The Original Intention of the Soul - The Fairy Dimension - Maestro Hilarion channeled by Natalie Glasson

  • 2017
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May 5, 2017

I, Master Hilarion, want to share with you a very recent experience of my travels through the Inner Planes of the Creator's Universe. I am the Chohan and the supervisor of the 5th Ray of Light which is an expression of the Creator's qualities represented by an orange Light. The 5th Ray of Light supports the discovery and improvement of the Soul, as well as the entanglement between the Divine and science, both on Earth and in the Inner Planes. Along with my passion to guide the Souls that come from Earth and the Creator Universe to my ashram, I also enjoy traveling through the Creator Universe to discover more about the Creator's Energy that is at the core of each Being, called Soul . I discover how the Soul can be improved and how I can guide others to connect with their Soul on a deeper level. I am attracted to the areas of the Creator Universe where Light Technology is created and experienced. I am always interested in how to integrate Light Technology into new developments, experiments and scientific inventions on Earth; I am especially interested when, when contemplating science, Beings resort to the Creator's Divine Inspiration, for this always creates new and unique possibilities for all. Everything I discover and everything that I connect with, I channel it to the 5th Ray of Light so that others can connect with it or visit it; and can benefit from energy and inspiration.

The Elemental Dimensions

One of the most recent journeys through the Creator Universe allowed me to discover more about the Soul. When I speak of the Soul, I am speaking in general, including your Soul, my Soul; and all the Souls that exist. My intuition guided me to the Elemental Dimensions which I like to call the Magic Kingdom because, more than many, the Elementals exist in the spiritual dimensions as unlimited expressions of the Creator.

The Elementals are incredibly unique and diverse; and those that exist in the Elemental Dimensions encourage us to perceive the Creator in a completely new, exciting and different way; It is very exciting to receive such inner freedom when entering the Elemental Dimensions. Freedom is always present inside; however, the Elemental Dimensions help us explore the Creator with greater depth, freedom and expansion, which can be amazing. There is a reason that many have forgotten the Elemental Dimensions and try to create the illusion that the Elementals have a low vibration: Entering the Elemental Dimensions and connecting with them frequently is too much for many, they cannot cope with such vivid, magnificent and detailed vision of the Creator's Truth; some Beings discover that because of their lack of understanding and roots; and of the expansive nature of the Elemental Dimensions, everything they believed can be disrupted and lost in the Elemental Dimensions. I, Master Hilarion, have a few indications that you may want to retain in case your Soul guides you to the Elemental Dimensions, these allowed me to enter them and return.

To enter the Elemental Dimensions it is necessary that you first create the intention of your visit; It is important that the intention be specific. Examples: I want to heal my Heart Chakra n I want to discover my Soul to help me now in my life and in my spiritual growth I want get wisdom to help me serve Nature and the Elemental Dimensions.

Ask for the most appropriate Being of the Elemental Dimensions to be presented, to welcome you and connect with you to be your guide in the Elemental Dimensions. Perhaps you have never had a link with this Being; however, it is the most appropriate to work with you.

Then say: I now allow my Soul to direct me within the Elemental Dimensions; My path is clear and understanding comes easily to me. I am rooted and my mind is open to the Truth of the Creator.

Imagine a ball of green and golden light, like a bubble floating above you. With your intention, attract the bubble to your 3rd Eye Chakra; then you will enter the Elemental Dimensions.

The Fairy Dimension

Continuing my story, I entered the Elemental Dimensions with this intention in the foreground of my mind: 'My intention is to discover and improve the Soul and its presence for all'. It was a Fairy who came to welcome me; the passage we traveled was a Creation of branches intertwined with green and golden leaves that looked like honey drops suspended from the branches. The Fairy was there to welcome me; I could say that I had feminine vibration, not because of its appearance of pink and green flashes of Light, but because of the energy emanating towards me. Surrounded by warmth and comfort while being driven through a magical forest; The Fairy, who invited me to call her Yosha, frequently stopped me and asked me to look at a plant, a tree, or the view before me, which I saw as a very detailed and creative painting of Light. Then there was a flash and it was as if I was after the painting; I saw the energy that moved and vibrated constantly and was forming the paint. With a few other flashes, I saw the Being who had created the vision before me (a Fairy) and its original intention; and then I saw nothing but the Creator's Light report, so bright that it cut my breath. Yosha stopped me many times until the energy and truth of each transition filled my senses.

In the distance I could see a large ball of Light suspended in the air; as we approached, I saw that the ball was moving, vibrating and constantly changing. The ball was made up of millions of Fairies gathered, as if they had a meeting that excited them a lot; Yosha guided me to walk directly towards the Fairy-made ball of Light. I hesitated before doing so and asked my Soul for confirmation; and then I advanced. It was as if he had entered another Dimension; I was sitting in the grass surrounded by large rocks of intense Rose Quartz. Millions of Fairies flew over me in the sky and around me as orbs of Light; when I managed to look at one, it was as if my 3rd Eye extended and integrated with the Fairy; I was flying like the Fairy, understanding its purpose, its gifts and its qualities. As soon as I realized what was happening, I returned to my own Self and watched it again. It was an unusual experience that gave me joy and great understanding; The kind of understanding and knowledge that once it has been achieved cannot be expressed in words.

The Wisdom Taught

Yosha appeared before me; By simply recognizing her, I became her, as if my Soul merged with his; I heard his voice and his vibration pulsing through me: 'In the truth of the Creator Universe there are no boundaries between Souls; in all the Creator's Universe the Souls merge all the time. The energy that you are now does not belong to you, it only remains as long as you recognize it with your intention '… Does one have a nucleus that belongs only to one, that describes and identifies it?… Your Soul was born from an intention, vision, thought or expression of energy; that energy was fused with other aspects of the Creator building a truth and a totality; more qualities, energies, Love, Light and intentions appeared to more fully form the Soul. Your Essence was born from the synthesis of the Creator's Light, you are a Creation of synthesis; This means that the original intention has been magnified, empowered, expanded and explored in your Soul. When this original intention is discovered and accessed, it is similar to a key that allows you to exist in harmony with your Soul, satisfying your needs and your evolution. The greatest purpose of a Soul is the synthesis of the Creator; Each Soul has a different intention of synthesis to discover, explore and fully express the Creator.

Access to the Original Intention of Your Soul

Having access to the original intention of your Soul can make it possible to magnify and empower your manifestation and creation skills. We fairies, we want to share with you Hilarion, a prayer of truth that we invite you to share with others:

'I invite my soul, my soul group, my guides and the Creator to listen to me now. I want to discover the original intention of my Soul, the intention that acted as the seed of the energy that I am now, as my truth and my highest Essence. Please filter clearly to my mind, to my knowledge and to my heart, the original intention of my Soul. I know that this intention will be simple and that it may not even seem so deep, for everything that is the Creator is always simple. I am willing to accept the simplicity of the original intention of my Soul. I invite myself to become aware of the original intention of my Soul in the next week. Thank you.

(Spend a moment to rest and receive; and during the week continue to devote moments to rest and receive).

Hilarion, remind the Souls that when they have access to their original intention, whether they are aware of it or not, that can give them great realization in life, in the spiritual journey and in the spiritual purpose. Then, when they manifest projecting their energy from their Soul into reality, they will have the power of the original intention of their Soul, which will improve their manifestation abilities and stimulate them. to experience realization.

Yosha continued for some time; and I simply sat down to enjoy the energies, the Light and the activations that were taking place throughout my Being.

With gratitude and love,

Master Hilarion

Translated: Jairo Rodr guez R.

Energy and Spiritual Consultancy

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