The Law of Attraction Parts One and Two - Arc. Metatron through J. Tyberonn

  • 2011

Parts One and Two of Three "The Law of Attraction" When and How It Works and Why sometimes it doesn't! Archangel Metatron through James Tyberonn

Translation: Alicia Virelli

Part One

Dear you, you created your reality and there is no other rule. You are here at the University of Duality to learn how to create responsibly.

Now, there is a lot of literature that talks about the concept of how a human being creates the perspectives of his realities.

We offer you this warning, it is not the thought that by itself is creative, but rather it is the BELIEF…. the belief or conviction expressed in thought with a clear mind.

So to clarify the syntax, let's say that in the Law of Attraction it is wise to substitute the word Believe for Thinking, because although positive thinking can animate the new belief, until you believe what you think, you are not generating the new reality. Belief generates reality. This is logical.

So understand beyond syntax; That thinking positive thoughts can only manifest itself if they are in sync with your beliefs. For example, if at your center, YOU HOLD THE BELIEF that you are unworthy of abundance, or in your core-mind, you believe that the accumulation of abundance is materialistic and therefore wrong, you will not manifest abundance just by thinking about it. If you think that money is the root of all evil, the Law of Attraction will not work for you until you change that core belief.

If you believe you are poor and will always come scraping until the end of the month, then your very belief will create that experience. It doesn't matter if they have 2 or 3 jobs, their central belief is generated and projected towards dimensionality and will certainly be manifested. You will have to fight economically.

If you believe that you are not very insightful, your brain will assume that belief and you will be limited. If you think you are not attractive, you will project that image all around you telepathically.

You constantly project your beliefs and your manifestations constantly "face them" when you look at the world around you. They form the image reflected in the mirror of their materialized beliefs. You cannot escape your beliefs. They are, however, the method by which you create your experience.

In the same way if you believe in very simple terms, that people have good intentions, and that they will treat you kindly, that will happen. If you believe that the world is against you, then that will be your experience. And, if you believe that your body will age and begin to weaken at 40, it will. They capture our 'sense'?

You are in physical existence to learn and understand that your beliefs, energetically translated into feelings, thoughts and emotions cause all experience. New paragraph. Now your experience can change your beliefs and at any time you are in control of what you choose to believe. The key is to form BELIEF through the aspectual conscious choice of the super-soul Mer-Ka-Na and not the unconscious programming.

Now take this concept towards multi-dimensionality.

Imagine that you have a number of times of life as monks or priests where you have taken the strict vows of poverty. You have eluded the "material" and strongly adhere to the BELIEF that "money is the root of all evil."

All times of life are simultaneous in the eternal now. In the present life there is the approach of creating your reality. You need abundance. You realize that money is not `` evil '', it is simply energy, and that it can be used for many positive things.

You have read all the books, read all the articles on how positive thinking triggers the Law of Attraction, but not yet They are bringing abundance.

It could be that you are exceeded in the figures multi-dimensionally.

If you are experiencing a dozen times of life in progress at the time NOW, simultaneously and are dodging, what they BELIEVE to be `` material things '' and In addition they are experiencing a time of life that they are trying to create abundance, what effort does the greatest energy projection contain?

You have the capacity in mind NOW in Mer-Ka-Na to change the apparent past and create a unified harmonic of what you want and believe. And Beloved, money is not bad! It is energy and in the new paradigm they are asked to learn to create in a loving and responsible way. You CAN have what you want, what you need, but Belief must be harmonious in multi-dimensionality.

It is not as simple as Ask and you will be given . It must be projected in a clear and harmonic mind And the mind is above the brain. The Mind is multi dimensional ..

Now the multi-dimensional aspect of the human experience is extremely important for its understanding of the mechanics of the Law of Attraction.

A key part of the understanding of your multi-dimensionality is that your higher self, your part above the physical, describes certain growth challenges of your lives. . And that cannot be avoided or ignored. Rather, they are courses required in the curriculum of the University of the Earth that you have chosen to complete for your greater good. And you can't ignore the classes.

They will come to you because you signed up, they are a part of the Law of Attraction of the higher mind and cannot be rejected.

This is then an area in which the dual thought, of trying to make an apparent obstacle disappear, seems to challenge the Law of Attraction . You may find yourself in an awkward situation at work, find that all applications seem to fail. That is because here there is a lesson that must be faced, and until you face it, it will be repeated again and again, until it is completed because you have drawn it to you. from his superior mind and brain in his aspect of duality he is unable to avoid it. It is only completed when you master it with mastery.

