The law of detachment

The wisdom of uncertainty lies in detachment ... in the wisdom of uncertainty lies the liberation of the past, of the known, which is the prison of the previous conditioning.

And in our desire to go into the unknown, the field of all possibilities, we surrender to the creative mind, which orchestrates the dance of the universe.

Like two golden birds perched on the same tree, the ego and the self, close friends, live in the same body. The first eats the sweet and bitter fruits of the tree of life., While the second observes indifferently.

- Upanishad Mundaka-

The sixth spiritual law of success is the law of detachment. This law says that in order to acquire anything in the physical universe, we must give up our attachment to it. This does not mean that we give up the intention to fulfill our desire. We do not give up intention or desire; We waive interest in the result.

The power that derives from this is great. As soon as we renounce interest in the result, while combining concentrated intention and detachment, we get what we want.

We can get anything we want through detachment, because it is based on the unquestionable confidence in the power of the true self. Attachment, on the other hand, is based on fear and insecurity - and the need to feel security emanates from ignorance of the true self.

The source of abundance, wealth or anything in the physical world is the self; It is the consciousness that knows how to meet every need. Everything else is a symbol: vehicles, houses, checks, clothes, airplanes. The symbols are transitory; They arrive and they leave. Chasing symbols is like being content with the map instead of the territory. It is something that produces anxiety and ends up making us feel empty and hollow inside, because we change the self for the symbols of the self.

Attachment is a product of the awareness of poverty, because it is always interested in symbols. Detachment is synonymous with the awareness of wealth, because with it comes the freedom to create. Only from a detached commitment can we have joy and happiness. Then, the symbols of wealth appear spontaneously and effortlessly. Without detachment we are prisoners of helplessness, hopelessness, worldly needs, trivial interests, silent despair and gravity - distinctive features of a mediocre existence and an awareness of poverty.

The true awareness of wealth is the ability to have everything we want, every time we want it, and with a minimum of effort. To establish ourselves in this experience it is necessary to establish ourselves in the wisdom of uncertainty. In uncertainty we will find the freedom to create anything we want.

People are constantly looking for security, but over time we will discover that this search is really something very ephemeral. Even the attachment to money is a sign of insecurity. One could say: “I will feel safe when I have X amount of money because then I will have economic independence and be able to retire. And then I'll do everything I've always wanted to do. ” But that is something that never happens - that never comes.

Those who seek security pursue it throughout their lives without ever finding it. Security is evasive and ephemeral because it cannot depend exclusively on money. Attachment to money will always create insecurity, no matter how much money you have in the bank. In fact, some of the people who have the most money are the most insecure.

The search for security is an illusion. According to the ancient traditions of wisdom, the solution of all this dilemma lies in the wisdom of insecurity or the wisdom of uncertainty. This means that the search for security and certainty is really an attachment to the known. And what is the known? The known is the past. The known is nothing other than the prison of the previous conditioning. There is no evolution there - absolutely no evolution. And when there is no evolution, stagnation, disorder, chaos and decay ensue.

Uncertainty, on the other hand, is the fertile ground of pure creativity and freedom. Uncertainty is penetrating the unknown at every moment of our existence. The unknown is the field of all possibilities, always fresh, always new, always open to the creation of new manifestations. Without uncertainty and without the unknown, life is just a vile repetition of spent memories. We become victims of the past, and our torturer of today is the self that was left yesterday.

Let us give up our attachment to the known and delve into the unknown, so we will enter the field of all possibilities. The wisdom of uncertainty will play an important role in our desire to enter the unknown. This means that in every moment of our life there will be emotion, adventure, mystery; that we will experience the joy of living: magic, celebration, joy and joy of our own spirit.

Every day we can look for the emotion of what can happen in the field of all possibilities. If we feel insecure, we are on the right track - don't give up. We don't really need to have a rigid and complete idea of ​​what we will do next week or next year, because if we have a clear idea of ​​what is going to happen and we rigidly cling to it, we will leave out a huge range of possibilities.

One of the characteristics of the field of all possibilities is infinite correlation. This field can orchestrate an infinite number of spatio-temporal events in order to produce the expected result. But when there is attachment, the intention is trapped in a rigid way of thinking and the fluidity, creativity and spontaneity inherent in the field of all possibilities are lost. When we become attached to something, we freeze our desire, move it away from that infinite fluidity and flexibility and enclose it within a rigid framework that hinders the total process of creation.

The law of detachment does not hinder the law of intention and desire - goal setting. We always intend to move in a certain direction, we always have a goal. However, between point A and point B there is an infinite number of possibilities, and if uncertainty is present, we can change direction at any time if we find a superior ideal or something more exciting. At the same time, we will be less likely to force problem solutions, which will make it possible for us to stay tuned for opportunities.

The law of detachment accelerates the total process of evolution. When we understand this law, we do not feel obliged to force the solutions of the problems. When we force the solutions, we only cause new problems. But if we focus our attention on uncertainty and observe it while we wait anxiously for the solution to arise from chaos and confusion, then something fabulous and exciting will emerge.

When this state of vigilance - our preparation in the present, in the field of uncertainty - adds to our goal and our intention, it allows us to seize the opportunity. What is the opportunity?

It is what is contained in every problem of life. Every problem that presents itself to us in life is the seed of an opportunity for some great benefit. Once we have this perception, we will open up to a whole range of possibilities - which will keep the mystery, amazement, emotion and adventure alive.

We can see every problem of life as the opportunity of some great benefit. Having established ourselves in the wisdom of uncertainty, we can remain alert to opportunities. And, when our state of preparation meets the opportunity, the solution will appear spontaneously

What results from this is what we commonly call "good luck." Good luck is nothing other than the union of the state of readiness with opportunity. When the two mingle with careful vigilance of chaos, a solution emerges that brings benefit and evolution for us and for everyone around us. This is the perfect recipe for success, and is based on the law of detachment.


I will operate the law of detachment by committing myself to do the following:

1) Today I will commit to detachment. I will allow myself and allow those around me the freedom to be as we are. I will not stubbornly impose my opinion on how things should be. I will not force the solutions of the problems, and therefore not create new ones with that. I will participate in everything with absolute detachment.

2) Today I will make uncertainty an essential element of my experience. And thanks to that availability to accept uncertainty, solutions will arise spontaneously from problems, confusion, disorder and chaos. The more uncertain things seem, the more certain I will feel because uncertainty is the path to freedom. Through the wisdom of uncertainty, I will find my security.

3) I will penetrate the field of all possibilities and expect the emotion that takes place when I stay open to an infinite number of alternatives. When you enter the field of all possibilities, you will experience all the joy, adventure, magic and mystery of life.

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