The importance of working with the lower chakras and the soul specialty

  • 2013

We all have in mind that it is part of each one's personal growth and development to work in the opening of the upper, fifth, sixth, seventh chakras, sometimes thinking that they function independently, and that, the first chakras, They are not that important. In fact, there is nothing further from reality, since if there are blockages in the first three chakras, there is much less energy available to be able to perform `` spiritual work. ''

From the cosmos to the soles of the feet

Two main energies enter through our energy system. The first, the energy of the cosmos, radiated by the Sun, through space, to our planet. This energy is the energy of the Earth, accumulated and anchored in the ground we step on, and that enters our energy system by the feet, rising to join in the first chakra and enter the energy system Ethical. The most important energy for us as human beings, for the physical vehicle we occupy, is this type of energy, which comes from Gaia.

This energy begins its ascending path through the first chakra, where, if there are no important blockages, it performs and fulfills all the functions that this chakra has assigned both at the physical level and at the level of life areas. At the same time, this energy passes to the second chakra, where, again, if there are no blockages that prevent it, they are transmuted and used for the functions of this second chakra. Again, the energy of the planet in its ascending path if the first two chakras have not blocked it, allow the energy to reach the third chakra, and then, if it is again free of obstacles, this energy finally reaches the fourth chakra .

This is the starting point of all personal growth work, from a fourth chakra in operation, the potential is expanded to be able to explore the areas of life considered more “spiritual” or more “transcendent”, when not enough energy flow reaches the Fourth chakra, coming from the lower chakras, which water pipe, the energy from which the upper part of the energy system is nourished is another.

Another flow through the seventh chakra

The other type of energy, the second type of important energy, is the one that comes to the energy system from the connection with our Higher Self or our non-embodied part, that other part of the entity that we are, and that enters through the seventh chakra This energy goes down to the sixth, to the fifth, to the fourth. Normally this would have to be the standard configuration, where the two energies, of the "sky" and of the "earth", so to speak poetically, meet, and where we can then function at full power in all areas of life.

The soul's specialty

However, it's not always like that. First, this point of union is not the same for all people. There are some people whose meeting place of these two currents or forces is in the fifth chakra, others in the sixth, others in the seventh, and others, to a lesser extent than I have seen, in any of the first three chakras. When this meeting point varies towards a predetermined chakra, it provides the person with a concrete filter on how he sees reality or how he navigates and works with his life, his lessons, his mission, his experiences, etc. We call this the "specialty" of the soul, also to call it somehow, and it is nothing other than the main chakra filter that colors the overall perception of the soul for this incarnation. Thus, people whose point of energetic union between the currents of the Earth and the Higher Self unite in the seventh chakra, for example, will add a “spiritual” filter to any experience they have, those whose point of union is in the first chakra, they will have a more "earthly" perception of the same experiences.

This specialty of the soul cannot be changed in an incarnation, at least as I understand it, but it is partially variable since this point of union can move slightly between two adjacent chakras, and it is important not to think that, because our specialty is in the upper chakras, the lower ones cease to be important. When the first three chakras are partially blocked and the pipe that carries the energy to the fourth chakra supplies only a small part of the energy it could supply, the upper chakras resent, since the energy of the Higher Self is not the main energy we use to make our energy system work, but only a complement.

Clean and keep the chakras in good condition

Thus, in order to work on “spiritual” issues, it is advisable to have well unlocked earthly themes, sexual issues, issues of relationship with oneself and with other people, issues of power, will, etc. When these three chakras do not present significant distortions, the fourth chakra is then receiving an impressive flow of energy that can be used to open and expand enormously, leading to personal development in areas such as relationships with others, love, introspection, communication, wisdom, connection with other planes, the development of intuitive, extrasensory skills, etc.

Personally, when I have had my fourth chakra more blocked, the energy towards strange things through my body, sometimes bypassing the fourth chakra to pass from the third to the fifth through secondary channels, sometimes staying stuck in the first chakras, sometimes forcing the superior chakras to work only with the energy of my Higher Self, etc. This type of thing happens quite often, the energy does not stay “stopped”, it tries to flow, as far as possible, it is not that the pressure of the flow that enters through the soles of the feet will make us burst the pipes, simply if the energy does not rise from the first or second chakra, we do not absorb more than we can process.

But the amount of energy that we can process depends only on us, the more open and clean all the channels are, the more potential we can absorb from the planet and of course from the universe by the seventh chakra. It is a matter of working all at once, starting at the bottom, so that the jet reaches the upper chakras where, then yes, we can do all the spiritual or personal work we want at full power.

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