Accepting the Challenge

While it is true that your thoughts and beliefs create the reality that you experience in duality, you in a higher aspect with an intentional thought and carefully compose and create the challenges that you face. These carry a great purpose. Believe it or not, you write your own proof. So while "positive thinking" is a key frequency, positive thinking is meant to help them get closer to their life lessons and not bypass the learning process by itself. You cannot just ignore or make the growth lessons you write for yourself disappear to expand. That is why the structures that you chose in most cases are outside, beyond the ability of the duality aspect of the egoic brain to remove or make them disappear. You will face them because you have desired it in your divine self, from a higher perspective. In the higher mind you have written your challenges.

We assure you that there is nothing more stimulating, more worthy or worthy of updating than your manifest desire to evolve, to change for the better. That is in fact each of the missions of his life. It is not enough to meditate or visualize the desired objective that is being achieved if you do not act according to the internal voice, to the generating stimulus from where your meditations and visualizations arise.

Intention, focus and meditation must absolutely be associated with action. Becoming impeccable and eventually attaining enlightenment does not mean, as some religions indirectly imply, that you are suddenly in a blissful state of oblivion, or in some distant state of nirvana. Teachers, we tell you that you are an important part of nirvana now as never before, you simply need to discover it within.

There will certainly be cycles within your emotional state that is part of human existence. There will be times when you will feel apathetic and depressed. Not only the problems you face, but even certain astronomical gravitations can be the source of such despair of yours. All this must be faced and can be overcome.

So keep in mind that 'Nirvana', in his vernacular is achieved with his attitude and not through evasion, ignorance or escape, but through an impeccable confrontation of the projection of the reality that surrounds them.

The experience of the Earth, the mastery of duality is difficult. This is a great truth, one of the greatest truths of duality and one that is not commonly understood. Study and mastery of life require work. You cannot simply put the textbook under your pillow and sleep on it, it must be read and understood one page at a time. Moment to moment.

So then your full understanding and acceptance that your life is a construction of 'situations and configurations' that you planned to facilitate your spiritual growth is even greater truth. You will see when you accept this noble truth, you have the opportunity to transcend it.

What you call "destiny" is really the situation that you planned in advance for your life lesson. And Beloved, that script of your destiny, "destiny" very personal, will assist you to face your challenges and then express your desires, but not because they complain or protest about what they don't like. In order to experience the light of their desire, they must ignite the passion that will free them from the strong foothold where it has been kept so closely. The biggest and colossal path is to accept the challenge of self-purification by being a living example of your own light instead of protesting against the darkness that still exists within the world in 3d, or choosing to isolate yourself from it.


Teachers, accepting that you are here to face the challenges, then you can create the energy needed to face them. Because once it is accepted, the fact that life can be difficult no longer scares them, but rather motivates the spiritual warrior towards resolution.

The most important issue that you have in the acceptance of your property and fundamental responsibility lies in the central desire to avoid the pain of the consequences of that behavior. But we tell you that it is the courage of confrontation of impeccability solving the problems it offers and in fact encourages significant growth in your life.

Facing their problems is the casual sharp edge that distinguishes between success and failure, or rather, between growth and stagnation. The problems arouse their best effort to solve and refine the courage and wisdom inside the impeccable seeker.

It is categorically due to difficult situations and stress-filled bindings that you grow mentally and spiritually. It is through the pain of confronting and solving the puzzles of life and 'situations' that you learn the greatest meaning of the science of love. Dear Hearts, the naive, candid fact is that some of your most moving achievements and certainly the greatest growths originate when you are placed at the worrying crossroads of the riddles.

Your greatest trials and revelations are carried out in moments when you are outside your "comfort zone", feeling bewildered, dissatisfied or even in a state of agonizing despair. Because it is in such moments, driven by your discomfort, that you are forced to run out of the confinement cages and seek a better, and spiritually more satisfying way of life.

Impeccability - The State of Grace

What is impeccability then? We are not underestimating the basic premise, when we define impeccability simply as 'always trying your best'. Staying impeccable requires more effort as the scope of your acquired wisdom and awareness expand. The bigger your consciousness, the more you "know." The more they know, the greater the responsibility to live accordingly.

You are in the process of expanding your vibratory consciousness, of becoming a conscious participant with the soul. You are becoming what your soul is, discovering your greater identity.

