The fusion of the chakra of the unified heart. A. Sananda

  • 2016


It is the authentic and heartbreaking cry of the soul, these days, added to that of our inner children, who ask us for love, and respect for both the physical and our being. As always, Mother Earth has been with us, for us and remind us of everything we need to work as embodied beings of light.

But now, in a great gift, it increases all its vibration, The earth and the entire planetary system, are aligning, to unite with the central sun, in a great call of the heart, which will allow us to restore our memories to be aware again and connect, to the heart and start from scratch.

Therefore, we feel more than ever the limits that isolate us from our truth;

The earth gives us the opportunity to be reborn, next to it, and thus be able to evolve with the beings of light embodied in it. EVERYONE WITHOUT ANY ESCEPTION.

The call of the heart is really our ability to capture energy and simultaneously transmit it simultaneously.

That is why we have the feeling of overflowing, of becoming highly sensitive, melancholic people and almost like in confinement and need for silence and loneliness.

We all know the yantra of the heart, or the hexagram, we know that it is formed by a triangle that goes from the shoulders to the navel . And that in its center in the middle of the throat is where “the soul” communicates their desires, their needs, and their manifestations, together with the necessary changes from the energetic memory to each person, so that they can align with their life purpose . To a greater or lesser extent, if this center is more active or not, this triangle is the one that many confuse with anxiety crisis, as it reconnects, these days, because being in disuse in recent times, that's why we we have been moving away from reality, time after time and life after life, entangled in illusory realities, which have been polarizing us emotionally, until creating emotional knots, badly called Karma.

The challenge of this wesac, is more and more reality, show us realities, which we deform, so that we learn to accept reality, without polarizing it, only in this way in the acceptance of realities, and taking the reins of our lives, can we complete the opening of the upper triangle of the heart chakra.

When one receives the call of the heart, and it becomes a shout of the soul, it is when life really invites us to deal with what we really do not like, and if we are able to accept this call, and accept all the manifestations of the other and of ourselves, although we don't like it, then, the acceptance of reality is true and the authentic expansion of the heart chakra begins, what some call the Golden Lotus Sutra, in Tibet, or the ascended heart chakra.

Within the chakra of the heart, we have the so-called point of the soul in some consciences or seat of the soul, for others, it is the motor of manifestation, as a result of the whole set of experiences, lives, wisdom and connection with our being beyond of time and space. When this process begins to open, as now in a massive process, by the reception of the Gaia vibration increase, or by an individual detachment process, the first thing that shows us is the blockages, in order to continue expanding, the second shows us, detachment and thirdly invites us to act accordingly and spiritual coherence.

Automatically, it is as if we were able to identify what does not work, what harms or limits us, and we process the way, to raise the frequency, effortlessly, with love

This is what happens, at this moment, we are called to act to be energy coherent, to love the most painful challenges of the current incarnation, in order to enter the path of divine wisdom, authentic acceptance and forgiveness with love of all creations and manifestations, human and universal, because all of them are part of a process of universal growth, beyond our temporal vision.

The acceptance of our challenges and how we face them, is the great key to divine love, the key to the fusion with the being of light that we really are, a unique opportunity to experience the infinite life in a human body.

The memories of Alcyon, beloved Sananda and Melchisedeck.

This is a call from the central sun of Alcyon. Many of you will receive, in the next few hours, new codes of light and direct fractals of vibration from the great central sun to your inner sun in the star of the solar plexus. This will strengthen your solar awareness and also the internal diamond. It will open a host of temporary space resources, which will once again reinforce your ability to manifest in the present tense.

In this period it is very normal for you to have a lot of lucid dreams that help you remember more about yourself and realize your emotions including dreams or disjointed astral that take you from one life to another in endless DNA cleaning .

Inside the digestive tract in the navel chakra, located in the gallbladder, the connection with your being is opened and reinforced, that is why all those who practice energy or are in contact with nature feel it more alive and more intense than ever. It is the great opening of union between your physical being and your Solar being.

They are called by their solar beings to align with it. In a great opening, between mystical and internal, therefore do not feel bad if you need your time of peace and solitude. In order to integrate it, expansion times will come later. They will feel great energetic expansion in their hands and in the foot chakras, reinforcing their eighth chakra, and manifesting their roots in the physical.

Enjoy this transformation and remain at peace in its center is a time of transformation and peace for many and of awareness and agitation for others, but we all go together with the same path of unity.

Beloved beings of light, we welcome you to your own fusion with the Christ consciousness among many others in the next few hours and we assist you from the sun of Alcyon, Sananda and Melchisedeck. Thanks beloved.

AUTHOR: Elsa Farrrus



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