The disease and the family tree by Jodorowski

  • 2014

Our body reflects the p oakmas or diseases inherited from the tree.

We must bear in mind that in each body area three information coexist:

  • The memory of our family tree
  • The personal biographical memory
  • The messages that the inner sage sent us through the body

1.- The memory of our family tree The family is alive in the skin, in the body, it is speaking. To such an extent that we can recognize our tree by the mark it has left on us

2.-Personal biographical memory From the way in which we are conceived, to the effect that the boss's scolding has caused us, through the type of delivery, as we have been caressed by children, everything is written on the body . For example, we consider that the weight of guilt sits on the upper back and childhood trauma on the feet. The skin is a great canvas in which the history of our relations with the world is written.

3.- The messages that the inner sage sent us through the body Our body is the physical map of our conscience, a faithful reflection of how we function in the different areas of the life Any physical symptom is an opportunity to make us aware that there is an area in our life that needs attention.

Body parts

The body as a whole leans forward: backwards forward We will be fleeing from the past if we walk leaning slightly forward. If we lean back while walking we are afraid to enter life.

The head can also symbolize the father and all male ancestors. Walking with the head ahead is the same as not recognizing our desires, we are refugees in the intellect.

Brain tumors have to do with the hidden secrets of the tree. Migraines with sexual retention .

The eyes as a whole are masculine. The right eye is the intellectual, the rational. The left is that of the heart, the deep eye, that of receptivity.

The mouth and ears symbolize the maternal lineage (they are receptive). Deafness in the left ear may be something I don't want to hear from the female lineage. Chopped teeth are the result of unexpressed rabies. The throat is the channel of expression and creativity. Fear, repressed emotions and stifled creativity hide behind tonsillitis. The chest: here is the heart-emotions relationship. If you have not loved us, we will develop a hardened and numb breast.

Hands are the symbol of choice. The right hand is the symbol of rational choice, without faith. The left is the intuitive.

Nails are our symbolic defenses ... Do we inherit very thick nails?

The back: the problems symbolize that you burden the parents. If we were not caressed as children, we can suffer a deviation from the spine. In the back the unresolved conflicts of our past are archived: -In the lumbar part is the connection with our sexuality and creativity (the parents) -In the dorsal part is the connection with our emotional part (the grandparents in the tree) -In the cervical part we connect with our intellect (great grandparents)

The belly: the mother and everything we "digest from life". Stomach problems are associated with fear, anguish and anxiety.

The pelvis connects with sexuality and with our parents. The fear of sexuality can translate into a pelvis moved backwards.

The knees show us our flexibility, our adolescence. If we live locked in our castle, inflexible, we will suffer with our knees.

The feet symbolize the territory, connected with our brotherhood. When we are not living our life, we walk like a thief without making noise. If we are children of divorced or separated parents ... the toes are separated. We live a time of regression to childhood ... the tips of the feet look inwards. When the feet are tilted out they indicate that we have no place in the world.

Final reflection

We are a spirit that uses a vehicle body to walk through this life, but it is not an inert body, each cell contains what our ancestors were and what we are. And let's not forget what the Chinese proverb says : "Nothing feels better to the body than the growth of the spirit."

By : Jodorowski

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