Dear ones, when you grow spiritually this is because you have opened up to seek growth and are taking action, working to achieve it.

Impeccability involves the deliberate extension of its evolving Existence.

Impeccability puts you in the state of grace. Impeccability does not infer that you have already achieved enlightenment or have learned all that you need to learn. Rather it means that you are on the only track, the right path to get there.

So we will define impeccability in two layers, two phase formats:

1) Conditional Impeccability: This is when the entity is not very advanced, it is still working towards mastery. Doing the best he can. Using knowledge as best as possible according to personal ability to do the right thing, even when there may be concepts of ignorance and innocence. By that we mean that you truly believe that what you are doing is in the right course, even if it is not total or expansive truth. You all go through these phases. In this phase if you make a mistake, it is an honest mistake, in which you genuinely believed that you were doing what you felt was right.

2) Impeccability in the Mastery: This is the phase of the soul in human existence that is on the cusp of the Mastery. A very advanced and preaching example. Having no internal conflict between what one thinks is the right path and what one acts.

Both phases activate what you can call an accelerated state of grace. Grace is assistance from the Divine Self to help in the outcome of situations when one is trying to do their best. It can be considered as the "Guardian Angel", because in many cases it is exactly what a Guardian Angel is, your Divine Self intervening beneficially in situations to help you on your path.

If we were to redefine what your religious texts consider as sin, it would not be in terms of the commandments, but rather would be "unused knowledge." Acting in a way that you know is wrong, actions in conflict with your highest beliefs.

Wisdom is in the Interior

All you desire is a wisdom greater than your own. Search and you will find it, and Masters you can find it "hidden" inside. And sadly that is the last place they frequently look. It takes time. You will see the divine interface between God and man is within what his academics call the subconscious.

Even your religious texts tell you that God is within you, that you are a spark of the Divine. The subconscious mind, or 'back brain' in its terms is the part of you that is God. The portion of your greater self that contains the knowledge of “Everything that exists, ” the part of you that contains the Akashic Records, the memory of the soul of everything.

Since the subconscious is the Divine Mind within, the goal of spiritual growth is achieved by entering the sacred "Garden of Wisdom." You enter by quieting the egoic mind. Meditation has always been the gateway. It is the key to quieting the ego-personality narration and allowing the "Voice of the Divine Soul" to be heard. We tell you again, an effort is required. There are no shortcuts.

Reaching that achievement of the state of God is the purpose of your individual existence on the plane of polarity. You were born in such a way that you could become as an individual consciousness in a physical expression of God, a divine expression of the Existence of Being.

The challenge is the search of his soul, his true purpose and in physical states, the clock is always ticking. Obtaining the Divinity in physicality is achieved in the liberation of time, through the immaculate desire that is acted upon in the physical realm merging with the wisdom of the non-physical. Physical. Time is important.

In polarity the current change of paradigms and energies can throw them out of their center quite easily in these times of acceleration. Its true purpose is often difficult to define in a subjective way and its understanding and weight lies juxtaposed between illusion and perceived reality. You may feel that you are living in a distortion and that nothing is exactly as it seems. In the process you become confused and complacent. They can lose track of time.

Dear ones, your lives, every moment of your physical life is precious, much more than you can ever imagine. Much more than what most of you use. Time is a precious asset and is finite / limited within its duality. Each one of you who is reading these words at some point in the future transition outside the physical in their terms, will experience death, you will die. This is a condition of physicality as they know it. Nevertheless, so many of you acted as if you were going to live forever. In reality the soul is eternal but you will not be forever the same person, the same personality or expression that you are now, at any time of life or in any other aspect of your Existence .

You are here to learn Dear Beings, who are here to learn the expressions of your own Holiness within duality and certainly duality is a gift. Life is a gift. You are here to learn how to co-create, because you are certainly co-creators of the Universe, of the Cosmos. You are here to achieve the Master's Degree and many are already very close, very close to that achievement.

Enjoy Today

Teachers, until you truly value yourself, you will not be in the grace of impeccability and thus you will not be motivated to truly and optimize your time. Unless you give great value to your allotted time, you will not do your best with it. Carpe Diem, is translated as Enjoy Today, and this is so appropriate.

