The central star of Gaia. Master Hilarion and Sananda

  • 2016

It is opening in resonance and balance with its solar plexus

That is why they will begin a profound path of transformation towards action.

The golden energy of the universe in union with the emerald ray active in you, the sacrum, the lumbar and the navel.

The sacral chakra located in the abdominal area will regulate the amount of energy that you are going to put into each of your physical creations.

It will manage the solar force of the planet inside, like a safety valve of the solar plexus.

The solar plexus will help complete your creations. Physical and integrative emotional energy coming from your being of light.

Beloved living beings of Gaia, it is time to administer your gift, and it is now. You all have a common gift to love.

And loving is false if you do not begin to love yourself to generate respect for your own body, to be your coherence, your physical dream, your diet, your intuition and your great openness to share with all other living beings on the planet.

That is to say all Gaia and its kingdoms.

Now the expansion of the lumbar farm takes on a new reference the direct manifestation of his thinking.

In other words, the concrete manifestation of its authentic vibration.

More immediate than ever automatic and real.

Watch your day to day well. And check where they still do not vibrate, it is time for the greatest global healing that you can experience as a collective.

And it is only necessary to surrender and open up. To what my being wants.

To what the inner god of all of you is manifesting for the greater good.

Two new lines of temporality fall. Time will be more flexible to the use they want to give it.

Time will be even greater barometer of your inner being, it will accelerate when you do not love what you do and it will dilate when you love what you do.

Because building and manifesting is love simply love and many of you still do not allow it.

They feel bad if they enjoy, if they smile if they share time with friends, they still don't recognize themselves as deserving of life. Happiness is just life and love to live, just that.

They are still slaves of their thoughts.

If you stop hiding, emotionally and physically, you will free your entire environment from performing a specific role so that you can overcome your denial of yourselves.

For every being that is freed from its soul challenge, thousands more are released, not only in the present life, but by resonance in parallel lives, by transmission to their future lineage and by healing to the previous lineage.


That is why he invites you to recognize yourself to order to create your time to be more present in the activities of life that really are life.

Beloved to be of light, I am the archbishop Gabriel

This is a call to rest, we know that many of you are receiving a strong dose of energy in the crown farm, as we told you a few days ago, this energy input is massive, and works directly the pineal gland and the bridge that forms, between its pituitary and the crown farm,

Opening a triangle of activity and rebalancing reality, very physical that can give them the sensation of loss of soil or space even in the form of dizziness or dizziness.

This is due to a strong solar ejection, which they will discover in an hour, and that further adjusts their being of light to their inner being. It is a profound transformation, which deactivates all mental memories and cultural and family referents, so that it can make its way to one's own being, like a sweep of energy that leaves them at zero point and will last a few hours, seek rest and assume the change slowly, with the certainty that it is a great regulation, for greater communication with all your bodies a hug from the sun of Alcyon, A. Gabriel.

AUTHOR: Elsa Farrus



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