The importance of meditation (letter II), by Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul

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Letters on Occult Meditation by Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul

(Alice A. Bailey)



1. Establish egoic contact and alignment.

2. Produces a state of equilibrium.

3. Stabilize the vibration.

4. It helps to transfer the polarization.

June 3, 1920.

This morning I will present some more ideas on the subject of meditation, which are related to the topic discussed yesterday and that of the 16th of last month.

Fundamentally, meditation consists in helping alignment, allowing contact with the higher Self, and for that purpose it has been instituted. In order to elucidate it properly, I will face the study of this subject under the following headings:

The importance of meditation.

The points that are taken into consideration when assigning the Meditation.

The use of the Holy Word in Meditation.

The dangers that should be avoided in Meditation.

The use of the Formulas in Meditation.

The use of Color and Sound in Meditation.

Access to the Masters through Meditation.

Future Meditation Schools.

The purification of the vehicles.

The exoteric life of service.

Today I will discuss the first point: Why is meditation important?

The emphasis placed on the importance of meditation is a logical consequence of the absolute conviction, on the part of the student, of the imperative need for the Ego to dominate the Personality.

Man, at present, is dedicated to many activities and, by force of circumstances, totally polarized in the lower self, either in the emotional or mental body. I would like to highlight something of interest. As long as the polarization is either purely physical or emotional, you will never feel the need to meditate. Although the mental body is active, there is no need to meditate until man has undergone many changes and spent many lives; hastened the cup of pleasure and pain in the course of innumerable incarnations; probed the depths of life, lived totally for the lower self, finding that all that does not satisfy. Then he begins to direct his thoughts to other things: to aspire to the unknown, to understand and feel within himself the pairs of opposites and to perceive in his conscience possibilities and ideals never dreamed. It has thus reached a point where success, popularity and the various gifts are his, however, he does not extract any satisfaction from them, the internal longing always persists, until the pain is so acute, that the desire to externalize and rise, to reach someone or something that is beyond, overcome all obstacles. Man begins to turn internally and look for the source of his origin. Then he begins to meditate, to reflect and intensify the vibration, until, in the course of time, he reaps the fruits of meditation.

Four things done through meditation:

1. It allows man to establish contact with the Ego and align the three lower bodies.

2. It causes man to acquire balance, not being totally receptive, negative or positive, but rather being at the point of equilibrium. In this way the Ego, and later the Master, has the opportunity to break the balance and tune the still vibration with a higher note than before, to make the consciousness vibrate at a new and higher rhythm and turn (yes). can be expressed thus) towards the periphery of the triple Spirit. By constantly practicing this, the equilibrium point rises gradually, until the time comes when the lower point of attraction, in the oscillation and readjustment, is not the physical, nor does it reach the emotional, nor does it establish contact with the mental (also overlooking the causal body), and man from that moment is polarized in spiritual consciousness.

This marks the fourth Initiation, after which the adept freely builds and creates for himself a body of manifestation, for nothing exists in him that longs for the objectivity of a body. to be used in all three worlds and to evolve according to the Law of Causes.

3. Stabilizes the lower vibrations in the emotional and mental subplanes. Start the tuning task of the lower self with the vibration of the third sub-plane of each of the three lower planes, until you dominate that sub-plane. Then the second subplane is synchronized.

The man reaches the maximum realization of the personality in that cycle when he acquires the ability to vibrate and move consciously in the fourth sub-plane. He could call the fourth sub-plane of the physical, emotional and mental planes (when they are dominated, aligned and acting simultaneously in an incarnation) the plane of the perfect personality, in the specific sense of expression from a lower point of view. In that particular incarnation, man will achieve the full expression of his lower self - physically perfect, emotionally vibrant and mentally colossal. Then the transference to a higher vibration begins, the tuning with the higher Self, and the tuning of the personality or third major, with the dominant fifth of the Ego.

4. It helps to transfer polarization from one of the permanent personality atoms to the corresponding atom of the spiritual Triad. Later I will elucidate this point with greater amplitude.

The above evidences the essential nature of meditation and its intelligent, diligent and formal practice. In the first experience, once achieved the highest that the lower nature has to offer, man begins to meditate. His attempts are initially disorderly, and sometimes several incarnations pass until the higher Self forces man to think and meditate seriously, only at rare and separate intervals. The chances of gathering in oneself occur more frequently, until in several lives man engages in mystical meditation and aspiration, finally devoting a lifetime to them, which marks the zenith of emotional aspiration through mental body, regardless of the scientific application of the Law. These laws govern true occult meditation.

Each one of those who work definitively under the direction of some of the Masters has gone through two culminating lives: a life of worldly apotheosis and a life of the most intense mystical or emotional-intuitive meditation. Those who are linked to the Master Jesus and His disciples have spent this meditative life in some monastery or convent in Central Europe, and the disciples of Master M. or Master KH in India, Tibet or China.

All of you will now go through a more important series of lives, for which the previous culminations were only the steps. In the lives that will follow immediately for those on the path, the final realization will come through an orderly occult meditation based on the law. Some will reach their goal in the present or the next life; others will do it very soon, in other lives. A few will achieve the culmination of the mystical method that will later be the basis of the occult or mental method.


2. Letters on Occult Meditation

The science of meditation as a mental training technique, is practiced more and more everywhere. Meditation is related to flowing energy, whose impersonal and fiery natures; its potential danger should therefore be understood and eluded, and the practices adopted should be safe and reliable. This book exposes the basic, general and specific factors, showing the fundamental objective of the science of meditation: world service.

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