You must enjoy every moment! So many of you, despite your good intentions, allow yourself to calm down in complacency at certain stages or within certain conditions of your chosen trips. Many of you waste time, and misuse it and life after life can be wasted. What you do not face, what you do not solve at any given time or time of life, will return to the surface. You will repeat the situation until you solve it successfully, and that is certainly a great truth.

Teachers, using your time in duality is extremely important and is a complex task because it needs you to seek impeccability. It requires love of oneself, because until you genuinely value yourself, you truly are not going to value your life and your time. And until you value your time, you will not be forced to make the best use of how to consume it.

It is a natural Discipline that is the basic set of tools to solve life's problems. Without discipline it is difficult for you to have the operating system required to focus on the work of solving your problems. Simply stated, you can become immobilized ... apathetic, complacent or lazy. In the "Ascension Staircase" you are ascending, sitting without moving, or moving down ...

In the physics of the third dimension there is a law that states that energy that is highly organized will naturally degrade when it is not in a dynamic state. It is easier by natural law to be in a state of complacency on the physical plane than to be in a movable ascending condition. This is clearly logical. It is the Law of Love that inspires all souls towards a greater consciousness, and that requires dynamic work! Laziness is in one real sense one of its greatest obstacles, because work means swimming against the tide. Enjoy the day!!

Perfect Order

Some of you say and perceive that "Everything works as it should, that everything is in perfect order." But Masters, that concept is a kind of paradox, and like a card face it is turned upside down in any way you look at it. Do you understand?

From a higher perspective everything is in perfect order, but from the perspective of human beings within duality, it is not! If it were, there would be no need for lessons, no need for what you call reincarnation.

You just have to take a look around and know that the difficult situation of mankind on planet Earth is far from perfect. In effect, it will NOT work as it should until you do it!

Unresolved Energy Block

Teachers, in the final journey of the Master, most of the main issues have been addressed and we honor them for that. What still remains may in any way be hard to find to confront. And it is important to confront any and all unresolved issues and energies.

We say this without judgment. We point this out in order to help you. Because in time everything must be treated. The more advanced they are, the more difficult it can be to sweep the last remnants of unresolved issues because they are often well hidden. The unresolved energy, the final themes can be polarized and can be repelled from your mental field, forgotten in the waste of many times of life. Dear Hearts, take some time for self-review in the aspect of the multidimensional Mer-ka-Na. Please determine what remains to be worked.

Polarity Physics - The 'Law of Opposite Attraction'

Teachers, the closer they get to the light, the more darkness they attract. The light attracts discomfort! The more they advance, the more critical they will attract and wisdom is required to face it.

The polarity aspect of the 'Law of Opposite Attraction' comes into play here. In a state of detachment, what happens is electromagnetism. Pure and positive energy has the greatest magnetic attraction to negative energy. So while its light shines brighter, the magnetic to polar opposites increases. It can be managed, but you must have the light, humility, strength and discipline to avoid it.

So dealing with insults, the harsh energy of jealousy, hate and anger are an important piece of the puzzle to achieve the level of impeccability Mastery.

How do they cope with this? Not taking anything personally is perhaps easier to say what to do, but it's totally true. His bible speaks of turning the other cheek. But this does not mean that you apologize when someone steps on your feet. Part of the paradox certainly defends its truth. But that does not mean that you do not step on the foot of others intentionally or in some other way. Do you understand?

Staying in its truth is a gentle action. It is a benevolent expression of aggression that allows grace and dignity to be retained on both sides of any conflict or attack. Send the attack energy back to its source, but without malice and with love.

Each of you has an opportunity to remain impeccable within any conflict. You can deal with the conflict without getting involved. Do you understand? Face it, enclose it from a posture of emotional detachment, like the observer and that is not easy, however it is the path of the Master. It's like you "Do not take anything personally ', you detach yourself from the emotional reaction.

Each of you has an opportunity to be impeccable every day. The scenario in which you recognize your own failures, your own conflict with integrity, is the day when you understand the level of Impeccability Mastery and by the way it is a journey. Likewise, the day you stand up in your truth with will to recognize the truth of another person, you embrace integrity.

The divine mind is only achieved, it is only accessed through the crystalline resonance of the Mer-Ka-Na, within the crystalline thought waves. Crystalline thinking is above emotion, above petty feelings. It is achieved by detaching. It is the crystal lake of Shamballa, of true Nirvana, as soft as glass, no wave distorting its mirrored face.

End of Part 2 of 3

The Fascinating 3rd. The final chapter of this channel will follow shortly in October….

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