciousness, not now, is a planetary ascension, for the love of all of you holding peace and inner love, for your life partners, despite the pain, suffering, loneliness and polarity of the then vibration of planet earth .

Beloved beings of light, it is a long journey back home, your current ticket, the acceptance that everything around you is perfect for your growth until unconditional love, and that the key that starts everything is acceptance Without conditions of those parallel realities that coexist inside and outside of all of you, when all this is matured and integrated, the joy of living is born and the great light of your hearts, we love you brothers, from the heart No of Alcyon, the teachers of the Brotherhood of the Rose, the White Brotherhood, thank you all, Lady Rowena.

AUTHOR: Elsa Farrus



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