The emerald flame and family constellations in healing. Sananda, Hilarion and Melchisedeck

  • 2016

Beloved to be of light, We are your Pleiadian brothers. We are Alcyon's beings of light too.

Coronal injection; Solar that they are receiving, will help them to regulate the communication with their ancestors.

It is time to work deeply. With his family lineage.

Restore connection lines between members and lost learning.

You are time to redistribute the light and love among the members of each lineage

For emotional charges to be completed and massively released

You were born in very concrete houses.

To seal in love. Multiple experiences and make a global harmonization

But while it is true that with his love and understanding, not rehabilitating the previous members.

It is their actions and experiences that will heal the entire lineage.

Only now in a progressive way, it will not be necessary to do one by one, but to open your heart and heal your being.

It is now when really, they will restore the universal fabric throughout their lineage .

Because when positioning. In the freedom of being of lux and love.

You open your essence to your being, and it expands in gravitational waves, which radiate to the previous members.

And they help them heal, as was their commitment.

It is time to remake in authentic inner peace, just reborn and vibrate.

Feel Feel and feel ... ... feel the inner call, which opens before you in this new solar coronal injection.

Because you are everything you are looking for

Because we are here attending his massive awakening that is already a fact, and that will not arise from the external conflict. But of resonance and heart.

They are multidimensional beings that help them to grow more each day, to live more each day to understand more each day.

And they are actively opening that soul to all their being to all their essence to all their experience.

Although you do not believe it. They are already very synchronous beings full of life and strength.

Although you handle it little by little she was born in you. He has been there for thousands of years.

As an internal seed . That separated or silenced in different purposes. Incarnations or simply disconnected by duality. Now this call of light. The reactive. To feel her awake her to love her and make her shine so that they see her, her own light her own essence. Your own source of energy to create life.

We are the masters of the sun of Alcyon: Sananda, Melquisedec and Hilari n

The work in Alcyon these days is with the green flame . Or emerald frequency depending on the eighth resonance of the receiver.

We are working in depth so that they can restore their inner being of all times lived and the memory of their planes of consciousness and their ancestral wisdom plus the DNA of their experiences.

The green or emerald flame. It is the Lemurian frequency par excellence that inhabits you in the inner crystals of your heart chakra and helps you complete your being.

This energy is the healing of its true truth. Of his authentic voice

Of its authentic reality. Only she helps them identify each step.

And it is in resonance with the crystalline essence of Gaia and with the set of beings of light that form it.

You are the most beautiful source of light and energy with the greatest capacity for physical creation.

That is why this resonance of the heart is activated so intensely these days.

So that they create inner balance that modifies their realities. Every chapter in your life plays a position in your consciousness. They are wonderful reflections of what they set out to learn and discover.

And now this learning is global. And now they will discover each other with the same process.

Integrate. Recognize, accept and love To be able to join your soul . Group

To be able to multiply reality in you and outside of you. Only in this way the incoming energy is produced, in a chain of light.

That intensely helps you create new spatialities, new lives as you call it.

Only this time interconnected to all planes the free man who opens his soul to all. To all the kingdoms and races of Gaia, equally Beloved to be of light, the anchor point of their tubs will rise in vibration, it moves vertically so it is likely that new memories will open or feel agitation in the chest, and lung or breastbone.

It's only a few minutes depending on how uprooted they are . But they can also feel harmonization, joy and openness, if everything is balanced.

The vibration is physical, it is gradual and it is now, to be progressive in the next two months, they are now in the instant, it is the most physical of their planetary ascension, it is now the real time to grow inside, and to manifest their own be.

Feel alive and allow the flame to be born inside.

May the meaning of life within you grow, and that you enjoy your creations within, the quantum corridors for any reality are created, all of them only depend on your responsibility to yourselves, only your permission depends to be only depend on his commitment to love yourself the changes are immediate, they are in the act and directs your solar beings, he took command of a tare time in their lives and respect for thousands of years his decisions his free will, and will continue to do so.

Only that the chain of incarnation and free will, is no longer in Gaia, Gaia gives us an ascending frequency of continuity, an emerald frequency of crystallization of realities, and a great frequency of light, to awaken their hearts, but ends their years of service to humanity, to restore its original vibration, and with it that of all of you, and to be the essence of light.

Many light workers in many parts of the planet, are healing the writings on their surface (it shows me historical facts, collective memories etc.) others are geometrizing and others sending light to restore the original frequency receive as this legacy this vibration that joins to the incoming vibration and solidify your inner being, that the moment is now and the time is now, thank you brothers for your great love, and commitment in human and planetary experience, we say goodbye from the sun of Alcyon, Sananda m Melchisedek and Hilarion, and the legacy of the green flame and its frequencies of light, thanks to all.

AUTHOR: Elsa Farrus.


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