Evolution Towards Cosmic Essence

  • 2016

From so many generations of humans who have traveled the earth, thousands of ideas and questions have been generated and I am convinced that none of my ideas is only mine, each and every one of them has passed through the mind of a Countless number of people, the collective mind.

Since childhood I have characterized myself for being rebellious, it is as if I was born to break, in the distribution of filters from head to mouth I was not present, it is a factory defect. Almost no social scheme accommodated me or convinced me, most of them questioned them and I understood little the logic that followed, making me think that maybe I It was extraterrestrial. These feelings are not just mine either, so I formed my groups, weird people, just like me, or, at least, I felt that way. A person who saw strange colors where very few saw them.

I questioned myself, all the time I questioned everything, like a constant evil, an internal engine that made me investigate several angles to accept or discard it, even when the teachers told me, I always doubted.

Why does the education system teach us to memorize history from a single perspective? as if it could be reduced to a story, annihilating all the factors and teaching only the final result. We won! We lost! So many years of history where we have to accept as true the dogma that they teach us depending on the side to which we belong depending on a country, a race, a religion.

They teach us to add and subtract, but they do not teach us how the artistic talents that we could develop through mathematics serve us in life. With these methods of separate education, we lose the complete picture of the correlation of the whole with the whole.

The educational model develops a side of the brain, the rational. They instill in us that we must belong to a uniform mass and achieve "sleep." A good job, get married for all of the law, some children, the van to transport them.

A very valid dream without a doubt, in emargo, in essence , we don't all want the same things or need them for our evolution . There are many paths and our experiences are unique and unrepeatable.

One side of our brain is slowly dying, the spontaneous side is lagging behind, and our mind becomes square, blurring the most faithful mirror of our resemblance to God, the power to create.

So, it happens that we are growing all the same, we study the same things with the same methods, we make decisions about our future at a very young age and with a very small outlook. They instill in us that we must be the best, competition begins to be a weight in our life. But then, where is our evolution towards the cosmic essence, towards our superior being?

Art is for hippies, dance for fagots, cooking for women ... If you study philosophy you will starve, if you want to know about the stars you are a dreamer, if you are creative work for advertising ... .. Molds, unnecessary boxes They don't let us expand our wings.

Years go by and frustration suddenly comes into our lives. We feel trapped in our reality. From bed to work, from work to bed. Earn money, buy things, and the more things we have, the more we need. Money is becoming a necessity, it has taken great power.

From frustration comes the routine and with it the death of thousands and thousands of great ideas, we are immersed in an equal reality every day that prevents us from questioning where we are going, it simply gives us time to survive.

Fortunately at all times and times we have always had the crazy people, the revolutionaries, those who broke the routine and decided to go against the flow, those who were tried in life , many of their silenced stories, but an extraordinary being is always born that rewrites a bit of reality, and each and every one of them had the same gift, the ability to observe without judgment, learn and break a belief.

Observe, Learn and Break a Belief

Observe everything, without judgment! Learn what I like and what I don't like about my environment, about my reality. The greatest thinkers and scientists of all time learned from hours and hours of observation.

Judgment only makes us live in the idea of ​​duality by creating opinions in favor or against which little favor our evolution. The same object is different depending on the angle of observation.

To learn! As long as the human does not lose the capacity for astonishment, his mind will continue to expand, it is important to keep our mind learning something new every day, unite it with old experiences to create a new learning. Everything in life has a deeper learning if we know how to find it.

Thinking that we already know everything, we block the entry of new information. Actually, we don't know anything, as long as your brain remains open to learn something new the source of wisdom will be infinite. There are thousands and thousands of unsolved riddles, also much forgotten knowledge.

If we manage to break the illusion that we are all going the same way, our reality begins to manifest itself in a fluid way for a simple reason, we are manifesting our life plan, and when we enter that path, things present themselves, You start to find synchrony at any time. We are being true to ourselves.

Thus, WE HELP THE UNIVESSE TO EVOLVE! By breaking the beliefs that limit us from the "human stereotype" we seek our own experience, we learn to take different routes and from our learning the entire universe learns and evolves.

We do not have to be equal to anyone, there are an infinite number of ways, we are not the exception, our mind is the perfect combination of unique and unrepeatable ideas, and knowledge is born from different questions without a doubt.

Following these steps, the greatest barrier of human evolution, fear, is unlocked .

When we break the barrier that causes fear we are swimming against the current, it will not be easy without a doubt, however little by little the roads open up, life does not put more weight on you than you can load, it is here when we must be more connected With unconditional love and our concept of divinity, connect with our cosmic essence, that which is asleep, but is found in each of us.

It is very common that when we get out of the mold we begin to see things differently and many times we get to feel the power to make judgments about what is good and bad. Again we fall into the polarity matrix, feeling that as we already have some knowledge we know more than others. DEEP ERROR, we are repeating the same scheme, remember, knowledge is infinite.

Now we are confronted with the barrier of the Spiritual EGO, if we win, the judgment begins to disappear and we find the learning in everything, we learn to love and accept everything as it is, because that is perfect, even when we do not understand it.

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, energy without judgment, the most powerful vibration on our planet Earth. When we love unconditionally we accept the individual path and the movement of everything. Our teacher Jesus said it Love your neighbor and nature as yourself Essentially, God is everywhere.

When we stop judging others, we begin to look inward, to find our OWN VOICE, our talents, tastes, virtues. We are afraid of living outside the beliefs we manufacture, now, we are in touch with something superior.

We begin to take care of our energy because we discover the importance of keeping it harmonized. We are becoming selective, in the contents to which we are exposed, we stop surrounding ourselves with people who talk about people, to surround ourselves with people who share ideas, who create ... it is a matter of energy vibration and in this way our soul evolves.

Now, your mind is able to create, by connecting with unconditional love you connect with the light, because when your soul resonates in tune, it can be heard by the entire universe.

Broken mold comes magic. Your voice finds a way to express itself . Music, painting, poetry, a new idea ... Whatever! We are made in scale but we have the energy of the entire universe within us, ready to be awakened. “Know yourself and you will know the universe and the gods”

Metatron's Cube

Happy reunion towards your cosmic essence!


Author: LauPau Méndez, editor of the big family at hermandadblanca.org

Mexico DF

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