The importance of Having a Good Breakfast by Josep Masdeu Brufal

  • 2014

Having a good breakfast is very important. Breakfast is the livelihood we need to start the day with enough glucose, our energy fuel. Its lack causes our body to consume other energy reserves, which disrupts its normal functioning.

We all need breakfast, but children and young people need it even more, because they spend more energy.

There are people who skip breakfast by simple apathy. But DO NOT eat, spend energy, we are depressed, lack concentration and have a bad mood and this influences our general state.

With the body well nourished with a healthy and balanced breakfast, we absorb many of the nutrients we need. People who do not eat breakfast usually follow a poor diet, while those who do, our diet is less fat and more rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals.

With breakfast we will be more productive and will improve our performance, by having a good breakfast we replenish the blood sugar, which is a source of energy for the brain

Skipping meals is not good for slimming diets and skipping breakfast, it will make us more likely to gain weight, than to lose weight, why we will be more hungry during the morning and we will end up eating what we should not eat, or we will eat more in the food.

Obesity and overweight are too common, since, in children from 6 years and one of the factors that causes it, is the lack of knowledge and monitoring of the Mediterranean diet and skipping breakfast . This is influenced by an incorrect rest, going to bed late makes us wake up too late, not having time for breakfast.

So important are the physical effects of being overweight at this early age, such as psychological effects, you will soon feel rejected by your nearest environment, which will affect you in c How will it relate to others. And this can be aggravated at home if the necessary measures are not taken with a good diet, physical exercise and attention towards them, to solve the problem.

How to Have a Good Breakfast

A healthy breakfast should include:

A dairy, better skim milk, a yogurt or cheese. If we have respiratory problems, or we easily ache from the throat, these symptoms may be aggravated by dairy consumption. Milk contains sugars and proteins that do not nourish us, but do hinder the absorption of nutrients, facilitating inflammation and acidifying the blood. They also generate mucus and hinder the work of the colon.

For breakfast, it is convenient to take carbohydrates, but choosing the ones that suit each one. Let's eat whole grains and avoid refined grains and very elaborate products.

A complement fat, preferably olive oil, without abusing butter or margarine. Fats are important if we do intellectual activities, because they are the motor of our brain.

A fresh fruit or its natural, seasonal juice, jams, honey. If you think that eating only fruit is not enough, let 20 minutes go by and eat something else.

Let's not combine sweet and savory, it is good to have fruit breakfast and it is better that it is a single class fruit and not eat anything else, the sugars of the fruit are short in the stomach because they are easily digested, so they give us energy quickly.

Breakfast must contain between 20 and 25% of the calories we consume per day.

Let's avoid fried foods, excess sugar and caffeine. If we need to cheer up, let's eat an apple or tea, it has the same effect as coffee, but it is healthier and less aggressive for our stomach.

If we have a bad taste when we wake up, it is a symptom that our diet is too acidic. We can fix it by fasting water with warm lemon juice, without sugar.

Fats and proteins are important, there are those who prefer to take some animal products and others prefer vegetarian breakfast.

Sporadically, ham or other type of low-fat meat.

Let's try to take whole, organic and seasonal foods.

Let's stay hungry, have a full and excessive breakfast, make us spend a lot of energy in the digestion of food.

90 percent of our brain is water and our kidneys control fluids in our body. They retain and eliminate surpluses, along with blood toxins and supply water if the blood needs it.

Let's allocate time for breakfast and chew the food well, this will make us wet the food well with enzymes that will facilitate its digestion, regulating the pH of the food during this process.

Saliva has a slightly alkaline pH, which counteracts the acidity levels of food and stomach acids. The more we chew the food, the less acidic it will be for our body, which will help improve our health and reduce the risk of chronic and degenerative diseases.




The importance of Having a Good Breakfast by Josep Masdeu Brufal

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