The Existence of Being. Master Kuthumi channeled by Natalie Glasson

  • 2013

Beloved, I extend the Golden Light of Christ to your Being to illuminate the beauty, Love and luminosity that you have. We are all Christ Energy and we have the Christ aspect of the Creator within our Being. This symbolizes that we are all Beings of Love conscious, tuned and consciously aligned with All That Is the Creator. Every day you wake up on Earth do you give yourself full permission to be a Being of Conscious Love, tuned in and aligned with All That Is the Creator? In this Golden Age of Christ in which conscious Love is required and present within your Being to be experienced, now is the time to allow yourself to BE and experience yourself as the beautiful Being that you are.

Where there is conscious Love, there will always be flow, purpose, truth, knowledge, clarity, healing and Divine experience. Now is the time to consciously give yourself permission to exist as a Being of Conscious Love on Earth; alert to the actions, reactions, interactions and manifestations of Love.

This is a dispensation that is being shared with all Ascended Masters and Archangels, so that we are encouraged to share the same with you, reminding you of your Divine right whose obtaining and acceptance is so essential in your current physical reality. We encourage you to accept your Divine Self and remain consciously integrated and merged with your Divine Self, for more complete experience and manifestation.

Do you remember your first experiences of waking up to your spiritual journey? Do you remember the connections you made, the understandings you received, the pain you released? Such experiences continue in your physical reality every day, whether you are aware of them or not; Every spiritual experience or self-exploration you create has a purpose. The purpose is that you are asking to BE in and BE as your Divine Self, BE in and BE as your conscious Love; and BE in and BE as the Creator. When you meditate, you are asking to BE inside your Being and experience peace with awareness of your body, of taxation and of your Spiritual Essence or Soul.

You are asking to decelerate yourself so that you can spend time being aware of All That Is and of everything that is happening within your Being. Frequently your complete energy is called a BEING, this is to symbolize and describe to you that when you have greater awareness of all your energy, you are BEING, you are existing in conscious awareness, communication and alignment with yourself.

BEING could be compared to allowing you to be happy, radiate or relax; You can be all these aspects while moving gently through your reality.

When you begin to accept that you are a BEING; and also your purpose as BEING, you begin to erase the purpose and withdraw the attention of the Doing, which is to be active without being conscious or being in tune with your Divine Self or the Creator. While reading my communication do you feel that you are doing or BEING? Are you carrying out the action of reading, or are you allowing yourself to BE in conscious integration with words and energy? In many ways, what you need is to alter your perspective in the way you perceive yourself in achieving and experiencing your reality.

By allowing yourself to be in every situation and moment of your reality, you are focused, aware, alert, tuned and aligned with everything that is happening in and around you; indeed with All That Is the Creator. You are open to the Divine Flow of the Creator; you experience and become the Creator's Divine Flow. The energies of the Creator are always flowing and evolving; the same is your energies, for you are an aspect or representative of the Creator. BEING is to exist, but it is necessary to determine with what or how you choose to exist. Many people hide behind their personality, create characters and habits that they believe identify and symbolize them; consequently his character, his personality and his habits, create and define his existence. When you allow yourself to BE, you are allowing yourself to exist as nothing, but also as All That Is the Creator; This can be described as the existence of Unicity or unity. There is nothing that truly defines you; and yet you recognize yourself existing as, with and in Unicity or conscious knowledge, with the Creator.

With this existence, there is nothing that needs to be done in your reality, be it worldly goals or actions that need to be executed. This means that nothing requires you to disconnect yourself from your conscious existence of Oneness with the Creator, but you are asked to go through experiences and actions to allow the Creator within you to achieve everything; This is BE. Being present with conscious knowledge of the Creator within you in all situations and experiences in your reality, means that you always follow the guidance and Divine Will of the Creator. Everything begins to move, to be carried out and achieved with great ease, because you are aligning all your experience, including yourself and your mind, your emotions and actions, with and as one with the Creator.

When you allow yourself to BE, you are encouraged to realize that there are certain aspects of yourself and your ego that are asked to give up or let them go, because they cause conflict with your existence with and as one with the Creator. The process of giving up elevates your consciousness of the Creator within you, while making room for you to simply exist, breathing the Divine Light of the Creator. BEING does not have to do with stillness in the body or in reality, there is no need for you to hide from Humanity, BEING only asks you to emanate your inner stillness in whatever you are experiencing, even if you are dancing wildly. Your inner stillness is the result of your conscious knowledge of the Creator within you, flowing through you, guiding you and serving you through you.

There are many ways to change to an existence of BEING instead of an existence of Doing, most of these changes will come from your inner exploration, contemplation and discernment. It is important that you realize that the most likely thing is that a person focused on BE achieves much more than a person focused on Doing, because it automatically summons the Universe and the Creator to work through it and inspire it to be in places correct, with Divine opportunity, having the most appropriate knowledge and attracting everything necessary.

It is also important that you realize that you are not missing anything, that you are not missing anything, nor are you punished for anything. When you can be content in your existence but connected with the Divine Love, abundance, miracles and magic of the Creator, then anything is possible; and you experience deep and overwhelming joy. I repeat, you are allowing yourself to exist in the Creator's vibration, with an awareness of All That is the Creator.

The process of BEING can be obtained through an awareness of your center, returning your attention to your center. Your center can be a simple feeling of Love or Joy to which you can return no matter what is happening around you and within you. Then your center expands to return healing, alignment and clarity to all aspects of your energy. You can practice cultivating a feeling of Love five times a day, which will allow you to grasp the experience of Being One with the Creator.

Another practice is to ask yourself when you wake up from your dream: "What WILL I be today?" Or "How will I exist today as one with the Creator?" aware of the Creator within you. You may need to connect with the energies of the Creator within you, asking for guidance or support.

You may also want to affirm for yourself with determination and Joy: "Now I allow myself to BE and BE in conscious Unity with the Creator." During the next week he summons my energies, those of Master Kuthumi; Let us contemplate together the process of BEING in existence and conscious uniqueness with All That Is the Creator within you in every moment of your reality. I am ready to inspire and help you. BEING is also existing in openness and acceptance.

From my Divine BEING to your Divine BEING.

The Existence of Being. Master Kuthumi channeled by Natalie Glasson

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